What Made Robert De Niro Cry?

The actor got choked up when talking to Katie Couric about "Silver Linings Playbook."
1:03 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for What Made Robert De Niro Cry?
So Robert -- was on the -- shall and they were talking about -- he was -- airwaves. Bradley Cooper and the director producer of silver linings playbook and they were talking about the great responsibility of working on a movie that's so important to the filmmaker. And Robert dinero had a very interesting -- action take a -- I don't like to get emotional. But I know exactly it was. I was talking about the filmmaker of the movie who was admitted that he has a son who -- that dealt with and struggled with -- -- whether it. And so. Robert era didn't delve into it but he said he knows what he's going through so we can only imagine that that means someone in his family obviously -- to think he is the on screen. Father -- Bradley Cooper who in the movie deals with bipolar. Very interesting -- and you'll see -- means and heroes -- and moment and that goodfellas he's different you don't you don't you don't see them. No totally complex you know -- we all have issues and an average and -- that's for sure so.

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{"id":18418927,"title":"What Made Robert De Niro Cry?","duration":"1:03","description":"The actor got choked up when talking to Katie Couric about \"Silver Linings Playbook.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/robert-deniro-cries-on-katie-couric-talk-show-18418927","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}