Who Is the Real Gary Oldman?

A look at the characters in Oldman's past.
8:36 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Who Is the Real Gary Oldman?
Style applauding. -- their fabrication beginning. This could be the real thing if this gen X -- house. But its top country makes sense. -- Lately not just the tinker tailor. But in Harry Potter where -- series black -- godfather and godfather on here. And the good -- it is good you know -- -- course. -- -- In in in the -- police chief Gordon who will. I just saw you a week ago when -- had staff. I thought was a tribute to me and instead it out what I was doing the darkness it was yes and and little -- have to do is -- the colossus of from the market could have done pocketed them -- she's living with that would that would. But it was a ship -- -- it so turnaround. It was it wasn't it was it was an it was like it was like the Titanic coming you've got to really bringing you content on the time. And I just can't decide if not more. -- -- no more I mean to moratorium for a while you know just I just wanted it. A bright of bright from and less. You know I'll put an expensive. -- -- -- That comes by incumbent but now they come across as they -- Galileo will prevail and you've got to -- are made of mud and I love that did good that people out there you know -- though it cost you so why did you get two point got a ghost. -- I'm getting I'm getting bored -- And what you're doing let me just use. Commissioner Gordon. As an example in this now you've just finished the two weeks ago -- two weeks ago now. Can just reveal the secret from I would I it's I don't know how -- keep the secret. It's that might have to do that but again you don't know London Ireland and I guess I'll keep secrets there's a little -- might be on our life of unknowns. IT and -- since bumper stickers you know I write for. I'd like with the -- I thought. I want it now but this. This character that you're playing is kind of he's a good we have he's gotten a lot of things happening and I remember writing about it in during the Dark -- Where. How you -- virtue. Not make it more like -- Remembered. Yes -- it's one of those -- news that use you have you been. You've been content via the news but that was one 19. -- But there was. Yeah I remember that you set the by that I made. I think virtue of excites -- I'm you know you wanna frying moans and guess when you get -- you when you won't because we need to know that there's a human being here that's having -- that he got his bat he's something else that all those other things that are. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- And this movies coming out at a time where people are talking about awards. You haven't won. And again and I haven't been nominated in shame on -- -- -- that. Does this matter in your life. To announce that. The -- and threw them away I'm accustomed yet. It's on you aren't unusual in in in. In Hollywood I guess. I don't have a publicist. -- Too much or -- -- And may be. Haven't always tell myself. Think probably could go -- my -- a little. With that when it comes to when it comes through. The self promotion. Withdrawing from that area and then my little fighting hole which are still liked. Got back to but it's nice when people like -- were combined and right. A nice -- nice things. Occur of course is. And this -- this perhaps feels like the time to. Let the wife. And on mobile there for awhile and what the white tank Meehan and -- and -- and he let happen if if someone said -- you maybe even mean. You could take two or three Gary Oldman movies through the desert island with -- what would they be. I think -- would have to -- what I think I'm proud of this month. So I think it would think. I'm particularly fond of key. It was one of the first movies that Americans -- -- But when I sold the first screening. Sort of a -- pinch myself because -- It's. -- it's not one of all of its best. My little cameo in true romance with an -- on -- like -- like -- -- have to -- -- And that that Ashley and -- people. Fitness and good working. Well as we've come to the end of our conversation I always go to two very personal things to -- one is. To know what a day in the life of Gary Oldman is. So that. We can imagine what you do when you get your hiding all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirty quarter to six. And -- the kids. The two boys. Get breakfast. Amounts of coffee. 650. -- -- house. What wonderful school drop the other for school I will I will if I'm writing or doing something. -- -- we'll come back. And do not get to them. And then. If I'm not gonna -- where I have to -- -- pick -- dry cleaning -- go to. We always compared. It's now I'm tired initial that we -- -- wild times you know. Where's the wild side this is you want I want all of -- drugs and from there have to be a little of that. About three -- -- start thinking in the optimists think it back down again. I think they'll get the kids decides to come back. That's -- -- who comes. And it will then I just he would look at a blank screen this is -- -- -- at. -- -- -- just -- quite the west they asked everyone to know. So. You we always end in song. And song and song -- yes. When it -- -- would not resistant there's -- up singing and it just anything that comes into your. Men and lovely full moon. Ones whose something -- thought I news ago. But this is one thing in the sought to strangers. In forgave my flowers let out my song -- postal mis spoke. News. This hopeless place -- in. You see I've never been in love Booth school. Her Sky Masterson. Guys and -- yes probably -- -- favorite song. Probably not up as late as yet at a -- I didn't see it -- But that it for the ages. -- -- thank you so. -- know where you're gonna go with that at off.

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{"duration":"8:36","description":"A look at the characters in Oldman's past.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15122256","title":"Who Is the Real Gary Oldman?","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-gary-oldman-15122256"}