Quvenzhane Wallis discusses the release of her 2 new children's books

Quvenzhane Wallis opens up about her new children's books and life after her Oscar nomination.
12:25 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Quvenzhane Wallis discusses the release of her 2 new children's books
It can't his client ABC radio ad looks super super super excited because I have very lovely young lady sitting in front of me who have runs and eight wallet. And we're talking today about two amazing books that she. Specifically created one at the pitcher book a night out with mama. And the other is a theory is called Shane and eat and I wanna talk about just this. Amazing thing that you've been involved in wishes now you're officially an author. And talk about that specifically with this book and night out with mom I wish actually is documenting. Your experience. First time AM Oscar nominees. I'll talk a little bit about kinda why you decide to write this book now and do you remember the whole experience like it was yesterday and he an -- while ago but still. Allows. Younger then so it's. Kind of bland but not really because it was such an amazing night at Arab members who Alice green light to sit next to and being. They owes my momma having a good time now in. There's this amazing in our let's write these boats he has I myself enjoy reading and is something and take great president so. And the little breeze fewer easy remember deliberately sitting next to who recently I was sitting next to Denzel. Know Washington news and went and though remain on as I remember there was someone else but I can never put my time. And of course you know you definitely been maintaining since van. We senior a lot of grief films. And I know right now you know there is. I guess the focus is more snow on new being. This author and you know creating this work of art on talk about kind what you were focuses with. These books in the sense of what you hope people get from reading these books as obviously young people. You know what what are you kind of trying to get people to understand about your experience and you know what you hope people are able to connect with you on in these. Well. And then that was mama I just want them see the joy and happiness I expanse even know linked Islam part weren't far. Even. And so do backup and I still enjoying. But I'm doing today. Always. Must succeed we as a warehouse and when Nina go to Dallas have a good time I get back up an IQ do what I do in the chapter book. It's just. How some things happen. And new struggle sometimes that you still get through it and one thing and sex say it she goes to a performing arts school. And she has this new guy comes to school. And she's from Hollywood and she's supposed to have DC experience of being in the Hollywood. Industry in and there's a playing in the new ago it's the rule and insists can. He's going through a lot with her getting neural and trying to understand. Where she is in the port. Now it does this kind of follow you are a little bit of of what you are experienced seeing as teenager has a young teenager. I mean you know you think of sometimes the best stories are ones that are true and they actually come from what we experience and does this have anything and has just been anything that you partially experience kind of. And I oh mommy and adolescent angst but CNN need bacon Hank some things it's. Things that are too like her bag it's turquoise and asked my favorite color. And her Stanley. It's kind of scrambled around because I'm the youngest of four but and that both ethnic and second hand game like it's someone in the in Meehan and the two others. And it's. It's just scrambled around a little bit into a fit when I hate. Not go through vote lick my life is like I have three dogs. Now has a lot of animals and pets that live in the house in the it's it's crazy in Vienna now this is the first this is crap yes. So what will the other series touch on other adventures or anything else that you are specifically looking to. Continue this narrative the story with Nunez says I think it's Umar and that. They goes through different things it's not. It's kinda tied together but not really it's different things is based on. Yeah and you know I I I feel like. We see new kind of brought been in our eyes Yunel and I know for many that would that's an easy thing. Now being your fourteen correct yes man failure and no middle school high school is high school high school freshman yet it isn't it. You know being a kid right now do you feel like that. All of the V different projects that you've been an. It it's still hard to say you know I'm just the regular. Fourteen year old or do people feel kind of come up and teach you as the speed actress Oscar nominee how is that kind of going from day today well. My friends support me and I don't really tell Miami furnace because I want them they treat me. Normal. Say why the same Aaron who I am but I do say I have my two lives like I have my school and flatly if I love Basmah I'm on the dance team. And I just hang out of my friends and then there is today mainland missing is a school. And I'm working on the birth it pales in insists crazy to say have. A life through its had a two different lives but it. Accurately yes I mean you know people have obviously seen you and a lot of different things over the last few years. Om and I'm curious on specifically because I I know you have such a talent. Do you still keep in contact with any of the cast members from the movies I mean who the last person you spoke to and what is that conversation like now well I. Head. I was put something on my story I must address story her. And one of the gross from any she's snag academy issues figure in New York has she lives here this isn't here in the united yes each other I and will. Policy. But. I did talk than I did talk till I feel even from people I don't work with like China and acclaim. And worked