Does a Relationship Need a Leader?

"The View" co-hosts discuss relationship roles.
4:52 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Does a Relationship Need a Leader?
Scott starred Julianne Hough says her NHL star fiance is the leader on their relationship she says it would be easy turn a call. The shots given her career but it's nice and she can be a strong woman still. Let him be her leading man. And does or leave it does our relationship needle a leader. Cast I think aimed at Unita leader at work we need a leader at the panel that would be you know we need a leader on the field he need a leader at home but. A leader does meet everybody else's inferior. A leader by definition means they and their selfless and they actually have to sacrifice of their own needs for the betterment of the the team yes I think you need a leader even of you don't have children. And yes I agree I talked about this I actually wrote a little bit about it in one of my books balancing at all but I got Jess who have to. And for this whole thing 'cause I did he's a very strong word. Which was in a biblical context I use the word sadness and and I'll clean I now. But Mike is exactly what Julianne was making I was strong one and I'm on the yield I have I have my own television show. Pull our house I had written three books I produced film a lot of things but then people make jokes they owed you have to ask permission for your you know from your husband and make a sandwich at home and the answer as. 01 yet but that's a close up and she's advanced tonight I just she said in an a more contemporary way I guess because I used a biblical word and the definition of it but I you know people see me as a little ones are right in and then they just beat. Little bit not on you guys decide to say that if I'm going to be in a relationship with someone I don't and this is mount personal issue I got there before I don't trust anybody. Come physically to actually let them rule the ship I need to eat candy and heat. I need to eat there. Making decisions with you and we compromise together for what's the betterment of both of us not just one person taking at least because you can take that means something to happen and if I hate me personally I'm going to be like at a wanna have to raise issue later because I feel it's jewels brought his but I gave me the power. So I like leading. With two heads that lighters are co leaders that's just you want to people in the driver's seat yeah I did that's why you have. Yeah acting you can handle with the brakes and I can handle with the starent. A majority together on a bias. When you don't hide them. And not a diet a case relevant to marriage is not a boy scout troop all right we're at it's not clear about where would where would we be valid we didn't have would be as an iPod when I'm not married to what them what they had yeah. Yeah yeah. The leader of the country and but the president still needs the VP and his political advisors and I patted each IM is the government is talking about a marriage to me marriages. There's a lot of different roles that people plain and went down the Miami Sundays he's been dashed. I'm town than patting down on the baby when I'm sick and the baby is the Mott. It goes on role playing all over the place people change. This side one person is the leader and the other is not believe that that doesn't make any sense I I I I I get I think a lot of decisions that work and make a lot of the the Stanley decisions but I will say there's Ike I come home and I asked my husband like John McCain investigated actually do this he's like I don't care like. I want you to make. A decision I honestly say like it it kind of makes me feel safe I'm so tired of making decisions all the time I just want him but how I hate gay the only active and I do like there's nothing sexier to me than one my has been published and is at its height of being the leader because the wolves are too strict. So would you would do what I just said and back into the little boy you went off without cleaning it early there's always compromise and a marriage always we're not saying that there is now we don't come home and then just like hands often the husband makes every single decision that's not what we're saying good. Good not then yeah. He's right at it and I'll let you. Yes I do write about it and I I don't believe that those labels work for people in marriages. You have very specific kind of marriage in that you have your faith and you this is often face. Banning most people need. Equality in a match because they are cloudy equality and convenient to do but backed I think that most people feel that. And particularly women and I could be wrong but most women want it kind of feel like I have equal say in this match and when you talk about a leader. It sounds like. One person has more are palate and the other in the relationships I always say. There isn't it's a conversation you should have before you get married and it's important because if you are marriages faith based. What you're saying it will make perfect sense. Joy is not our marriage is not based in saint so is its faith in each other to different kind of thing so. I think and depending on who you why aren't you get what you ask for as long as everybody's clear about what they want.

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{"id":36865067,"title":"Does a Relationship Need a Leader?","duration":"4:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss relationship roles.","url":"/Entertainment/video/relationship-leader-36865067","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}