Robin Thede on 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' and inclusion in Hollywood

Robin Thede, creator of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” on HBO, discusses the new season, why it was important that the cast and writers be Black women, and what still needs to change in Hollywood.
6:55 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Thede on 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' and inclusion in Hollywood
Prominent TV is the trail blazer she was the first black female head writer in late night the first to write for the white house correspondents' dinner and is. The creator producer show run a writer and star of the Emmy nominated. A black lady sketch show which starts its second season this Friday on HBO here's a peek. Deborah L you can tell me you're little. An Asian readers are fine business. To. They'll we get your feet back toward upcoming series in black women doing. No no the first thing you show us in the disembodied legs. Winning a full two feet Robin. CD thank you so much for joining us we need this levity we've been talking about the Derek Sheldon trial all day it has been heavy. So let's talk about you know at your new hit show season two of the show is full of some great moments in amazing guest stars. You're just days away from shooting the season when a covet pandemic shut things down. Did this past year coveted quarantine really change your approach win when you were able to resume. Yeah well you know. Yeah definitely changed things Randy I think this whole last year changed a lot of things for a lot of people saw Hollywood setting that was as one of the a million things that change for a lot of votes and yeah so I think for us it was it was like okay we need to shut down as a global pandemic. I think efforts we thought it was going to be a couple of weeks at a couple of months of manages turned into many many many months that. How we got back I think we were all a little nervous he shot during the height of coded games. You know less committed to the cause and committed to bringing the black lady joy that we have centered. In this season. Certainly lots of that we're just you felt more pressure. Writing season two after such a successful first season. Now we were just. I think for us we were just like okay now we know what people respond to now we know which characters pop off the screen should tell me can just. Gulf port in Allen this season is spot here it's it's got. More jokes are characters that hot guest star so I don't think we've lost any thing even happened tissue in a pandemic. You know the excitement about this show and and the energy around it is is something bad thing for a lot of time saved us last year because once we were able to start shooting again last fall. You know we were one of the few shows that that we're back and you know we didn't have to sit in our houses and of course we had to be extremely careful shooting but we were at least able to be together. Let's talk about the name of the show you've said that you specifically name the show a black police sketch show on purpose because you wanted people to know. But what we're tuning into UN wanted to get the elephant in the room out of the way. How do you explain the elephant in the room in this case. They get out in the room I think the issue is that we call it anything other than a black ladies show what you two and then you might be confused you might be like. Wirehaired nothing about black women on the issue of whose. So what are now it was just we want to get out of the way that that you would have noticed anyway right. So what enterprise where. I'm proud of that black women's right directs create starry admit it's. You know dual Atlanta before you know we're proud that that black women can't create these shows from the ground up so it's wanted to cry cry but it's also just you know explainer for folks who tune in and might be a little confused that's not what you typically big O when you think it's got company. It's not but it would -- this is currently up for us by us or are your viewers really diverse. I'm very dreamers academy is for us by that buyouts or dry but. I'll let you know our our our our. Audience. He is not only black women write it sounds folks hula who will love comedy it's folks who. Who want to see a different point of view I think audiences are demanding authentic real role. Underserved voices like audience is really want that you and your co executive producer he's rain made the deliberate choice of only hire black women for your cast and your writer's room. Why was that also so important to you personally and what does that point of you bring to the show. A black lace salary to be written and acted and directed by black athletes hope I think it's important right we're saying we're bringing a specific point of view but it's universally funny. And still is important to me yeah we were I'm sure when that ain't right I think with a with a lofty title like that you he'll let you you that you are provocative topics hawks I think for that is critical and an Indian army we wanted to create our prayers are consistent everything from former stripper I believe. People with I didn't degrees you know we house. Everything in between people who are raised in middle America people that are raised in the south people that raised abroad. But they're all black women each and I think that's what's interesting you've ever really great cross section of LG BTQ. Transplant when it older black women. You don't younger black having kids you know we we we are able to. Robertson so many different types because we're often. Portrayed two dimensional only on TV and in this role he wanted people to have it 33. Can't represent every black woman's back you know. We're gonna do a lot Navy Reserves that we have. So there's diversity even within the black women lastly in star. Our final minute here one critic wrote of black lady sketch show that it was a happy surprise filled with laughter that celebrates black women it's also long overdue that was nearly two years ago when you look around today after this so called racial reckoning in Hollywood do you feel that there is significant progress. It remains to be seen. I think a lot of good things that are happening our dairy in Wellington tensions and very. Dramatic more dramatic and he's seen in recent years. Well what we know we truly evolved as let me have an equal playing field and when we're not having. You know. To continue to fight despite. For quality right now I know that we're still very much in it so I think that we'll see get tired doing the work very quickly and I hope that not something that happens I do think that our voices are being hurt more than ever but I still think there is day. The vast amount of improvement needs to happen and and and it will continue to happen and his successor my show and other shows like it well. Will keep showing Hollywood that we are not only profitable but that we're talented we're here we're prepared we're right. Robin TD thank you so much for being a bright spot in our day congratulations on seasons. And.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Robin Thede, creator of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” on HBO, discusses the new season, why it was important that the cast and writers be Black women, and what still needs to change in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"77179233","title":"Robin Thede on 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' and inclusion in Hollywood","url":"/Entertainment/video/robin-thede-black-lady-sketch-show-inclusion-hollywood-77179233"}