Recapping the Latest Celebrity Gossip

Huffington Post's Rob Shuter breaks down today's big celebrity stories .
5:32 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Recapping the Latest Celebrity Gossip
And time to get you caught up on the latest celebrity headlines from prosecutor from top post celebrity dot com is here with all the -- Rob thanks so much for doing good so yeah let's start with Jennifer Lopez. Like -- we think of Jennifer so controlled. So put in control of everything she's yeah she did this concert to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Mohegan Sun Casino -- She's paid a fortune into the full moments at a during the -- -- did a medley of -- songs. Walter Smith who was getting on the -- -- -- hall 200 Thomas -- dressed like China who had a gentle -- dressed like Ben Affleck like did -- -- all the exits in her life including all I'm listening. At the end of the mentally. Jennifer -- and little emotional and started to actually brought -- And then she -- -- an image of two twins pop up on a huge screen behind and she -- this love and then dads love. Wow that's as at all it is -- choice to have your -- parade I'd stayed with. I have been saying I wouldn't you but you know supply about one might think -- militant in the comfort of my gym bathroom behind me and that I -- this is the -- -- the way and she's clearly saying you know what -- -- coming down with -- kids that's ratting -- on the that god and -- have put my heart out right now Kate Winslet is coming out with more about what happened. That dramatic night where she went into the. Asleep and has in the forehead she was looked -- his Richard Branson's has. The guy that created can analyze a multi million and a search was staying at his house on on an island to the and welcome to put forth three in the AM. It was a terrible fire she ran to get her kids and his mother he's nineteen year old mother was that how well she admits -- -- into -- -- -- and this week. That -- to halt to put on. -- -- Much is that it's close to these moments of completely. -- -- What you do an interest putting on a broad realize that women and take what into lungs -- -- put a tee shot on. Got the kids that help his mother act that this is might be enough and we love for the heroin and. -- she says she wants and and that's why we love she's been terribly modest about his. She said that Richardson no -- to year old mother is full of big and she could've gotten herself out of that house and she's not a hero she did what anybody else would. I don't know I found that the only thing that -- -- but the -- the the theme like if you never know how you're gonna react when you're in the region -- -- -- and let me let you listen -- I drank. Let's talk a little bit too little gossip now about Blake lively and Ryan -- and it's going. Attends a Ryan turned 35. -- I think when some people -- not only 35 years old he's in Boston. Filming a new movie and He was -- very. -- -- -- -- Walking his dogs -- his apartment with like -- -- area early to calling people to think according visit for. I don't think about the room. And looks like He was never -- Sandra Bullock and instead it looks like Blake lively but apparently that's totally I finished about five months ago. We know from gossip -- she's not. You know and Jamison led the effort to -- -- wannabe -- that's that's floating around and Nash looks like she's with mr. It's insulin -- witches witches abroad and definitely believe it all right now with some element but not quite as happy in the relationship department. We're hearing that came carjacking and Chris something may already be ready and I can make you happy right now it was -- 31 birthday this weekend it starts didn't eagle can only can but haven't left -- to -- -- that she ended up in Las Vegas she was win the Chris I'll -- weekend got him holding hands -- what -- -- This couple is still could get doesn't believe those rumors railway I didn't people who say you know she -- dot with a shot that party's senate battle that's not his job I don't know gets dragged -- -- He does but remember to he'd just like the limelight this is a kind of stall play a star sports -- -- certainly -- Back with the pain is that what staunch -- with photographs of him leaving a box. I -- have somewhere where they stay. The truth is He was moving to box out of the danceable hotel where they were studying to shoot the reality show to the show has finished should thing. And obviously not he's stealing the site for the -- know that -- right it's been a -- All right has lost to -- together -- how you can -- right now. But some added that country legend Lauren Elizabeth hospital like living -- rental -- -- -- lynch -- and unfortunately she was hospitalized with pneumonia. She put this on her website her -- are not really speaking at the moment. However what they're saying on her website is that she will make a full recovery I'm will be out soon. She has had to cancel a couple of concerts which is making everybody very -- But fingers crossed and -- hope that sometimes and also recovering Giuliano rants is occasionally she dropped a bombshell last week that -- hot dog early stages of breast cancer. And this week she has how to treat -- has had surgery. Husband did say she's recovering and she's doing quite well and then yesterday last -- Juliana who looks -- on tweeted I. Behind the -- she was that everybody had given such support she's doing great and she hopes to beat back at work with Ryan Seacrest. But the news in a couple of weeks -- arms that is good news rob Peter thank you felt like I haven't.

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