Rick Springfield Gets Interactive

Singer shows off new app, new documentary and new album.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Rick Springfield Gets Interactive
He is an eighty's icon who starred on general hospital and is the voice behind such hits as Jesse's girl. Rick Springfield has been rocking since he was thirteen years old. And he's releasing a new album and a documentary and he's here to talk about it all -- it's great to have you here they thanks much. Tell about your documentary. Affair of the heart I understand that it was begun by fan. Yet that the the producer has been a long time fan and she's she's also bombing of a business woman which is great I mean my fans have grown up until jobs and that doing cool things. But she's a businesswoman in -- -- but but knew the whole fan community is she in the lots of my shows and saw what went on. And heard some of the stories and -- -- I don't wanna do a documentary about your connection to fans -- what. They've been weeks. How -- home. And and that she brought in this lady called Soviet -- that I have to know. And I thought justice can be puff piece of in the house -- and -- lived to tell the -- kind of thing. But that is Sylvia is is award winning documentary maker director and they went so deep and when I first saw -- the first cut I mean my jaw hit the floor what times it's it's like a mixture of a rock doc I've never seen -- -- to -- to rock documentary. And a reality show it's in the wildest thing she took all these fans. That -- -- -- -- for thirty plus years a bunch of -- took some key stories and and talk to them and and about -- really some amazing stuff I mean this incredible thing to happen these. They obviously knew you had a great fan base but that the death. Of the passion of your fans surprising at all. -- It does because but I understand it cannot offend two that that the the people that I loved. An important moments -- which meant a lot of -- to do appear because I think there's two major moves in our life you don't get you know there for the birth. But you're there for QB in there when you -- I think there but. You know puberty is -- is huge I. Actually because in my autobiography. I start the book out with -- sixteen -- -- trying to hang myself because I was so. I was so. Disturbs. Through puberty it was a -- but you know I not but music comforted me then and these. I think a lot of these people dot. Hurt me first at puberty and so my music became comfort -- -- right and other sometimes assault Sony to really have a lot to do with what they're going through but the whole. Music -- to a place nothing else -- him and so. You can put it on and just go there. That -- -- played there's nothing like means nothing it's but it does he -- -- finger. And speaking of music you have a new album out songs and the end of the world health that's not -- dark -- -- sounding. This for different album covers. And one of them ism is a Mayan calendar another one like Armageddon and I'm a collector and collects -- a -- thought to be great to do for different covers of amazing artwork. All kind of steam -- conspired but they all have different content -- cut. Videos. Download different -- -- different songs different acoustic versions of songs -- a real lot of stuff there but the coolest thing is there's an -- That tell about that this is really it's it's it will. We've embraced the Internet completely united great website and and this -- brought to us it's it's it's new technology that. You download the app for free it's called Rick interactive you don't look for free. Off the App Store conduct maxed out or off Google play -- -- android. And you click on an open it up and hold your device towards any of the photos on the album cover. And that come to life and start talking to you isn't happening when I first saw it -- it can't happen it's like -- alien technology. And it's still it's so cool and gotten bad feedback on -- that I -- I mean it's like that -- the album cover comes to life. He met in on that as a kid -- -- started talking tough about not. That's a critical it's at some. It's it's amazing. -- so excited and I don't you know obviously selling your fans loved you -- doctor Noah Drake on general hospital. And you come and gone back a couple times him and he plans to do more and -- Yet more acting for -- -- -- doing a show like -- vacation and hot in Cleveland those kind of shows this great writing and then which. When I started acting in the seventies it was news pretty pretty -- Eleven I don't receive any and I got all of this story that united did this on the other show. -- but there's great writers and and and I'm looking forward to doing a lot more that -- And you know I think -- think of going and his -- well I think as we tour the way the way out to a we go -- -- couple is -- the homes and multifamily some. And we all have other things to have a studio and and acting and writing and everything in the and that it's possible life and I go back to general hospital for a couple of days who when they asked me because I haven't allegiance of the show could lose their premiere of very you know when I needed. Absolutely and -- your fans have an allegiance to you and we're so glad you are so many different artistic path that -- Wear off so well sometimes they follow up. Thank you so much for being with that that it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Singer shows off new app, new documentary and new album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17466226","title":"Rick Springfield Gets Interactive ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rick-springfield-interactive-17466226"}