Robert De Niro Discusses Admiration for Pres. Obama and Rally Against Trump

Oscar winner talks about his new movie and why he felt compelled to punch Trump in the face.
9:51 | 02/03/17

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Transcript for Robert De Niro Discusses Admiration for Pres. Obama and Rally Against Trump
I still want him to have Janeiro. Tops an all star cast in the title role of the comedian playing. Insane to stand up comic and healing with anger it should be an excuse and a few other things Angela. You don't have to come and it's too much trouble not too much all of its newest probably don't come I don't need the extra aggravation and it's going to be trouble meanwhile wanted to become a thing that's not a moment they don't bother. I don't think it's a thing that's not a problem it's not a thing I would love to come I'll be there. It's a week from Sunday a week from sun yes I will be there. So you. You understand that Thanksgiving dinner with us after the close not really. I haven't flown. Robinson and a. You know I know what is happening is. This is like. It's a comedy because not the first time you sun dappled and Zane king company one all time awake now. Is this is this something we should know Bob is is it did you wanna be a comment to you have a joke you want to tell us. And now I actually don't. But I no one. Aren't quite get doing. Funny stuff that I can do I mean I can do very limited sort of stuff that's hopefully will be funny. Trout you very funny you meet the parents all those bullies and very funny of those moaning. So I thought that if immediate would be I. Have fun if you do and Ryan and I tried to trying to it's. So what's so I was reading that one of the comedians you based your character on was Jessica cares and why no very house. She's a hilarious stand up comedian. Consultants on the Iowa Japan customers and she happens to be there at present I have just hair she's here bet. Yeah. By did heroes. Was back. Yes we did hear a stand up whisper yeah so that what did you tell you train him to do stand up. Well he saw me do stand up and chose me which was so beautiful that he chose a woman to be in the movie and to consult him which I doubt about. And I told tonight the most important thing is immaterial being confident and really looking like you've been doing it for 35 years you know it's not as you know it's not easy to do that and and just you know sell the jokes and be likable there's so many different opponents do it. And he was amazing he worked so hard it's unbelievable he worked so hard and the first time he did it was and he got up and talk to people was at a wedding scene and he got off and it was the middle of the night is like. Boy this is heart you know. I realize it's not that easy. Yet it's hog. You know well hardest fought you don't think Jessica's been doing for years years and and she hasn't. Like any comment has been doing it for so long they have stuffed the full but you know all us fullback on stuff like that and and it's you've got to be. Quick on your feet and ready to go when whatever comes your way and its interaction with the audience and I had a bit of it but you know I don't have your experiences and it's not easy. To those mountains that line you never terrific in the comedian which I saw yesterday gonna make your trip back. It's a long time I know that I'm looking at you and fanning out to apologize. I iPods out there aren't I can't believe I'm yeah. This has to such a great cast you've got Leslie Mann Patti LuPone eating some Balco. Andy to and daddy to veto. It'll all this could just ask a zillions is a ridiculous Harvey Keitel what was it like to work with every one. Bill great every movement was a great you know not a lot of us we all know each other for many many years decades and and they are old friends so. That this was the only thing is the pressure of making a movie and that's. There but other than that we had a good time. Who did you like the best of 300 someone. You can be on there was no one's with the Bruins not what I. That's not lightly Blanton and Atlanta got it was going to be everybody's saying yeah so you know. I I always like this about you besides being great actor. Before trumped want. You it never even. You're very outspoken critic of of Donald Trump IV famously saying before the election that you'd like to punch him in the face. Sets out about somebody's. They'd like to punch him in in the face and how. Did he say that in the crowd how dare you say the things he does of course I want upon to Memphis right. President. I mean now why now what here's W channel surfing and it was only a symbolic thing anyway it was a like it was Adam Goldfein punched in the face and an area is got to hear it you know the best hope he makes people feel and it's not good to feel that way it's not the start that stuff up but the same time. Sometimes of people bullies are expected that's what Jeff the dude shut him up Melissa. Oh and yes. You and Alex Hall where and then Michael Moore. Went to a protest rally the night before his inauguration and you read some fake but it's completely believable obviously you're Robert in Europe. Trump style mean tweets and I think we have. And we have a clip with Igawa. That narrows Greer is a disaster. He was passed over for god father of four and Magnificent Seven. Pathetic. Another two week. Did hero should give back his Oscars. Voting was raped. There's only one true raging bull. And that is Vladimir potent. I did yeah. If you did you hear from him after that. No and then if anybody in again on one luncheon and not look at McDonald's up and look while we. The president's talk about that the last president I know you had a close relationship with President Obama you went to their final soiree at the White House. I'm I believe it was in early January in and you are also awarded the presidential medal of freedom. And. That's how I was honored. To be honored. And I want to live final part of the White House. And Obama was to me a a great president he tried to do what was right. Yeah you have people going in there just to win it's not about winning it's about what's right for the country the people and we. A lot of lip service about fast. And even from trump but now's the time to see what you can do and so far doesn't look good. Now the first two weeks have been a disaster already it. Well you know it's mostly because he's not actually the president and Steve granite. I. I digress a movement in out. The first moment and directed was. Bronx tale yes. Which you also started. No house armed Broadway and you and I. It's yeah. Sigh I co directed it would Jerry's actually get Sarah yes yes he did the great job system that is the wonderful director and we worked together he did most to have live picture but it was it was a good expert analysis that again. About it. And I don't know as a senator in everything okay. Wednesday's report I'm your name. You know. Bob aside from being just that I'm really. Great dot. And a great actor. You're really a great American. Yeah. I said you know. Great guy great that's a great American Dad! suddenly Greg yeah I'm okay I'm rapist. Out. What I'm a little bit confused today I am yeah out because it's Friday and I need to get at his stuff yeah. Out yet but yeah. I don't know what's happened this. But I. It's not linked bonds make immediate I didn't think it didn't say. I think what gonna come back and.

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{"duration":"9:51","description":"Oscar winner talks about his new movie and why he felt compelled to punch Trump in the face.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45253063","title":"Robert De Niro Discusses Admiration for Pres. Obama and Rally Against Trump","url":"/Entertainment/video/robert-de-niro-discusses-admiration-pres-obama-rally-45253063"}