'Arbitrage' Stars Discuss Film's Inspiration

Richard Gere and Nate Parker join writer-director Nicholas Jarecki in discussing the upcoming thriller.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for 'Arbitrage' Stars Discuss Film's Inspiration
Hi I'm Peter Travers and this -- popcorn where we tell you what's going on at the movies and there's a movie that's kicking off the fall season called arbitrage. Starring Richard Gere as a hedge fund manager who such -- I mean he is garbage but he's played by Richard -- -- means he has charm. And there's a new actor in this movie called Nate Parker. Who is a guy Richard -- manipulates because money -- -- this is the first feature directed by Nicholas directly. This got Brothers Andrew you -- we're known for documentaries and we gathered. All three of these guys together at the Sundance Film Festival in January at the Washington schoolhouse that. And -- and tell us. This is all about. And why is money ruling our lives and why is we have set by money anyway I'm talking too much let them talk -- And yes if we felt the company itself. If I'd -- for you don't have the line you didn't know about it that's why didn't tell you and chief investment officer this company -- and deposition she didn't know. They'll take -- my brokerage license failure to supervise you my name and every paper in blob like -- yeah. What -- investors go bankrupt is that -- what do you want people to get. Really. -- the top job yet. -- and not -- partner. You worked for me. It's like you -- from. You just saw -- from -- -- and because I'm incredibly clever. I've invited people or three of the people that have made this happen that writer director Nichols directing. Richard Gere who stars in it and Peter Nate Parker who is in this movie too and who I think. You're going to be seeing a lot more job. Q so so you guys all -- We're from the beginning around us and ours are credible -- in the movie there's this detest negativity that there. And you call the -- arbitrage for what reason you just wanted -- in focus groups for people to say. One you know I thought. It's it's a great -- it sounds really cool and mean. And -- -- this stuff you know through to him it's not an alien word yeah I mean it's a real word and it's a fascinating thing it's. Getting two things at the -- time buying low and selling -- but right away because you know something others don't. So there's an exploitation bill than. And I kind of -- this character of Robert Miller was an emotional arbitrage here with all the people like so he. He was using them as pieces in his you know -- game. He was doing trades with other people's lives and but -- -- -- quite well. Let's start with eighties. It has its. Yet we've done. Your mother and father both there both for traders and so again a lot of knowledge of the markets from them and I ran my own business first of yours and there's a scene in January guy -- that the menu in. A -- the only. And that you have nothing to do with any of this arbitrage going and -- -- If anything is actually quite the contrary we look at -- from like this where money is the god of all these people and you go to the other side and it's like this 1% 9%. And it's my side where because there's no. Liquid you know asset. The things that are valuable to -- our family you know respect. You know loyalty. So in the same way and I took my last night in the same way that he's you know leveraging everything to protect his one thing has been like the cornerstone of his life which is money. Under in the same thing for me loyalty is everything that's all we have. Family and loyalty because he's done such -- my family I feel like you know I'm actually considered as one of the gusts as you know. No disputing this guy's gonna -- he like us like is he going to really hope you know help you with. And for me it's never my character never had bought a half have to protect -- to the very end when it was like. -- this -- -- -- you know what is what is -- will present you know so I feel like. I and so different because to me my whole existence revolves around these things -- -- -- Because what. What he's asking you to do not because he asked -- to do anything we -- -- something that compromise the compromise the content. Which is what this is about but one of the great things in this movie to me is that the life here that no matter what it is no matter. How ingeniously. You are stealing and then giving it back or doing something. Bernie Madoff. I -- -- appealing. Again. You're looking at this guy -- thing. And but. Why. In I'd like to live that for humans and you're saying I don't want that -- don't want any. And yet there's temptation -- -- -- -- But it's there's a temptation that. Because -- I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't want and find it attractive. The surface of things it's so seductive. Through all of us who follow through its social of course you're gonna have. Initially that -- -- for the candy. For the cake were for the sugar. But you know -- who. One hopes that there is or wisdom element that starts to develop insiders that were not carried away by that initial term animal attraction. And in the movies very much about. There's something. And it's in every scene in this maybe there's something. And I don't see it -- -- it's about sin and it's about the temptation. And it's a -- that we can resist it or not. Or the resistance should be Hart who steal items about drugs music drugs are bad and they don't explain. That the people that are using them got something out -- maybe they destroyed themselves from it but they got something. Well you know there was that dramatic. Question that we came -- with early on we did extensive rehearsal which was really fun per month. And have you and yet Richard came over to my apartment we worked its -- and then with each principal cast -- we had you know forties who weak and so we. We were able to bring it to life -- re writing test in outer doctor in Woburn. Intuit which makes him in deeper in April he's great he's. -- That's my addiction. But is going place. That he would -- in -- conversations we we devolved theme. Will you give up the powers that you love hang on here -- relative. And so. That I kind of felt was elated that being throughout you know because it is seductive power rate as we directorate grade though it too many cars on the street -- -- out right away direct -- want -- -- -- -- come back at them the like the apocalypse put -- -- -- cars coming. -- -- So that is a very seductive thing that his character -- -- and each character has their own power. You know and then will they give it up to get to just hang on to something you know we're -- the last -- if -- -- about. Rate you know achievements of brotherly love but I -- -- character is a great mirror because he's really outside that -- of money. And but he's yet the same temptation and he's the he's just trying to have a better life in in this capitalist system and it really help. -- In and it feels like it's that thing like you only if people are your options. You know it's like you know I'm from a different world but when it becomes an option and you start to think about you know I mean everyone wants talk about all of these people point the finger at me with a 1%. You know in feel you know it's an opinion about the same time he never known to your situation. You know that -- absolute power corrupts absolutely when you have to. All of a sudden it's like this is in my hand like this is real right now. And I think that something that you know with the whole enough to give away money she came first I was like giving me. But then its -- the -- and you like look in my life I'm living in -- or ultimately came downstairs and the zoo cages. It doesn't even in it was in his -- very well with the beat yourself like the way out of this. -- I mean like it mean it symbolically I was like underground well lit. In this -- symbolically that the almost always the highest level the building and you think about like what what does it look like to be it would get to the top. And why shouldn't be right. One group of people live one Wayne through people in another way I. Always thought of by wasn't in filmmaker or some kind of successful entrepreneur light -- criminal. It's unacceptable to me that I wouldn't have the things I want that there's aside -- -- up that way so that's that drive you know to say it's not this balance we've gone too far. And so you know that's that's the drive of his character he just -- that would. Ladies and gentlemen in the -- -- ago.

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{"id":17292184,"title":"'Arbitrage' Stars Discuss Film's Inspiration","duration":"3:00","description":"Richard Gere and Nate Parker join writer-director Nicholas Jarecki in discussing the upcoming thriller.","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-gere-nate-parker-nicholas-jarecki-inspiration-arbitrage-interview-2012-peter-travers-17292184","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}