Republican Strategist Ana Navarro on Voting for Hillary Clinton

Political commentator Navarro discusses her support for the former secretary of state.
6:52 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Republican Strategist Ana Navarro on Voting for Hillary Clinton
Matt. As you know in deciding who our 45 president will be as we speak and joining us in the hot topics right now. Is GOP strategist who led her boy is being heard skirted this legs and I did. Always he let them have I. Welcome. And the popped. And up. All what made me let anyway. You know this is Ben. And me is since we have since the last time you and I get it was when the part when he first. Kamen since grinch who long years you've covered your sham elections. What else. But what what is we want to Wear our way. We are. Racy we are surreal right we have gone through the looking glass we are now sitting down with Alex and wonder. I think guys I NN election where. Are boasting about being the. Or BD. Where we did not you know we're talking about any parts weren't talking about. I mean doing anything challenges and probably not. Talking. Minding not something that I did. So which he has been a good news. Give yourselves a group hug America that we survive yeah. Okay. Such have topped journey. Four for our country so did they save so hot style but think that have been injected into the debate into the political. Language this year. Had been racist massaging sexist. Bigoted. She's been tool ugly week he served better and this should never happen again. I can't look at my everybody loves you but you hate you double down this season so I would think I want you take a look at them. An upper units sit here and called Donald Trump a flat out races is outrageous let me do it again and let me do it until and the. He has a flat out racist and it's what he's played on plus sixteen months everything you just that it's fifty shades of Krejci. If he wants to be held to that standard grant. Then goal right the life of the groping. And late night she might all Asian strata bearing your I what did you do of the day you'll spot a tape. A bit ma'am boasting about grabbing Obama. That period are it will hear he's got saying that word my daughter is listening yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I want. I don't know and I don't plan yeah. And I want to remind everyone if your not. What are you guys that. It's so close to their zoning me over that you have no idea. I extremely effective and true but you are Republicans so how are you dealing with all of them. More than just I'm a Republican I don't think Donald Trump right now. The Republican Donald Trump other Democrat right of the Republican when Donald Trump with an independent. All Republican today I defend the values that I grew up with. The values of strong faith of family unity of inclusiveness. What I see a ten day. It's not the Republican Party the Republican values that I embrace financed incumbent. That this country had two parties and I two healthy parties. Offering solutions he baiting the problem that we had and got form it may be even looking. Together to solve Santiago. And Diana said he voted early in Florida and we hear that you're going to be reading your mother in. But then you change your mind who did you vote for. I look. I want to capital tops I frankly have a lot of issues with Hillary Clinton. And I'm a Republican it's very hard when you're an activist when you've been born in this thing grown up in is your entire life the party loyalty factor is very strong. But. I live on a swing state. I live in a swing state and the damn thing is to close aides to close to call its 5050 I decided you know what Carl. Get yourself together you can you'll single its assault here would you vote flora I'm gonna put Hillary clock. And that it. I voted for Hillary Clinton. Want and then he think I voted against Donald Trump got that. I think people need to know that. Lot of people in America who feel just like me who don't like either the candidate you're talking about in Latin. They've got historic and popular weight am now you don't like you are the candidates like I don't. And you want to vote against something boating because you know what America. We got to stand up against bigotry we got to stand up again pretty good. Yeah how about people. Boasting about sexual assault and sexual harassment and on video and explaining it away as locker room talk does not locker room talk it is criminal talk. I wanted to run for office I don't know. I. So hourly. But I let's just he's not unlike you out there fighting field Yardley and on the part of an exciting another body. Well it's it's actually true item because you know. The party right now the Republican Party isn't is kind of like she did so may be a Smart. Strong woman from Florida. Is what we need so I actually am I. I don't I firefighting and then Levy and they want to see because it we want you to be strong we want another strong we want an opposition. That is strong and says hey no we can do it this way you know we can do what that's like that's what what's puzzling to ask this ugly. Stuff is his does not look at what you want to let out of the bottom up and we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Political commentator Navarro discusses her support for the former secretary of state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43390799","title":"Republican Strategist Ana Navarro on Voting for Hillary Clinton","url":"/Entertainment/video/republican-strategist-ana-navarro-voting-hillary-clinton-43390799"}