From 'Rampart' to 'Hunger Games'

Woody Harrelson talks about going from a small movie to a major release.
6:59 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for From 'Rampart' to 'Hunger Games'
The impact your drive. I had a couple of them and another cholesterol thing I want -- -- -- won't. -- -- -- -- I read somewhere recently and are -- that when you finished -- you saw the movie for the first. Your problems. -- I -- in May. And you know it it's funny because alone. Give it to -- -- he's a minister and I watch this and it was so different from what we shot the Munich countless scenes we're on. Several. Very. -- important characters gone or greatly diminished. -- I was shocked and it's not liking it and it's tough because -- like my brother you know. Really felt like having -- thing with my brother and he felt like my reaction was more owing to the fact that I handed expectation of the you know the movie is -- as it was shot. So that the journey I went through which is that we again and he was first involved probably the greatest disappointment in my career -- I had high hopes for rampart and I or aren't -- It is really difficult. So. Then you know time's going by and honestly am writing an off what do and they're like -- they -- accepted at Toronto the only way they crazy. In movies in the and I get that thing -- -- you've known around that let him talk about Clinton like his let me. In getting government policy liberty this is faintly remain open -- OK and -- And then they get this thing today you know when I say get this thing in these things -- being communicated directly. Well our unity press and to -- How my tentative plans to run out and I talked about this stupid -- sent an act of Abu. So that it became imperative that they according to them to see the movie yet. Doughnuts. -- -- he even -- -- talked to after prominent. -- -- This I'm waiting for returns. Remember where it starts to go south that I can explain. And and buying again in the in -- It's incredible. Wealth can only. Agency -- it takes a man -- if you. Why don't have dead wrong with it you know why that was -- the wrong we eat what happened what we're not. No I only have the right we've only -- that I thought it wasn't that yes -- was ordered the union that is fair and I would I'd ideas I think a lot of it was that I had to see. I had to see it be different so different from what it was. And then the second time I saw -- I didn't have the same anticipation. And then I just kindness on a little more objectively. And them. Think it's a marvelous. I think you know -- think it's really cool. Because he's even better than if he'd -- if he put everything in this sequence he shouted in the wage it. And that that turn -- good because it's almost like taking a piece -- granting chipping away and you know I mean. Make yourself some humanity he's he's a sculptor -- -- and everything. Make sure they remember. Now. You know doing the hunger. Yet which is the opposite of the small movie you're going to -- this is. This is -- day -- -- -- Children all over the world will follow you. With the slogan there in the lives in the first thing I admit I don't know they went out hunger and hit and why. The how did that come about. I hadn't read the book. When they sent the script and I read through. And an interesting part. And -- down you know. And you know but I have turned down some parts. It's foolish to do so but you know anyway what -- -- what's the big regret. The biggest yet Jerry -- You think there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dumb and dumber and there's a bunch of -- I wish. Can't complain. And he apparently out arrogant thing Duluth. And then Gary -- means -- he says I don't have a second -- he that you have to do. -- is the Yankees. That guy he can talk. And again it -- you really you -- constantly and I do admire gave that result analysts do not Jerry over the year -- -- That you'd be doing. You and then finally they OK do it then after that I read the books. Ago. -- the and as we get out of the show I you know what I always ask you to. A song. Well it's a -- -- you're one of those people that is fearless you've never really care even if I think I want to ask you this thing cheers team can remember start. The cheers -- Making your way in the world community takes -- everything you've got. Taking a break from all you were reached to account -- -- Isn't it nice to -- -- -- way. -- -- -- -- -- Man and his body in. I'm hello hi hey you know what. -- officer Dave brown could've heard cheers mean I think life would have been. But what it always liked it -- -- that it that it. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15558319,"title":"From 'Rampart' to 'Hunger Games'","duration":"6:59","description":"Woody Harrelson talks about going from a small movie to a major release.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rampart-hunger-games-15558319","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}