Rom Com festival in Los Angeles

Miraya Berke, founder of the Rom Com Fest in Los Angeles, talks about the lineup for the inaugural event starting June 20.
3:14 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Rom Com festival in Los Angeles
I'm coming up food in downtown LA with nanny ever was hosting the first ever rom com fat a film festival dedicated solely to romantic comedies. There's Amos. Romantic comedy and risking any mix of classic in the end zone plus all the events desserts for roads that need constant feed him his. A dream up. So why romantic. I don't feel like they are. We keep hearing it on felt good faith they aren't really celebrated in book festival. That he deserves to be that I mean guilty have been. That is that we could not pump at a very much been an inspiration for this afternoon. Guess we'll realizing the massive. You want to watch himself then and killed it and enjoy and so funny to speed when he speaks for them to come and celebrate together. In the third innings next. How did yeah. How old Sierra futures the biggest developers and all of Singapore. And he tells I think he's in back to create irritations there was one of those first in the same manner we'll go to marvel movies that get to your credit. Out that is so. Other thing people who were carrying an. Laughing around live they just don't like the so he hit a one of my all time favorite guy happens pending thinking about you is just. Then. The iconic film from Ian like Heath Ledger singing on the stats is like forever the jury and we think that honesty from the year showing in the twentieth anniversary screening I attended thinking about it. The writers and so excited about selling off some of the other events. That'll happen that weekend down one and have him excitedly getting a tenth anniversary this thing from a bride Warner. I would they're right there is an awesome actresses can Diana I Allen Casey will send and as with everything and rom com that's it's all very and then ties to sell. If you got an all white gathering pop. I just tried to make it out really fun and the fact that our profit sank in the film called him. He that's a local LA filmmaker who. Directed inside and Luke buck. And in one of the scenes an interest in 1920s seem pretty and so having anything that's happened when he is here to celebrate here when he used. Senator sung I'm really excited about I tried to program until all that. Films have a very neat strong female lead that he had people submitting their Spain plays we haven't. Industry panel pick the winner and reading your lives people read of that winning expect itself. Trying to showcase all forms from konduz the sorts programs death. Everything is taking place in this you yes. All the films all the panels on the scene there and then and here will be the deserves sparrows say the crowds on the other activity is in England. And mingling and Monte. There we just can't be easy. Exactly this is just fun I think he's someone to hand not that's happening. Planes might act in downtown LA evening tickets and Enron confessed dot com at and that you're watching easy fly.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Miraya Berke, founder of the Rom Com Fest in Los Angeles, talks about the lineup for the inaugural event starting June 20. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63706179","title":"Rom Com festival in Los Angeles","url":"/Entertainment/video/rom-festival-los-angeles-63706179"}