Reese Witherspoon Gives Birth

Rob Shuter has all of the day's headlines from Hollywood.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for Reese Witherspoon Gives Birth
So much stock but so little time so thankful we have prosecutor from pop celebrity dot com here that everything and -- -- You. Big breaking news -- today Reese Witherspoon and how -- baby yesterday at a navy submarine and not very much at the moment she's very private. We -- -- -- on his colt's tendency. This is the first child she's happy with her new husband however she does have two children from a previous marriage were told mother and -- be -- Well we're so happy for that -- is of always she said she confronted Spiegel magazine to we do nice to have the baby yesterday isn't great news that we -- making turkeys at the beautiful little baby I think -- I. I think you bunea Lady -- a beautiful entertainer gorgeous woman has come under a lot of fire recently for gaining some weight says she's. She said she's paid 25 pounds and she's admitted this was no big secret about it when I look. God god is unlike other celebrities -- went hiking we'll go to the gym where body -- She does think more about how bush praised the absences are very skimpy benefits and state she's telling friends that she has no intention of going on the diet should speak so -- -- however. This to -- that she's on a few of my fans have seen it. They say it is so -- -- -- so strenuous that she's gonna lose weight whether she likes him and no I don't get it say you know just that this year not a performing that -- -- hours of dancing she's going politically isolate what do you love about this is a I think this is one of the finest times I'm really hard to celebrity -- -- east. 25 extra rooms and space she loves the party should -- inside and outside some really happy that tackles that -- couldn't across this great. As we know her little monsters love her and love anyway let me make -- Democrat -- are right now let's talk a little bit about honey -- the I think that haven't watched much of the -- with the other problem acting up at. Now see why everywhere and love that you end up -- it's it's a bit disturbing. Tell -- can smell of money that you're here right. Is that what happens you'll see happen. Is coming back but what did who episodes of all it. Order to hopefully the deficits -- about the Christmas episode -- we have a does that. What this actually means that for the -- and probably if you like -- is that that prices. She was only -- two to 4000 dollars. An episode for the entire family and sounds like I'm ultimately couldn't -- -- times. People and a lot more money than that the housewives -- shall. Now I'm told -- salary has increased to about ten -- -- and Thomas. An -- it's a massive income if this is bringing in the money in education and and -- numbers that -- -- Is getting is just stacked against average of -- million viewers I think -- beat the Republican Convention in one night that was not America has gone through. Didn't have that money -- -- didn't but that it Davidson -- memorial about. I'm thinking -- a show that America -- -- -- Dancing With The Stars Bristol Palin. Is back on the dimes -- brought back some of the favorite stars from the past not just favorites but once -- did very well in the competition some people could have a great time since some two blocks huge -- -- Either way that that being invited back expected Donny Osmond who wouldn't -- the stars. A few seasons of and he told me so its interest in recent -- formally that helped. Win and this is maybe something that might help Bristol. How wrong -- doing it if she was hormones improved. Is what the -- -- seven should pay off some way. She's moving banishment so much more confident she's not but that's and so on the -- I think hasn't seen in past episodes that they should I hope it's not always the best times that -- -- the -- -- well maybe the most controversial. But having family members that are apparently according to Donny -- how. -- -- Capture the audience with some of our boats and about the -- live Rob -- thank you felt glad -- --

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{"id":17340493,"title":"Reese Witherspoon Gives Birth","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has all of the day's headlines from Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/reese-witherspoon-birth-17340493","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}