The Real Deal Behind Hot 97's Hot New Reality Show

Could New York's radio superstars become the next big stars in the world of reality TV?
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for The Real Deal Behind Hot 97's Hot New Reality Show
And they are several hip -- station is pulling back the curtain. They're letting fans and on all their secrets they teamed up with -- H one for the first ever all new reality television show. This. Is hot 97. Entertaining always we have guess. What about showing that on the ship that is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Peanut butter crackers yeah -- being on his -- And improved our relations and Iraq. And certainly got it Justin Bieber beat -- budget and I'll apologize to my wife and bring -- -- -- Whitehall fine guided the artist. -- There it is those that face is all those familiar voices on the morning show Peter Rosenberg -- -- -- -- of course -- joining us today along with the always delightful -- info. You guys thanks so much for stopping by congratulations by the way thank you you well that's the biggest difference now that you've got cameras -- because everyone here is the impromptu. The off. Sort of Mike comments but -- -- back cameras and things. Yet but also like regal Maria -- -- -- like our. Radio voice. Like Disney and review would you have reason I didn't think Qaeda Jordan and and -- -- We got ordering food you do that like when you pick -- your ordering Chinese -- -- like and I'll have the numbers it's ago. No it's more like what you're trying to get -- a restaurant like yeah hard to get a table and you don't wanna name drop yourself. But you just run over sound like yourself and hope they'll notice when I'm on somebody recognize my voice at the Bergdorf -- apartment recently it was like best -- in my life I mean I was treated like help. Real they give you discount. Now maybe at right -- Let's go to the SW that's more along my life if you go and -- drops it -- -- Clinton George Stephanopoulos I hear that we'll keep you. And we didn't hear that from me I'm just saying have trouble doing a convoy all of the stuff -- I'm knocking on -- up right. Some places that the biggest thing on the has ever been a moment where it now you've got cameras in front of -- where VH one recently VH one you know what we want to let that go. When -- could put that out there. Now and that evening we sell inappropriate. Means a thousand inappropriate things and we're playing like Ashcroft that'll make it into the -- The it was a little is little different because this isn't a reality show an unscripted comedy so it wasn't about like -- -- -- -- -- so that it was more like. What can we show that will be really funny and show people how. -- both unique and regular hot 97 is today -- today. So well and sometimes you have an idea whether you work with radio station which are people -- work yet. It's what has this make a great reality this is a great unscripted and the cameras showed up where you was it like crickets like. -- an economics and copy. Something -- happens. -- I visited -- like we the biggest radio station for hip -- we have this huge concert cause summer jam every summer. But the next day we're back to work at an office right was really like all our office hijinks and how we're -- Our business image off his -- over here -- -- -- studio right and that's where the celebs -- and then after that we have arguments about. Donuts -- have yet to play nice and his politics but -- was showing the way that we're just like you I mean you actually. You guys do you get the biggest names in hip hop in the music industry really across the spectrum has anyone said you know what we're not gonna come on -- now that you know that you got cameras rolling. Well episode one. It features Kanye West and you know we. You'll -- got his role in the show is an interest in one and I think it's somewhat true to life what happens with him on the show. Is kind of your life that he wasn't totally comfortable being like all -- just. Do whatever I feel like here you know he was -- comfortable doing that with his wife show. So you know. Let's keep it real he's also a raging ego maniac and he loves to have cameras and attention on him right so he wants -- and doesn't want -- same time. We just want I mean you -- you let these two go and they will risk for hours and it's dropped and hilarious. And -- you know they were thinking yeah. Among us and Ellen Goodman holds a hearing a lot of -- and got a -- yeah how about it. And I pulled out of the denizens of this inflow complimented. Teams like bird. -- -- Outbreak. They weren't you don't feel it didn't think it over the show and a lot of people Jason. If you will understand is that this is that you don't like yeah I'm to get into the studio first on the studio bring out is that if you -- -- Also because island bank and make up and they in -- -- I think you this this thing are -- -- -- -- make of the two hours Beagle get that camera shot an exact. I think about how to save them about the show you of the women -- our -- are really beautiful and they also. Are there more attractive than justice start right they get hours of hair and makeup -- -- -- -- -- like this for -- -- -- we get nothing. We didn't get a parent clippers to Trimarche. It knows -- knows there is no -- now everywhere. Messing with a that's a big problem because that was a huge contingent in my contract rider knows here that mean at least. I respect that you come on you guys -- got very little has sought a -- Let's get this -- -- Bartlett an impeccable -- now that