Prince William and Kate Middleton's Big News

Rebecca Bienstock of Us Weekly reports the royal couple's pregnancy.
3:38 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Big News
Time had to get up caught up on the latest a celebrity news at Rebecca been stopped from us weekly is here at -- -- hire Beckett gave the -- a few. Let's unwilling Kate and all those baby rumor earnings the truth. Some truth to them that everything look out for pregnancy -- -- -- recently she was seen refusing to eat peanut -- -- was talking about and that could mean she's pregnant and within her pregnant -- to subpoena his. But. We've heard she's probably not pregnant right now but I think things when they're working -- it -- -- source says. That the summer might be a time when. Interesting show. Your source tells you that they may be trying. Trying. There's a lot of things they -- to plan around him and just like a normal pregnancy there's major events relevant that they have to time anything out of my guys that went out and what about wells' military service that back -- -- -- and that's one of the -- -- -- -- -- -- the Falkland -- in February for six -- -- -- obviously. Makes -- -- with a look at any -- time there's that and then also the queen as a big sixtieth. Sixteenth event party for her having been the queen for sixty years so that has not bringing it can't overshadow that felt like Kate seems. Ready to be -- mom -- -- idea sources -- said that she's always wanted to have a point girl and she's only imagine having kids with Williams now. She's with an -- on lowering its learning the best and a -- can tell you about another celebrity couple Brad and Angelina they've been traveling all around the world -- promoting -- recent -- money involved in what's it been like traveling with fat and that. Rather extended family it's amazing looking at the photos not even find private a lot of them nothing in these you know Jack and there. So many kids with incredible -- They weren't hungry for -- -- and they went to Asia for the promotions and it's you know they -- visiting -- the Vietnamese. -- orphanage where he where they've got to him. And innocent how they make it all work and -- -- looks clean and I actually amazing in and of itself. Being a parent I can tell that about how I'm how did manage all of the different kids school schedules how are they dealing that. Well -- -- -- as well that they have nannies for each kid who also can -- them and speak the language that they learn where they were born so. -- -- the Vietnamese tutor and -- has Cambodians here and and so and so -- so -- -- not enrolled in a school for say they're just learning on the road there's some of that and then -- sometimes we'll go to these international schools -- they -- -- in one -- -- they have very -- schedule. Our apparently having a unique trial yet accelerator -- ahead and a lot of fun -- we have all right let's not talk about the twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- -- -- really serious now -- death. -- look that way they've been dating for two years now they're promoting break breaking dawn which is. -- won the last movies it'll come out in the series and -- very cute on the carpet and sources close let's say that. Rob is 100% ready to get married to her but she really likes the way things are. So she's taking her time to -- here is still iPad and a driver's seat here in this relationship as a -- -- sort of controls path so we'll see where where she decides. Ago now we are all about couples today have to ask you. Camera India and since then the then recently he we're looking very cozy at restaurant on cats in new York and then -- -- -- -- Beverly Hills. So there's nothing is something -- kind of how serious it is just yet but write something very very interesting Rebecca there's not a thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":14967371,"title":"Prince William and Kate Middleton's Big News","duration":"3:38","description":"Rebecca Bienstock of Us Weekly reports the royal couple's pregnancy.","url":"/Entertainment/video/prince-william-kate-middletons-big-news-royal-couple-pregnancy-rebecca-bienstock-entertainment-14967371","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}