'Real Life': 'Shakespeare in the Park'

"Real Live" co-hosts discuss the controversial show that depicted a Donald Trump-like character as Julius Caesar.
7:35 | 06/16/17

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Transcript for 'Real Life': 'Shakespeare in the Park'
Never do another really good transition are talking about people on stage out Shakespeare in the park this little bit morbid furiously. The like the definitely they have. Into the pipe. On and done that yeah this is exactly the wrong. The New York TO right that are congregated. Got Ager got New York area aren't the Shakespeare department of delta and Bank of America they pulled in different ways their sponsorship. Julie's he's production and in the production. The use either is portrayed by some who looks like trop he's wearing the suit the red tie. The hair the whole thing right in the end purse thieves are so bother the separate story that was created he stabbed to death rate he's killed. Civil controversy so he dealt you know different people delta has pulled there are sponsorship but Bank of America's really just pulling it just for that production there's still going to be involved with the public theater. And they just to get this out there and they are out of the floor is covered he got a Barack Obama speak year with in the same role before. Cricket snorkel sponsorship for debated issue there so first of bawdy just what did I think it shakes its Shakespeare in the park. Crossing the line. Bite you know I think general computing having a president. Keeping them either brought Obama don't count or URD in the crossed the line now. Across mine at all. I think art imitates life right imitates art like that several of art artists and expose our society. Where exactly is happening is very interpreted and says you don't do so much what you work in ways that you have a president who says. I can see an individual that avenue esta web a repercussions. But that elevates the level of art that is very emblematic so what's the after the west allegedly see this really what many wives. That issue that I actually happened it is with delta. Right and it's happens is is this whole lag. Dichotomy and double standard. So doubt that decided to go through at them I think Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis Minnesota and support it when it was emblematic Barack Obama a black man. No nobody crickets it was quiet people on the right was very quiet. But then all of a sided win now it's a New York City and it's trot out duck has huge open arms and I don't support from the show. Obama puppet theater as a whole some might issue with more so accident delta right vaccine miss an opportunity to explain what Shakespeare it is to be able to usher Shakespeare into mass culture and this signal let's get some kind to this witty work on your keys everything kind of what it means into its corporate apathy to another level. Answering more Shakespeare who own rules with relatives. From delta saying look we don't condone this but this is our this is what this is and and not late jumping the gun and pulling. Is saying look we're not associated with mean we've all done that with comments or whatever getting on Twitter are buyers always like retreats are not even understand what I -- justice on the link fence and it look this is not. Our endorsement but it's our you have to look at artists' work and do what they're gonna do and what they see it's nothing but let's not threatening her hurting anybody with. It was I think the reason why this with me getting a lot of getting a lot more attention now we know is also follows Kathy Griffin valuing to touch you so I think. You know it's completely true that there was this and we are rated it double standard you know what Barack Obama that this is following you know pat eager to everyone authority really riled up that you know ever went there all of his these depictions of trump. I'm you know being killed and murdered I think that's why in your right to the fact it's in New York you know this is the reality in New York everything has art which were amplified the spotlight is on do you think that we're just. I think with trump the lately they've just been like every if so which is suffering tents I mean you're urgent with an intense president the and intense public figure inspires intense reaction rates very polarizing. And I think you think there wasn't as Kathy Griffin an incident like. D.'s before really simultaneously. It would have been toned down. I think it would it I would it was. I think so it got it yet I think editors completely different because there reckoning that the media really hyped up when he came to that and that is that doubt that it was this instance moment you referenced. The course and at times but again if it actual moment and but the moment when McCain 21 at Minneapolis. Also what corporate social responsibility is as we have as a corporation what is corpus was about that the sport you. Is it as I doubt read sponsor table working too morbid deep dive actually take more of a long view approach is a Huckabee support artists at next how explain what are in its right are coming up next August Wilson that I'm Russo the companies in her book plate right. And arts expressed are closer in our society that's it's happened it. And it probably also. You know I think that beer business and delta you know you know they're they're having meetings like you know what 50% of the country so voted for trump we'd want alien all those people and and that's also the reality I feel these businesses that have the justify. I mean do they really care for their I'm sure a lot of people don't like we're finally on a personal level right but at the candidate Dino the other get all these like boycotts and campaigns going. Airlines of not making great. Clinton's reason. I mean that I don't know that's really the I believe they have ever read about geoghan and they are they really and the did this thing for that. The plane me heat from. What they think there there audiences their customers feel rather than what they actually coming up and effectiveness. Yeah me that good loudly and allowed for let it might economic basis this is ranked the island of my favorite thing can happen. Excited at that it was Starbucks did right Starbucks had to watch the from corporations who advocates for them I was BT right. Indiana and Arkansas we saw Hussein may happen in North Carolina with his friends in the bathrooms and identity. Starbucks has owned corporation which issues the Black America getting shot and social media and heart cells that something has got to be done about it do something to race together. Controversy as it was both isn't enough that earnings actually increase the following quarter so there were at the economic hit. So it doesn't want to economic hit because you make it stands in the exit want to make it stands I'm of the everything go flyers dealt yet heavy it ends up I take issue with how they reacted to it. How do you explain it that's all that our corporate communications. Can explain it batters and I'd sounds Delta's corporate communications right did you channel at the correct way. Could have it done differently. I think the critics of the they're the most vocal these boycott you are a lot of people were boycotting target over the transgender battening you know it is that affecting target now. Jeter and I think the time the country's some of them get scared yeah bargain tickets being governor like. We don't care if and eager to start engraving start one of the members companies they would at a Starbucks in first in right last year to celebrate their one year anniversary and that's an example of great corporate functions there in the community. And I'm sure unless there were you know the you know with occidental. People were I don't embrace that he got it right. An example of really re. Involved. Think of one example where a company. Held to what they thought was right in a positive way. Stuck through their values and things are done so I can't think I think of like people jumping the gun in and going to swear that way but as far as like. In the end at historically across the board. Companies that do this ands and stick to what their core values are in a positive way he always been on pots I don't. When someone exit when jumps the gun delivers objectives of the one person Delta's like in high up. I just don't get because of me when these things happen and people like kind of overshoot the reactions. It. We've been around Africa over the pipelines L yeah.

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{"id":48093241,"title":"'Real Life': 'Shakespeare in the Park'","duration":"7:35","description":"\"Real Live\" co-hosts discuss the controversial show that depicted a Donald Trump-like character as Julius Caesar.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-life-shakespeare-park-48093241","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}