Reality Roundup: Bachelor Ben Gets Naked's Amy Palmer dishes on "The Bachelor" and "Real Housewives."
3:45 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Reality Roundup: Bachelor Ben Gets Naked
I need you all caught up on the latest celebrity last night with -- night in the world of reality TV and -- to break -- -- -- practice allowed dot com Amy honorary degree at the time you start with the bachelor. Somebody made the last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Courtney basically is to do you spend and got him to go skinny did mean. In the waters in pottery. And he's four he went where he's a typical I -- excellence this isn't the right thing you. However I have no chance of seeing this as you can see right there you really think it yet so they can water with more I have to and -- -- -- -- what happened and yet but the girls don't know about it so her and banner having this secret together. Which isn't -- now and -- is trying to Warren and some are yes and he's really Smart she's studying to be -- -- she's kind of the voice of reason she keeps trying to tell Ben -- Courtney is not here for the right reasons and -- is saying listen once you step off here they are had a conversation. And he's saying just be careful don't focus too -- energy and Courtney focus and you and a sense that evening at her in her camp I think it'd but he -- last night. Now. He did keeper right and -- he did -- -- Had Tonya I have to tell you think Courtney and I keep talking -- your producer -- everybody and I think he -- -- when I just think that men like pretty things I think that and is that really nice guy but I think he's in over. And watch this the end I had no idea I think. I actually think that's going to be -- You haven't -- history even -- -- I -- -- well. I mean yeah. -- work that I. But the real housewives of Beverly -- because kind of serious last night some people think maybe. Mr. should not gone on after -- to -- at last night was part one of its three part series. The reunions this is when -- Constance Johnson sits down and -- -- Bellini is. And he brought up the fact that many people thought that the -- shouldn't have continued after Russell's suicide Camille is one of those people is that I don't think it's an air. Taylor actually won its hair she thought that it would be a good example. For women in that similar situation -- she actually went as far as to say. It's he felt the show actually saved her life that being a public figure meant that Russell. Wouldn't hurt her. -- -- I mean it's horrible to say us kind of thinking -- out to the situation -- Russell would have. You know looked at -- -- this is wrong I think she was really hoping that things would get -- Wow an Alley in it the reunions around -- -- I didn't think that doesn't take long for people to start. You know I've seen it salaries. -- Everybody who is telling -- and -- pump. We know that you penciled stories through radar online and Lisa is sitting there saying -- been talking. You've -- her in this -- -- she's kind of she's really on the intact here defending yourself an aging is saying I know for a fact that she did that. It ended up with the women apologizing to leave but there is some questionable. Thoughts about the -- is true or not Lisa does not -- the money let's face it right away you know of the woman's living in the lap of luxury so I don't think she needs you 20000 dollars rerun rights it. Mayor admitted there may be no proof and him -- and again this is part one of the three part series and we can only imagine as the weakest a lot of will get more. He we have a lot to look. At the -- --

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"'s Amy Palmer dishes on \"The Bachelor\" and \"Real Housewives.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15481989","title":"Reality Roundup: Bachelor Ben Gets Naked","url":"/Entertainment/video/reality-roundup-bachelor-ben-naked-15481989"}