Regis and Butthead?

The 80-year-old Philbin finds a new gig after "Live!"
2:20 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Regis and Butthead?
Now as far as -- state TV -- these future projects of your I've read about a reality show I read about the game show. And we've acquired tape of another show of the a show that I think is I haven't seen this reported on anymore. But -- -- addicted to the other they have did you see when you're talking about I don't know if it is but would you mind if we showed you. People don't -- idea of what's happening Regis his future -- you take a look. -- -- -- I agree. With the help relieve the watch it and -- sixteen and pregnant Darman. Sixteen and pregnant -- recent sixty he was already hosting the forgive their folly now. -- they have no work ethic not here have kids today -- Above what had changed the channel we have limited the Notre Dame game and know -- -- Jeff. Fact -- -- that act we've been going on labor from. There from going to be cool. -- -- is doing this still is -- where the lights where the studio audience where those guys getting that remote. -- this thing work anyway. -- just. Up the phone. Down -- ask for a -- that I get a photo Fred. While he. -- need this is -- angry. Good to have this job but probably big they -- to just. We -- stars. And you thought you aren't idiots. Here thing here in. That's -- -- -- his ridges above -- it's beavis and Kelly now I think I'm worried it'd but.

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{"id":15045818,"title":"Regis and Butthead?","duration":"2:20","description":"The 80-year-old Philbin finds a new gig after \"Live!\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/regis-philbin-and-butthead-appear-on-jimmy-kimmel-show-15045818","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}