'Real Housewives' Gets Uncomfortably Real

Amy Palmer on the emotional counseling scene in new 'RHOBH.'
4:49 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for 'Real Housewives' Gets Uncomfortably Real
Time to find out all the latest celebrity news and scoops Amy Palmer from -- allowed dot com is here to -- that integrates the -- perhaps you Phillies Tanya let's talking about Bethany Frankel it seems that her plans for world domination or perhaps not going so smoothly yes and I like to say on the -- -- may be some pitfalls. And with Bethany Frankel this is one of them unfortunately her proposed talk show. Did not take off it's seen that the station managers around the country. Weren't buying into and what the problem light -- I have reported earlier this year that people thought that she has little to -- They didn't like her style and I think she's a huge celebrity a lot of ways and sometimes -- to say that in New York what kind of -- own little culture so aviation worked well here but it's really about the rest of the country and translate it didn't -- so what's next for her she's certainly not gonna give up. Now of course we know about things that I -- you know. What I think will happen I think rob may take her and say. Why don't we -- -- talk show for you because as we know now we have late night an -- -- -- doing really well. Why not create a talk -- for Bethany during the day. Well I'm sure she'll be happy about asking -- and that's that's nice impression of -- they cannot find out more very -- and -- -- -- talk about a hot new Hollywood couple. Eva Mendez and Ryan got pregnant young excited -- couple I mean two of the most beautiful people in Hollywood coming together it's sort of a photographer's dream they were spotted in Paris over Thanksgiving weekend and they've been together since September since they filmed the movie. And sources are saying that there really in love. That Ryan -- flew to Paris to see that because she was -- leader in the holly yeah. I know it makes me feel like maybe he really is back back from the -- I don't know -- they didn't want to leave act that she coming -- -- -- in Paris he went to surprise her in the past they were spotted in a cemetery very famous cemetery where. Jim Morrison is buried so the photographers had a field day with them in their so photogenic and beautifully kind of just. You know you buy -- -- little older than he is right that he likes older women yes he's 31 she's 37. And that age difference doesn't matter because when he was in his -- he's he's dating Sandra Bullock -- was almost forty. And that lesson for years ceilings older mature women and I blame for these young party -- That's what makes me happy yet now on the flip side of things. Talking about relationships looks like Kim Kardashian -- -- not really going to be re in love anytime soon welcome cashing -- has been tallying. A lot of people including Glamour Magazine that her. -- and a fairy tale marriage is over she's saint. I really focused on my career it's really important to find a man who can fit into that and -- Get married -- they don't even have any kids. Again she's 31 years old -- -- dealing with a broken hearted she's saying this now. But I think that eventually she will find love and probably about six months will be talking about that right right and speaking of -- there some wedding plans for Anne Hathaway yes. There are and Shiller about the C announced that -- -- -- -- Over the weekend to her longtime boyfriend Adam Solomon and that they are busily -- Planning for the wedding. And 1980 where dangerous Vera -- or another famous designer we don't know yet but I know whatever she's she's a she's going to be beautiful wonder -- -- about the last last night's episode of real housewives of Beverly after the little disturbing resonance. It was and I think that what. We are seeing is. This series playing out the tragic and Dana Russell Armstrong. We -- him and tell our Amy therapy session and where. You really dancer and the fact that there was some violence in their relationship I think that viewers were really getting exposed when and how complicated it is. To be an abusive relationship -- -- -- -- say too much therapist didn't wanna -- too much Russell was dancing around the fact the women on the series. -- were told that Russell had allegedly been hitting her. Also were reacting to certain way so was interesting to see how -- -- was editing this episode. And how they're trying to for trade in a way that's respectful to Russell but -- mentioned the story alive so I think -- -- -- also threatened that they might sue if they weren't happy with anything Nevada air guys they did they threatened to sue -- is that if there's anything that they didn't like the way. That Russell is being portrayed they would -- -- -- -- being very careful. Nothing has been sent out right about right actual abuse. But it's very interesting and I think that when you look at reality television in this way you're seen. How it's really speaking to bigger issues it could potentially help someone down the line absolutely do we know how Taylor is doing now she's doing -- -- you know she went through -- very hard times she is a young diaries -- -- But she's been tween and she's -- -- I'm fine and you know hopefully we'll see how she is in the next season absolutely Amy Palmer thank you Thelma thank you.

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{"id":15049872,"title":"'Real Housewives' Gets Uncomfortably Real","duration":"4:49","description":"Amy Palmer on the emotional counseling scene in new 'RHOBH.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-housewives-uncomfortably-real-15049872","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}