Rick Perry Joins 'The View' for Conversation on Donald Trump's Popularity

The former Texas Governor sits down with the co-hosts to talk about the GOP front-runner.
4:50 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Rick Perry Joins 'The View' for Conversation on Donald Trump's Popularity
But the hot topics table right now as former Texas governor. And former Republican presidential candidate the amazing and that it was Rick Perry may. Like my mother rode it out yeah. You know we're closely Moneyline anyway. Truck won big yesterday he calls himself the presumptive nominee now what you were in the race running against him did you did you ever foresee bits. Coming to send this place. What did you think was gonna go a little bit after. I'd of been a stretch. The I actually gave a speech in and talked about. The Donald rack and I was one of the first it's really a fascinating thing when you think about it when you look back four years ago. Had. The candidates head. Mitt Romney said some of the things that he's we would have written him off and it would probably been the end of his and areas and our nations have. This a really fascinate them but Candice I think you're onto something here we talk about. That the American people are just man. I mean we're man. Brawley of war were mad a lot of times I don't know about you but I've when I've been mad from time to time I've done some things that might be considered to be little rational. And so. That you know maybe there's a little bit of something going on out there that people are just so mad that they want somebody that got anything to do a government. But is what I got in this thing back and you know twenty eleven I was like. Americans are gonna want somebody that's done this before Europe earlier segment you talk red. It's all huddling none of us have to have any heart surgery but if we do we enjoy we want the best art surgeon I can get some latest got. A lot of experience doing and so we had doing that's very energetic push everybody general yet Scott war get myself yet some pretty. Experience governors Newton out there to make a decision about and then. He's the Delaware canal is so angry about I think you're. You think about what's happened to the middle class. And in over the course of the last you know 67 years the middle class is seen. Their lack of ability to have to move up mean they've seen their wealth. The corrosive really taken away from them they don't think their kids are gonna have is is good at future is what they had. And they think that the whole thing is rigged and why him and there was there. Well a magnet. He hated him lows in the Republican Party don't understand that and is there are ways that they can bridge that of wet Donald how Donald is attracting. The blue collar worker at a hardworking man with the panel Lilly and assess. And is ideally an apple and that. Ever had a relative judgment about Falwell quit and he did but indoor and that he didn't know what he hasn't he hasn't. Negated semi exactly and that's that I mean I understand what you're saying because you know I'm sad how does that when I checked I'm asking is there are way to. Ever been willing to guess I can't think but how many times you've been on my TV. And hallmark movies my wife what he's every shot and. Your question I don't think republic only matter me an atom I think that may be a media I don't know who the phrase Republican elite the people that are going to be at the convention that's a reason I don't think this thing's over with yet I think he's still got I agree with you there's not 1237 in the bag yet I and one of football games they don't really keep playing it. That went so my point is this. That they had the way the rules work and I know where you go on urgent of other sanction hearing yes ma'am. And I understand where you're coming from because what we can't just change the rules every time somebody does. Like an anchor Tom Brady that govern the real problem you've got millions of people that have voted for Donald Trump. And our constitution is supposed to be about the will of the people now why vote if you're Arlo. So I don't marked the rules are the rule it. I mean don't ask me to play by the rules and change it because you don't like them I mean I talk about Tom Brady. And I don't top right Fred beloved appeared he's a great football player but here's the rules when you signed the deal to be had a fell. Roger dollars. Is the guy Vegas that makes decisions if you get into if he has his court so to speak and he made that decision don't change it just because you don't market. And Donald Trump is not like the rules all are because he's Cadillac he's done is map there he's gone 1237 on the web insurer so. Get people like you to go out there and say. But I've got more votes and anybody therefore I get it and I refer people back Al Gore had more about that I think at innovative and popular vote and that's series we have Electoral College.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The former Texas Governor sits down with the co-hosts to talk about the GOP front-runner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38709025","title":"Rick Perry Joins 'The View' for Conversation on Donald Trump's Popularity","url":"/Entertainment/video/rick-perry-joins-view-conversation-donald-trumps-popularity-38709025"}