'Real Live': Kevin Spacey accused of sexual misconduct

Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman and other high-profile men have been accused of sexual misconduct on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
12:50 | 11/03/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Kevin Spacey accused of sexual misconduct
Hey Brian I'm David Caplan and this is real live happy Friday everyone and I'm here wit. Candace Frederik. Mike news and ABC news reporter Michael Rothman in the hello my foot with a view here again well thanks I feel I feel welcome back there were already Friday were there we can grow SA the graves of the blizzard thank you red shades obliterate him. And we rig our great tablet are able do what they wore a little after the show when her car though this week you know another here another week and more of allegations of sexual harassment we're seeing them heavens be siege here we have been Dustin Hoffman. And you a lot of people obviously. They're busy actors they're working and you know some of his difficult really separate the person from their work for there are. Now with the existing I think with. This new back to sort of people that have come out a little bit different from past people what seeing Nate Parker Chris Brown. That no big kind of survived it professionally no Chris Brown afterwards with kind of fine afterwards his music he maintained fans. But you look at someone say Kevin Spacey you know house of cards. Dot you know publicist dropped in CA his agency dropped him. Harvey Weinstein projects gone so I think first or does one oppose the question is. How do you separate the artists you know quote unquote you know the actor whether or the producer. From really you know these allegations are having separated as a fan. I don't. I think of the personal choice honestly I think there is a particularly right answer I think some people just. Want to dis associate completely and I think we're seeing them also with the business side as well people don't want to have. You know people like him stay seal or. Maybe Dustin Hoffman or especially Harvey Weinstein kind of student. Re ignited this conversation we're having now you'll don't want that affecting their business and I think that's ultimately what's happening on on the Hollywood business side. And I think fans are also speaking out the dislike. We are not allowing this anymore in this is how we are responding. To these allegations by not supporting. York Willamette in do you think also just in the fair the fair and others almost as stigmatize sick I really like so and so's work for example I remember Chris Brown. That you know there was appeared right after three just seemed really awkward people who were like well it's the really liked his music here like like they're just loses this X-Factor to it you can make you can avoid it look at pots and you'd wanna really. Trumpet I mean do you think that's an issue was well. The difference here is that Chris Brown a minute I'm nothing is an isolated incident yet and it's a horrible thing what the what happens I mean I I still can only thing in the same way but. This is telling a movement right now so it's not just. And imagine backed that if it was like all the R&B singers basin with one asked the other of the dominoes are coming down I mean. At this point it's tough to separate because it just feels like an industry wide issue at this point. Doesn't feel isolated to one or two or even like ten people. What people thought up ready to make. I think your right Doug in my what do you skunk trying to hearing your ray I think this aspect. It being a movement perhaps you know with these Pactiv weather today Parker's Chris Brown. I mean are you single cause we know right now it's it it is this movement it's just gaining more and more momentum mean. Every day it seems at this point obviously Mike who covers entertainment for ABC news here can attest you know he's a lot these are these his coverings that yeah story. I think maybe that's adding to this just sort of you know it's is making a lot more difficult to really separate the two. Why I think we had a separate. What they visit we just mentioned in the ground that individuals are current today right now the Kevin Spacey is at a Harvey Weinsteins. Other Brett Ratner is those individuals have committed multiple acts of harassment allegedly it has been said. Numerous having well why do the red eighty so what's it mean comparing get that like Nate Parker Chris Brown is almost not the same. News comparing apples oranges because not we're talking about the amounts. We have individuals that happening and they Chris Rock do it is a completely different in terms of physical where this is sexual content is harassment is a completely different bar games I would personally I waited separate. Those and as we just talked about him the Weinstein Ratner because what they recognize as egregious as of at all. And because of take not as those in medium where we are verses Dana for other individuals who got caught the car from six arrests and an eighty's and ninety's. There's different technology has grown machine learning has grown in a way that we can even throw technology we have here recently and that's. I would take Nazr could you. As a result a human engagement technology has also has changed with it now so there is more of a movement in terms of people having her own voice to say this is wrong enough rank. It isn't on boycotts there only protest so that's why we see this level of Iraq city in terms of people being frustrated and it is appoint any artists and now it was difficult to separate the two the artist from the art. Because of the way the social media has allowed the conversation to Foster and these minute net. Our privilege have committed egregious acts against women in numbers and then now and then admit and numbers so anything you know get commuters are the others and others are more obviously goes beyond Chris friend we've when he galleon case you have let. No there's others that have been like this but just and now I do think he really is this. It's just it's become we have got and we discussed with a couple weeks ago it's just it's so much ground the open in its because people are much further discussed get a lot more. And people were there some of her conscious that I. Things of Mike's point when he mentioned that really made it and made an impact. Chris Brown again horrible horrible thing that he's done and has done contain the consistently. But it wasn't tied to his job so he wasn't harassing and assaulting for what he's accused allowed that we know that you know I have written disclaimer there. Unlike women in his videos or are people that were coming to his life. Is that whatever Weinstein and and Spacey and and and some lead us to some degree Hoffman whatever these were underlings that were either trying to. You know work with them and they were Qaeda is like an abuse of power and so. Chris Brown again. Horrible horrible acts in the field of domestic assault and and other things I'm in there's there's there's there's a lot there to. But it wasn't like him taking advantage of his singing career that we know. How Chris Brown has become such a dominant part of this conversation and win this one is about domestic abuse and physical abuse is that I think it's an as far as we know to that one individual which is unfortunate not being covered to Chris Bond for that. There's a very difference there they are we are right now Chris Brown was not in a position of power what we're talking as man now who had used their power. Over another individual who was not in position. It is still Condit what to say no and who did have a position taken by the careers and livelihoods in order puts forward that individual