Remembering Whitney Houston

Entertainment Weekly's Kyle Anderson discusses Houston's funeral and her legacy.
3:38 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Remembering Whitney Houston
With so much information out there on the funeral Whitney Houston it's hard to keep -- straight. Kyle Anderson from Entertainment Weekly is here to give us the facts -- thanks much for joining us pleasure -- thank you so funerals tomorrow in Newark all started for -- tell us a little bit about the arrangements that have plants. Well -- -- in the idea of having a sort of being. Public ceremony along lines and went to -- Michael Jackson a few years back -- -- -- very small attendee of the new hope Baptist Church in Newark where. She really her singing career started that was where she first got into music and then and and became performer. It's a very very small space is probably not a few hundred people. But then guess this is obviously. -- very. Impressive mean Aretha Franklin is going to be there and can perform -- respondents Corson. Her godmother nicely he wonders who beat him in front of the Stanley for a long time Kevin Costner costar of the bodyguards and speak so. Let's -- it's it's an intimate but star studded affair. -- now are you surprised that they aren't doing the big public memorial. It seems more fitting -- kind of going back to her -- to have a private smaller affair. I think that -- one half expecting there'd be something a little bit larger and more bombastic but this for her really makes more sense she began in church. And this is really I think the -- -- she would have wanted to be remembered it's it's very very small very focused -- -- Now there's been a lot of talk out there that Bobby Brown her -- has -- Is not welcome and then his -- -- that's not true he is going to show up what's going on there. It's true that bombing has always had a very complicated relationship with. And Whitney obviously in with -- Stanley he's not always been the most popular person. But as far as we can tell he's never been formally been disinvited and I think he will be there he'll be welcomed and he's -- he's been very careful about. What he said in public since her passing in and and you know there's a definite there's definite -- there and there's a definite unit to a he's he's treated at the right way he's handled himself correctly and -- -- with their daughter by the Christine yes who has also had. Quite a rough time minutes well it seems like it's really been a coming in a moment for the family which I think it's. Something that people didn't necessarily expect I think -- relieved to have seen. Now the fans they have -- started with an outpouring of support around Mueller DC balloons and flowers. What are they going to be able to see -- this private memorial it's going to be online right. It will be online only streams. And various places of EW dot com will be carrying it -- covering it fully on Saturday. And now but there they are encouraging fans since saying weighing from -- -- in general it's a securities -- be very very tight you know concerning them. Guest list and the nature of the event. The people will be able to experience and sharing that experience through live stream which I think is also kind of a Smart idea. Right now Entertainment Weekly just -- this big write up about Whitney Houston did what do you think her legacy will be. I think it is in the weeks or so -- so she's past it seems like people have adjudicated her legacy pretty correctly she's a woman whom. Had this incredible voice and have to remember that before Whitney Houston. We take for granted now -- you really hear these big voices on the radio wasn't -- thing that was necessarily. A normal thing in pop music. To -- -- someone who had and great songs and huge number of hits broke all kinds of records. Leave him broke that the color barrier for women -- -- -- is really. Transcend her you know. In that sense and probably from gospel to pop I -- that was huge. And it and it and that certainly informed. Everything she did you shouldn't sort of leave that behind when she got on the -- and that was something that -- carry with -- She's always very close for mother and and and in the -- that she sent. And again that something that you didn't necessarily here in popular music until she really broke through all right Kyle Anderson Entertainment Weekly thanks so much -- and thank you for having.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Entertainment Weekly's Kyle Anderson discusses Houston's funeral and her legacy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15730793","title":"Remembering Whitney Houston ","url":"/Entertainment/video/remembering-whitney-houston-15730793"}