you guys are now that you guys are on the world the unscripted television when -- little game with cute. Not -- notwithstanding all -- but you know I want to go through a couple of the big reality television -- see what personalities you might match up with. Our that you you got -- go at this obviously rally Thursday have to over share and whether it's gonna be Kim Kardashian and or it's going to be bachelor. Who's the biggest over here this is Kim Kardashian in whatever minor moments -- said. So this is the -- -- Little -- -- Here. We're gonna have to look around the sex tasty little PP. I don't see any PP failing -- Atlantic every chance I -- you -- CNBC -- looking at the capitol region again I'm thinking to do. In case are there who -- me who talks about when they felt these adverse. That would be -- -- -- -- all die I die I'd I think you'll probably like to share a lot about myself let my wife is on the show drag my dog in the show my apartments on the show like Georgia. -- -- giver you and I actually hasn't. I asked for nudity of the show they would not. -- Everyone would making the stations of the show it was like he not come to my house national family is all about the -- his -- like. -- -- -- -- -- Any time he's. Even I'm picking my obediently. Big -- that's -- big now I thought I'd look. Brady's spot Ruth and what that's what's big I didn't mean there. -- I now. That -- episode episode to make -- little graphic -- also obvious effort over Sharon that Austin has to be some troublemakers. In the so if you're talking about Brandi Glanville real housewives -- -- more. You're looking at me like of course we watch these people all the time this is -- -- -- good moments. -- I would have long heart to heart about Adrien and she really just wanted to banish -- from the planet. And you know me thank you I'm not chayet and I would repeat it later do you think -- get friends say things -- -- -- you there then you get your. And I'm starting to wonder if I -- is doing her dirty work for her. Dirty work may -- in a troublemaker who's -- troublemaker. Wolf that could just remind him it's how happy I -- that word -- and an unscripted comedy not a reality show however that the troublemaker. I -- something like that. -- -- -- -- -- Hey LA -- -- -- -- Albany herald the birth of his that was yes the -- find out of flexes two yes. You know and -- Now in G -- at the plastic surgery argue that totally 100% authentic crazy person with no. Documentation necessary public then what that that that definition of crazy that I think it's thrown into question them because you have to have some degree of plastic at least the six to rattle you know what your blood to -- that's what -- -- yeah. Back I have no plastic surgeon who holds down on them. I mean -- actually -- and -- -- and -- ever. There's really nice move them should stress. Wanted to know that. We want to pitch man and a lot of Cleveland Marsha are -- got to. Look here's the thing we're given a preview of the first he's in the second season that's got to come back you're gonna have like an entourage of like fifteen and had surgery to get a few years you know -- -- don't -- -- like -- and at least and I recognize he's. -- -- Also have to be willing to fly off the handle unscripted television clearly calls for those off the cuff moments whether -- Gordon Ramsay. Two recent UDJ -- this was her moment. Yeah. Oh and that -- reality television. I don't watch that what are -- -- the prison and all of us are -- -- -- easy though that would lead. Every really that. He's that we get into -- Clinton. He's bigger than all of yeah -- -- in his -- his older -- -- yeah Monroe around him. But no but but no one's been labeled the prostitution -- just yet as of yet. Well. And that typified by lower back yeah. God I was so elastic -- keep everyone in control -- also have to be so when it's going to be able to crack the whip. Call all the shots put everyone in their plays whether it be Simon Cowell -- leaks. This with her -- It's good to deliberately -- I -- grant. This what you need to do you need to stay out when these things. You are constant. Problems you are the only husband Blake briefly after they get involved in -- we -- -- my repeated homeland editing pictures. Some of president -- in defiance he. And I love. Well -- that she and that's when he fourteen -- -- no question about that involvement in the Korean media. -- journalistic skills like you anything that we're -- we have delusion that full well what where are we doing this in the house that. Angle enhance black a lot of the aid they get very upset about it let you know. I care about accuracy -- -- -- do a great job so as long as we're having fun but also keeping it real women and. You have to you have to be the guiding force and sometimes it means to get little ugly it means -- little ugly I carry -- -- I am not afraid to let it not been -- -- makes few of us I think. -- but I write to Michael Edwards yet on the overseer with guns that this dubious. Later actually -- -- like. This info Rosenberg that the guys thank you so much it is do you think this is hot 97 is on VH one Monday's looking forward to thanks guys think --

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{"id":23071182,"title":"The Real Deal Behind Hot 97's Hot New Reality Show","duration":"3:00","description":"Could New York's radio superstars become the next big stars in the world of reality TV?","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-deal-hot-97s-hot-reality-show-23071182","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}