Zachary Quinto: 'He's The Most Evil Character That I've Played'

He talks his role in controversial new miniseries "The Slap."
11:33 | 03/06/15

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Transcript for Zachary Quinto: 'He's The Most Evil Character That I've Played'
Since then you to not want to go to trial. I know I don't. But that it was sweet and about it Rezko through. Talk to them and say what. Apologize. I should apologize fully Hillary's are meeting I'll go with you and I'll prepare them for what to expect. And I'll tell them that you were prepared to follow any RNC what about the fact that they need to apologize directed they are drunk I'm not that got sick shot up. Very. You cannot win this war your own temper will you. Go to trial. What does she too hairy and you have explodes on the stand. Not going insane here. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening in the pop culture and there's something happen and on TV right now called the slap. Which my friend Zachary Clinton our guest here today. Just slap the crap out of a five year old you know now he's played serial killers and he's played mean people before but. I think he's never really gotten still many people as often as the flat so welcome it's good good to be hated. Thanks yeah back percent. Bardem before it's good to be hated it's good to be back. But it is an interest thing space they occupy in in the in the narrative storytelling world. To play the antagonists. Which and the opportunity to do a number of times. To varying degrees of of evil. But you know for me in a lot of ways this is kind of the most evil cared play. Because the other ones had the excuse saying some it is safe and they yeah because he's the most humans rather the other characters that are played. Have existed in these heightened worlds of stylized. Narrative. Whether it was heroes where it was a supernatural. World. Or American horse for it was a very. Horror genre kind of world but this is a character who lives in our world and still manages to be really ruthless and really on the bash it about his aggression. So that listening very interesting for me. We'll tell us a little bit about what the slat is this the story as it episodes so it's limited. Miniseries. And NBC. And the first episode takes place this barbecue it's being thrown for Peter serves serves characters turning forty years old and the extended family and friends are all invited and Peter Sarsgaard character's wife played by Tandy Newton. As a best friend whose son is a little bit of a a terror. And wreaking Havoc through the party and things escalates between the adults my character and the child's character's parents don't get along. And so there's a bit of escalation and in that relationship and then the kid Canada's attention Easter swing in about it my character Harry's son. And it's at that point that Harry decides to intervene and one thing leads to another and he slaps the kid and in the face and now why you spent about around the back. So knowing how. You like to play things Rio and so did you just like hall often lack is world Lewis kid of course that said that. With the evil this grand. Road what Jesus did we saw that little Dillon who plays that are ago. We worked it out and he was like such a pro I was actually really impressed by all the kids on the show how professional they were. How they were able to fully immerse themselves in the emotional stakes of this world and then. Innocent they call cut they're over they're playing playing baseball are hanging out are looking that I mean they're just really remarkable did you hat. That at home I know you've lost your dad when you were just Sam Young yes but I did even before before he. Shuffled half the mortal coil. But also you know throughout my my day in to make my early teens you know 1011 years old. There was and implemented our house called the stick. The rule you had the real it was facing it was. A bigger ruler we had a it was a big stick that they are his lived above the refrigerator Ian yeah and and we all knew was there and in it was it was it was definitely threatened to parliament's. But it didn't happen sometimes this junior brought me a member they have. Sometimes we get the stick on knuckles. Sometimes to get the stickam about. But not often. You know I grew up in a very loving household that was very nurturing and supportive of both me and my brother. But there were rules and the rules were important and if the rules are broken there were consequences and sometimes as consequences where where corporal punishment. I remember when you were here less than we were talking about. The year you came out in 2011. But I I never asked him at the time has this cost you anything. By doing. Ahead in the theft. If it has then it's com. Than I don't know about it if that makes sense. Never been busy where I've been working in many different ways as an actor is a producer on stage and film and television. I I think that I would say the answer to that is no although. If the answer was yes that I think it would just be about the kind of work I was doing rather than whether or not I was still working that makes sense but. In terms of the work that you do your somebody to me who has an ideal