for the weren't talking about men but in power next door and power. There was even Barrow street scene and we see except the process during the war so where she. Think Harvey Weinstein dissing us he need to think harder because he's so there's a whole different ball game when you have the academy who equity hours in the many yeah Woody Allen we've grown Lance gave me this is not even for the Hollywood like the executive at that level and even give her some and movie category of Hollywood though the directors and able to make position so we're about individuals who abuse their power. Through sexual deviant if those powerful tyranny how to look Woody Allen in the room collectively. There's they still kept going on in the year the reaction wasn't as is media and hearts that was the only illegals are coming under. And I also want to also say that this isn't just about sexual harassment is about Mel toxicity across the boy. And so that includes sexual harassment includes domestic abuse that includes this enabling culture that we have thrived in for so on that. It it you know definitely includes Chris Brown as well as. Assaults against women across the board in valiants way. When we talk about now toxicity was I don't disagree with the and Adam we have talked about it from a larger perspective and then had to bring in Ali individuals that use Mayo toxicity or use their position as being a male and using gender. To get over and society but he can't he's he's isolated a couple of individuals and deductibles or current pharmacies are having now probably in society and the amount of egregious and as an act. Studies and it is a power Michael Weinstein lack Ratner who has done these things that I and spacing who have done these things ambiguous could. We're to of these other executives agreed to there's an over ultimately it's that Woody Allen that you've woody Allen's very powerful bats and abuse of power Roman Polanski was a director also an abuse of power case the opt clicking on a bit film he was that he had a role of power on that film and also being affiliated with the outlook Brothers it doesn't begin to think tanner. I'm glad about this Affleck this is Rodney Parker earlier rights and Parker was a list for rape allegations right. His movie got tarnished as a result of that lazy actually got put it is for the saints had an allegation that we see him going reports of an Oscar writings and in their southerly had a talk about that too as well house of mental botany Parker that we must talk about Casey Affleck and it into the hot Hollywood treat Casey. AFLAC rumors hottest did Nate Parker the fact that Casey Affleck was able to win a war over Dayton's that now. Eight get the Oscar that we had to talk about it I think he's got a concept I guess that he notes and Bronfman Noah Adams are I don't know that there was. The but I disparate yesterday something is being taken away from Casey Affleck I just read in light of this though this week did you read the after. He was just in the headlines yesterday for some thing an excellent the dump there is some things that teachers and I think progress towards the almost. I'm retro active retribution to make sense there was definitely something yesterday there was a note on her or speak. Then there is a petition out to think you cadre here there's a petition out to prevent him from speaking from the authoring news yes that's that's interesting actually to the you know it's also rotunda like now because that this race conscious and had been its petition that could have that has been. Because you've got to present your best actress award and sort of a wrecked your point Mike. Back and others has reached Cox now you know social media it's really making people more vocal we're hearing about this. And it's interesting I bet this petition it's good I'm sure a couple of knocking at people's storming a sign it's probably the likes of teaching style or petition I'm sure you don't want to. And that's making it easier for people to mobilize it is making it easier for some it be like you know why. Casey Affleck you know maybe he did get copies that your only did he shouldn't be getting me he should be getting the treatment that we're seeing from these guys this past week and it's interesting for something because it's not timely casing out way he's everybody knows nothing petition this week anything you think meteoric start to see more of that now mean that even from lots he. He has become more in the headlines people are like it's just you know we feel we've heard we've heard it but I feel the last few weeks again it's being regurgitate your period again so I think it's cynical. Guns are now that they're they're they're far more power and in that that has technique to move meant. In kind of just like took over you know once it started I think everything feels more systemic now as far just covering it. Seeing from. I don't think the initial New York Times report on Weinstein was a tipping point when it was that new Yorker that day was a two Zeller forget it was a new Yorker. Couldn't. In conjunction with the second New York Times piece and an all suddenly you have thirty women who are speaking out. And that it was kind of like. That was it it wasn't stopping an and one day after the next and it just feels. It feels systemic it feels play again and abuse of powers the key thing here I think that's where people are kind of late. Being saying we were at we have we've had enough and never. And it went to covered up to as well have those the last album winds are covered up which is why I think to a separate from the other end of his that we talked about it and there was as a tuzla's 800 talking about that allow this behavior to occur there was acceptability that I have the allowed to occur and no one stopped it. Seems obvious that something really interesting to insert race he said the reason Roberts talking about not a whenever talking about that now white women a privilege where things at nets are being affected. Xanana is an issue right that's I think that's causing earlier compare those and a visit like apples and oranges but what's happening right now in Carly throughout the carpet IE Casey Affleck. That's still baffles many who is I don't know what. What I do you think of like. There's some terrible terrible Weinstein stores and their butts the first on the come to my popular annually and Jolie. Our Gwyneth Paltrow and those stories are more harassment again there's there's no levels for this all just disgusting and terrible. But it's it's it's it's inching its its those A list stars that are white actresses that are really that really kind of brought this Nicole's snowball. Very well look Yoon young oh just recently and nobody actually can't. And for a couple of building. Covered than we covered it heavily lay in with his reason and that is just like. When also when she was kind of claiming about you know what happens apparent you know her experiences with Harvey Weinstein it was like crickets nobody really responded. There was cover obviously in some cases but not so that I and it is an absolute not. Elton well mean hopefully maybe with these past people reciprocate the Catholics were there's something just for it will see more of these petitions able to see some stuff. Hopefully some retroactive retribution going on there.

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{"id":50921044,"title":"'Real Live': Kevin Spacey accused of sexual misconduct","duration":"12:50","description":"Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman and other high-profile men have been accused of sexual misconduct on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-kevin-spacey-accused-sexual-misconduct-50921044","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}