Rob Kardashian Tops 'DWTS' Finale

Amy Palmer on the latest Hollywood headlines.
4:27 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Rob Kardashian Tops 'DWTS' Finale
It was a big night for the celebrity is on Dancing With The Stars the stars performed their freestyles last night. That's the dance that often makes or breaks the championship. And Amy bomber from you're allowed dot com is here to tell us how every one parent hi -- great to see you thanks for having -- though is let's look at -- -- that -- -- the way -- rallying -- -- -- -- Actually in need is such an impression on everyone last night -- -- he's like the new leading man in Hollywood. Tanya his second -- Perfect ten in -- all across the board and I know Carrie and I know I miss the rest on. I just have a lot of people -- I was on Twitter last thing people we're just -- vote for rob. Was the dark horse in the competition. And now he's in front of JR and -- I mean think -- I know -- first nude dancing on the show and they were. Really need to end up and people kind of -- There are dash in -- -- have any talent. You know his mom pushed on the show because -- need to do you send ED confidence seems lacking confident. Now all of a sudden showing Simpson -- look here. They're paying -- evening and I think he may have found his car and why am I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that you know they were happy to eat at Mickey leak. With back -- threat that an absolutely he sent the freestyle can make or break you she did really well there and went back to -- -- another crowd favorite aghast -- big crowd favorite but the first stance not so grade at all scored 24. The second dance time yet he tore that house out -- going crazy and it was just an amazing says everything it's here right there. At a brisk mean us body I mean why that much better get as but -- it's still -- I don't argue are you looking at things I actually think it and it. I would be very surprised if Rockford actually did win but if he did win it would be the upset of the entire franchise -- -- -- He really is the dark -- of the competition but he is and -- -- right now I think a lot will -- to take it very many with no only care when her. Audience inside it's very agitated and that it is very exciting season of Dancing With The Stars definitely now about the bachelorette we hear there's another. Bachelorette couple that calling it. Yes unfortunately. Alley and -- from season six bachelorette. And -- caught hearing -- and I know. And did they did I happened to always think that she should I picked crap because I'm probably wouldn't pick up but you know they're beautiful Koppel at the Q where they were in San Diego to -- -- the limelight in an Alley -- -- -- -- market was in Hartford back importance of this relationship. So unintentionally caused a written in the engagement unfortunately. Or fortunately for some fans there are -- -- so maybe we'll see him on a future -- song that's -- -- why the Iraq. Acting that happened. Boy makes it feel like maybe they should just take a -- from the practice like a great guys let's -- look looking for -- Exactly and I -- I -- that. -- a little bit about Jay know what we hear she's got new 24 year old hot seat. And it. And we are talking about this before -- -- detained. I mean how neat -- -- look at the county's right to just looked absolutely sexy confident he's what forty cities world -- to expand it to her right. It's caps for Smart he's twenty years old and this man rumored -- that one. Happy right now. I think it. In an after party has seen and users are -- she's really happy with him -- -- -- -- at at key thing. -- many years ago but now she's probably just having fun right now he's 24 news coming out of divorce you know. Parents. And arrogant and get a thousand. -- --

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{"id":15010078,"title":"Rob Kardashian Tops 'DWTS' Finale","duration":"4:27","description":"Amy Palmer on the latest Hollywood headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rob-kardashian-tops-dwts-finale-15010078","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}