Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight Make Their Oscars Predictions

ABC News' Amna Nawaz visits AMC 84th to get the Oscars picks from the experts.
10:34 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight Make Their Oscars Predictions
A we can that lets. You can dramatic reenactment if you yeah exactly the bad yeah it'll go out at least. Let's talk about the best picture nominees are the ones a lot of people are going to be talking Jeremy Oscars coming up this Sunday at live on ABC. Where should we start it we grew. Yeah. That was certainly talk to me to bring arts. Has been winning a ton of awards. He'll be winning again yet again a win win best actress has called it will be her. As as best picture I would save room has no chance than zero chance no absolutely engines out but again. Best actress. Like let's forget it he probably got nominated for the director work. Again very very long shot in that category but on the go can be nominated to. I don't know I would like to see Ridley Scott and and it we were talking about folks who wrote bubble there you that neighbors and let the other side that bubble. But. With this year in its those kind of films where. It has a lot of really guitarist performances but it might be the best picture. Based on what either the odds making its ads are saying based art model that we have at 538 and based on just and a lot of the conventional wisdom. It is pre Larson's award to two win as an actress it is rooms perilous it. And I want to put an award for. Trombley that little boy who was. Nominated and I was at some awards show where he breakthrough actor award held. The mine inside me right now the line. Like. Oscar and that's. Not. Want that it is. Oh yeah I think it. Injections into there except that I would've preferred to see other movies air besides that. Diversity. That piece of donations straight comp which. Well nominated for screenplay. Which is written by to. Pay out Oscars away. Let's lie Brooklyn you. I think it's still hard to run. Really well and you know up grudging. Green and her best actress award. In my heart goes to search from Rhone Brooke and cast. It was just like we we watch the chains. Like everything. In the 1950s. And lobbed story right now a decade. It was a big deal kind of thing to use. I'm happy nominated book. Ever win. Now I. Now that's great that took up. It has had a that we at least one of the baptists. Correctly. So she's battled ultimately bomb but I doubt that's going to be enough. Legitimate contender against burglars and I will admit Brooklyn is that movie that I've been pretending that I saw that I've not actually seeing absolutely. Well what we. My favorite part was the borrow flag it's. So true Oscar voters and that's success of counts. Sometimes they put it in streaming. Screener. And they turned it off. And the us bank. You know why. Factory licensees in them where she's alone in the room with the little boy she's been on this act like it. Looks apparel is about also televisions one. Let it happen. Lee and aren't a perfect example a lot of these people don't even read through violent ago. It's I was com. This guy he's been nominated four times we. We look into the process that actually happens is nothing to do with me are very little to do with marriage and its allies as you like. It was it was how many viewers that and I'm design inside of me is blah. If that irresistible. A third is how many people were saying like I think the united averaged about Oscars before the it was little east lake that's what comes out as if it happens. Just at this time. I. That his own mother has got old we haven't had attacked a rigid hi Tom Hanks how can go wrong with Tom. I loved that movie yeah that's one of my favorites is it's a long shot to win this year but I thought mark violence was fantastic at it like a real date night thing I'd. Had trouble understanding the character but that was the point because he was supposed to be like very private person but it's also real emotion from them. Isn't this is nominated for best support us for a yes he's contending with slower than levels this but. That Luke Tom Hanks is America's greatest actor period end of sentence he's he's had like the best post Oscar career or anyone he puts out like. Every two years he puts out an absolutely incredible movie. It's yet we take for granted I think a prompt like yen. I you know he did captain Phillips where it wasn't nominated again but that was one really thought all of the few real movie stars that we have. Working and he does need to tear walls down. And they really want to do that once you suffer. Actually win that the other unheralded person and bridges. Its work look at it. It. Anymore awards but the fact is. It was just so perfectly done. Now mark trial it is up against. Us. Pot comes back where rise. All of comes back despite much talk about line I would you let us ask venables actor Wayne. Oaks. But I omni. Yeah and that he would do an. I think it was that shocked because he had done so many useless rocky sequels. And that you looked at them and you just on the same thing happening it which is the Hollywood way bread and then suddenly he made a human being and a. With the court while it was. But it was still. But a substantial piece of work as was Michael Jordan but. He came in went wrong here no diversity in so. Goodbye that's a really good actor yeah Brian Koop cooler who's also an African American director of that movie. Also incredibly talented guy put kind of a new generational spin on what rocket was so I don't have any. Objection to it is just that Ryland thought we did something Creag get a line in spies where Tom Hanks would say. Don't you want to complain and tell them he says would it help. I would say right now we can all complain that he should wind and house belong. Would it help. My question is I don't think a lot of folks walked out of that Ayers thing Mike got Sylvester Stallone is America's best supporting actor I don't believe that that was the case. I don't think that like having cancer is character trait is necessarily always a great thing but. I don't know maybe they over salt habit but. Went miles is that your neck yeah I'd love that I'd really like rats but yes the Australian went. I you. Numbers you could. Oh and those that you have been decided long before but. Part of this is that morally opposed. Philadelphians hope so like us. Oh. I. Eight real quick mart mad Max the big short is that there's these. Really all the best all. That. No. But. It. Really like I. Edward I. I think. The march yet that's why they released that is directed the mistake goodbye to them. That you look for the gilt yields the directors duke that the rabbinate asked the producers guild basically looked at big short and. Cool pics spotlight the actors' screen actors yet so we don't have any clue from. Read I think he's going to win the reasons I would. By high art with Bob. That was the best here. Hold me revolutionary. Sometimes I think that the best movie in your. Heart that's ahead. It's the same position Barbara blows my spirit animal he's the greatest American. Asked one of our finest actors that it wins everything for the rest of his life. Lot on the other hand directly to mark. Are calling on the other hand. The revenue has the momentum it appears they've won the masters and the PGA which are too late breaking the wards they seem to have. Best actor singed up is the best director since I've been it would it really shop means institutional support let's vote. Colin that. Oh vote can't say that we've come hook that what are your heart in the guys don't forget the Oscars live on ABC on Sunday at all the red carp recovers and of course the awards ceremony as well and I think you're AM CQ now that they do it's a picture and a marathon being watched all the nominated movie emotionally Dennis. I cried for hours. And you can buy tickets to check out online if that you can sit and watch. All eight movies in a row I'm I got a break. Our our and I don't think Walt going to be doing. I'd like to see. Hundreds of rain and the pacs are here ready the in my chair and I knew that he wanted the movie acting which spotlight spotlight spotlight pretty good check at a they sort out. Our that's a experts is Peter Travers. New York. The Oscars on Sunday thanks for.

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{"id":37166811,"title":"Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and Walt Hickey of FiveThirtyEight Make Their Oscars Predictions","duration":"10:34","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz visits AMC 84th to get the Oscars picks from the experts. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rolling-stones-peter-travers-walt-hickey-fivethirtyeight-make-37166811","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}