kind of career you can do this TV series. You can make movies you can do the glass menagerie on Broadway and a I don't see anything sort of holding you back I think. The world in which. Sexuality. And homosexuality in particular. When it's attributed to. Actors. I think the world in which that's actually an issue is the studio world trade it's the world of its feeding. You know middle America masks feeding. Are our culture. These huge tent pole. Movies that you know for whatever reason I feel lately you know those structure with doing of those you know gesture but but you know I wasn't. I wasn't out yet when day one day but that's and so I don't know that it would have made a difference that's what I mean there's no way for me to tell what I do you know. Is that I've never been more fulfilled. In my work right now. But have also never been more fulfilled in my life and that part of it no matter what I was doing work wise that part of it wouldn't have been possible and I'm not taken that step and that's. Ultimately the only thing that matters I love my work when I wanna continue working in as many different ways I can. But that work will never see. Fulfilling to the degree that a fully integrated life can be. And that's the thing that I was in more pursuit of then being you know. Whatever this is in the world. When I mean this is but what is happening. In U after the slap what are we going to see you do. I have a few few episodes of girls this season that are coming out that's something that'll be happening soon. In the movie that I did with Franco there was just at Sundance. Mike Alitalia when I say there for that. I have fox film called agent 47. On the later this year what is. Daryn start child and then and then yes and then another stretcher after all that stuff so you and Leonard the mine that was a real relationship. You know I didn't ever expect that he and I would become so close but our relationship is system that I absolutely cherish and I just love him to slow them as an amazing that approval you didn't exactly could he said not that guy he citizen and then back. Luckily didn't and and beyond that luckily we just created a real. You know I mean my father died in those seven as I said my father. Would have been and he and he remained living he he would have been just a couple of years younger than Leonard so there's a real parallel for me and my release of Leonard in real sort of paternal. Energy that that passes between us when people last you like me what about your dad what do you remember about what is an interesting thing is that. He was the very tall. Gentlemen he was like 64. And a half as opposed you're talking well I'm sensitive the but at the time it was time so my memories of my father whose hand was probably maybe a little bit earlier bigger than mine. Is that you know it could've pocket kind of like lifted names at this giant so I have these very. He's very. Indelible memories of my father's physical presence because he was such a big guy to my seven year old self. But but he stays in the in many ways you know. His spear it stays with me in everything I do creatively choose a very creative. Person and he loved to explore. The world through creative expression he was. The singer and he played the guitar and he was an artist who drew and he was a photographer and he was he was multi talented and in. So I Philly bats a big part of who I am and I like to look at different outlets. I remember going my dad to guitar lessons for example and sitting outside he was in his lessons we've listened to him play the tar and and I picked up the banjo not so and I play the banjo. Did you bring it with united angry with me. Asked next time yeah from the agency and played and played the event I really wanted but but I think of my dad alive in that regard that every time I open my amendment case. Yet it reminds you of this baby blue guitar case that I always used to be very fast you have the velvet interior you're. And now I have one from Ivins that's that's that reminds me so there's like these echoes of things in my life and amazing photographs that my dad so today they pull out and look at it and really. Graham Vick connected to that you you have all that and because you know how we always end in song and do did you remember something that he sang. Warned that you saying to him. Moon. Said he was a singer he. He played the guitar but yet he would saying. Shown new way to go home. And tired and I want to go to which is. Wondering about an hour ago and it went straight to and I. Think of that people where you're seeing the slap it early when you're heating. I think of that just don't do it. Jim how would you come at me for just added it is I don't see everybody Wentz I want peace plan. It's it's all about camera angles so really you'd have to kind of be. Somehow between me in that camera so that I can come and never really get them more closer than that. So it's really dislike bat and then it's all about how you sell the reaction if so it's all me. And then act here should I go like that data. See all of a camera angles accountant with the page which is as mentally what is best thing or a gala performance to bring two.

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