with him but she's someone. I met and his pretty closely yeah. Now I'm sure you got a lot of conversation when people's value and not beyond these when needs and show up and coming up do you like. Art yeah. Hi how that experience and. All the working with the thing well known as they really like that they were just like. Girl you doing on the lemonade and like I didn't even know you are doing as. And they were just asking a lot of questions but is muscling my friends being like that's so cool and then they got a written next to his liking it and it was it. Something the beleaguered online. And and how is how that experience seeing you you not see Matt beyoncé and how that experience and have you talked to her since and how has happened with condemning you are you know that's that's your hometown of Louisiana she's like. A golfer Louisiana and he because. You know you're very authentic and that's based on so talk about. A little bit about that interaction with her because I'm sure you were able teller a few things like your homes as well. And I met her the first time I met her I was at a currency it appears a few years ago and I matter backstage and alleys. Crazy Italy. Shocked I know as I am I screamed I'm Nina Nancy I'm gonna go crazy. And I'm very good was like babies and stuff in blue list backstage. And sends us a blue like maybe this villages like. Calm me down and island talk to blue and clear include Jews are already so Smart and it was crazy it was something and never forget and just pardoning of paying for and Lemony and her publicist got in contact with my mom. And that it was kind of a secretly pleaded no for the fancy weeks and he told us that we did everything and we found. And then I didn't tell my family anything new recently I think Annan says she like at Texas something from her publicist but. Not sure. All it could be some things work and that's always a good thing I know right now to focus on school and being this great author. And I mean it it's just very exciting to see EU really take this side of things because. I feel like you know we we saw you starting from what AG nine you know in continuing on it it is. Do you kind of miss the being back in the field and acting or are you happy to have this moment where you can just be fourteen in Ann and still have to BO projects on. Even then still felt like. As you said denying our 500. Thing. Now I don't feel like I'm really taken a break. I just felt like alleys aside from. Being. Out doing movies in an instant high school I was there for school I was there for the sports I'd do and it. It was in it was Kylie fact but at the same time I wasn't because I was still doing those two books and. And now that their outlets officially out now and I remind you were here about these wonderful books. You know. UD UC have a lot going on in the sense of its. Many people can just barely handle being an actress or actor. And then to be an author and all these amazing things juggle it all and I'm sure you're from Europe fantastic mother is helping with the senior annaly. On Britain. You know how do you personally managing it and in what has helped you to manage so well my mom my mom has. Help me with this ally she is she's there and always on my back I could you do this you do that and I do this and I forget that she still can't help me with it. In ideas when I get home. When I'm doing the books I either go home and start with the books are go on doing them at home active books and some. So it's. Not locally because it's only two things I'm really. Really focus in that he and I use my mom's is it helps them. That was shot see your mom for being amazing back and Don of course people are gonna ask you know are you getting it. You know back it says it's acting to the capacity are you have any projects or film or anything coming up that we should know about or. If Jimmy can talk about this time there's a lot of. Things that. Could possibly becoming happily agreed to du pre story. We're supposed spirit you know and that this year that we're not really sure of because as you can tell adamantly. Tall and I have grown up so aggravated faster he tried aid now so hits it really hides. Fit the roles for fourteen Yoko and I'm 58 and ultimately caught and beaten to some growing at a debate beefy side. But still. David yeah kangaroo. Any problems with act. On the so you know ideally it is acting something that you know you wanna keep with because again and you bury your multi talented pumping huge headline sports on your on your radar as well. Unions stand at home. Allen for everything really and I'm ready to do anything that's possible and I tried to do what I like to do it and I want to keep acting in Iowa to keep. Doing my sports and possibly more books we'll of course consistent chapter of Clinton activists and. Well I know you're ready for anything and I know you can't do anything because you have come such a fire a long way Amer arson. Acting and now this authorship and who knows what else I mean maybe you'll be a gymnast because you know happy about this or background. But congratulations to you and clean is clean every line I want you to check out these two amazing well. A night out with mama. Sign any break an egg. And more content similar to come. Thank you so much for stopping die more and please please contain just what this young Lee because she's doing amazing. Whereas this is canceling an ABC radio I'm signing off. And began in my course. And out Jackie guys like.

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{"id":50263564,"title":"Quvenzhane Wallis discusses the release of her 2 new children's books","duration":"12:25","description":"Quvenzhane Wallis opens up about her new children's books and life after her Oscar nomination. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/quvenzhane-wallis-discusses-release-childrens-books-50263564","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}