'RHOBH' Kim Richards' Emotional Breakdown

Amy Palmer dishes on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other headlines.
4:57 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for 'RHOBH' Kim Richards' Emotional Breakdown
-- get caught up on the latest celebrity headlines and scandals and for that Amy Palmer from pure -- dot com is here with us to explain. The big soup that's going on and we thanks for joining us thanks for having -- thoroughly -- affairs -- -- talk about the real housewives of Beverly Hills a bit of a breakdown from him last night. Back the money to reaction to this clip let's take a look -- Love somebody like -- as the -- and loving act. I had a little over eight inch inch -- And -- Analog do you believe that alone could. It was -- -- load. Doesn't cantenna stick by -- -- -- well I'll believe you can't help it. I was pretty -- pretty emotional it's really emotional and really -- considering she just checked herself into rehab over Thanksgiving. And I think you know we've been so concentrating on the storyline of Taylor that we sort of forgot that Kim is going to this horrible sort of breakdown during this season. And this is -- this is lying when she says I've been alone for eighteen years -- and sleeping alone for eighteen years you really get the sense of how lonely she spent. For you know a great part of her life. And that's something that I think as you said as ought to have been focusing on Taylor and Taylor herself she let loose a little bit -- and -- -- -- -- Beverly Hills ladies brought it to Vegas definitely what happened in Vegas did not say it is definitely -- What happened well -- -- will eighty split up because Lisa was there with pandora her daughter for her. Bachelorette party which is her nickname is handed it to me the great and I mean of course her daughter's nickname -- be -- re mind you've got GE for economic and -- -- -- daughter makes. I'm grateful as you can see here is Taylor is -- Living this is the Chippendale could have -- -- common -- I think it's. A neighbor just like having the best time -- nearly -- With -- and brandy and some other girls and they were also living up having a great time at the pump that was -- -- his rival like. Biggest -- weekend -- -- just think it's really fun to see because it's been so dramatic policies and it kind of was a nice break up there they go dirty dancing and just let him. It happened. But a very intense and then. That obviously is not the intensity level that we've been seeing no emotional drama that's been going -- definitely drink -- -- brandy they also had a -- of their own party last night. Instead they did and as you saw that clip they were at the palms were hanging out they were treated like VIPs of course because she is and -- and they basically -- -- so. You know it's nice to -- get a glimpse into that world for a -- -- and Lisa. Admitting in fact as the -- -- producer was give him a hard times and we you don't watch the real house that's apparently ruthless and actually I did watch this episode. Lisa admitting the fact that you have that you feel little embarrassed but what she did yes but did she want to do it again. I have absolutely -- this is so -- I'll kill myself -- Collins like Alexis Carrington come to life for me. She's got Reyes I loved her recklessness and passed and I also want the reality. Television Kim Kardashian and the carry the whole Kardashian clan now what's going on -- Yeah well now it produces from Dancing With The Stars are saying we want Kendall and highly on Dancing With The Stars next season because look at the -- -- they're doing -- -- show. Rob was a huge I -- last season right way having the card actually is in the audience was a huge strides while stressing -- -- is going through her break up. And so now they want these teen teenagers on the show -- spring which could bring in a whole other. Demographic they're fourteen and sixteen man pat I can legally can they even do that yeah of course they count as loans as a guardian here on sat which Chris Jenner. As you know is the ultimate mom -- she would be there and I'm sure that they wouldn't you know becoming even more popular than they are may -- -- you know can get a TV show offered just from that. Chris overseeing everything Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony obviously was the big -- that it happened earlier months fact that now she has moved on with a younger man. We don't know everything about this guy -- right leaning down but now we are finding out sources are saying that he actually has a -- warrants out for his arrest. -- when he four years old he was actually arrested for drag racing. And it Marc Anthony is furious saying you're hanging out with my. Not even acts wife yet ready might to twins who are so young you're not to be driving them he's absolutely furious he -- go to -- court. To stop him from ever being behind -- we all. While the kids are there well you can imagine in this assistants still budding relationship between. 24 year old -- -- yet but he's he's -- a little -- of shady past and Marc Anthony. Has every right to be upset and concerned about his twins were being exposed to that slow it down -- the seat -- -- if you. And the very well phrased it hit any -- over here what dot com thanks for being with -- the doors -- --

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Amy Palmer dishes on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15147663","title":"'RHOBH' Kim Richards' Emotional Breakdown ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rhobh-kim-richards-emotional-breakdown-15147663"}