'Last Resort's' Scott Speedman: Life After 'Felicity'

The actor plays a submarine commander in the new ABC show, "Last Resort."
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for 'Last Resort's' Scott Speedman: Life After 'Felicity'
He won our hearts as Ben Covington on the series felicity now Scott Speed and gets a whole lot of action and the new ABC series last resort. He stars as Sam Kendall second in command of what's called the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built. And -- crew certainly finds themselves in some dramatic battles Scott joins us via satellite to tell us all about it welcome Scott great to have you on the show. Excellent soaking it helpful but more about the premise of your show. It's about the men and women of the USS Colorado. We're nuclear submarine we get an order to fire at Pakistan -- nuclear weapon of Pakistan we elect where the -- is coming from so we refuse the order. We refuse the order we get fired fired up by what turns out to -- Americans. And when we -- its American subway. Captain and I -- essentially hijack the submarine and taken to this island in the Pacific. And start this new life there we're trying to stay alive long enough to find out what's gone on in this rogue element of the government. So that's part of the mystery figuring out why -- been targeted by day. -- -- -- -- Yeah what what what what's going on ending we're trying to clear our names are trying to get home we're trying to stay alive long enough to -- All right now you an up and Andre Brower certainly seemed to click very well on camera talk about what -- life on that. It's great I mean he is you know I don't think I don't know if I'd be here he wasn't doing the show -- read the script and really liked it but it was until -- signed on that really got excited. -- such a great actor and I Nomo but personally before this is a great man so. You know I just knew we were gonna have chemistry and I knew that part of the show was gonna work so that got me really excited. Great and I have to think that you've got a lot of hardship on the show but one of the most difficult things must be shooting in Hawaii and what -- tough location island life. Yeah -- know it's it's diving in the not yet had that much time off to really enjoyed Bennett driving home in the end of the day. It's kind of it's announced breathtaking it's beautiful place. Really really nice now congratulations the show is getting great reviews. Does that make you guys -- even more pressure or that take the pressure off of it. Now it's it's it's. It's never bad getting good reviews cents a share. -- you when you want it this way not the other way believe me. You know I don't feel the pressure I mean we're doing a good show we're trying to make your show if people tune in that's grade. But you know I'm really happy that were true we're actually and they are trying to make a good show. And Scott so many people remember you from felicity love you from that showed he's still got a lot of fans hopping in the streets. Yeah I mean when people do stop me it's it's about felicity you know nine and and present in the time and and that's fine with me you know it's a very. Officials closed my -- a lot of ways. You know I was enjoyed talking people about solicited they'll of the shows -- -- to have -- Rates that we have some users here that have forced me ask you are you single are -- seeing that -- Johnson. Hopefully -- everything. You think -- --

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{"id":17340530,"title":"'Last Resort's' Scott Speedman: Life After 'Felicity'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor plays a submarine commander in the new ABC show, \"Last Resort.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/resorts-scott-speedman-interview-life-felicity-17340530","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}