Roma Downey's 'Little Angels'

'Touched By An Angel' star talks about her new faith-based kids' DVD series.
5:30 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Roma Downey's 'Little Angels'
Roma Downey is best known for her work in front of the camera -- her latest project finds -- behind the camera. Executive producing a series of educational videos for kids. Called little angels which -- just been released the faith based videos take a practical and lighthearted stamps on learning. Some not created at Arafat at a she have a food. You're an unusual creature but I don't suppose you Kentucky either yes I can't -- really well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She let me do -- -- yeah. You think is like charities and Indian and I'll -- want clinging to eat. -- -- It's totally awesome that Roma Downey joins us now analysts say that here and says. Need to be rolling my little angels and sharing them with the world how -- was mad and it's funny -- at this -- that the children and ultimately it's things repeatedly yes that it was important and they said -- movement. Grown up humor higher because you know -- will be watching it well there are nuggets for the parents that means is. That that you design of this. It's really was to find a way suit. Two. Teach the children not just their practical life skills which of course critical at this for this preschool audience. We're teaching their ABC's -- 12 trees and so on. But to teach them traditional family values -- -- the blue angels are saying with the children the importance of being tying them and of cooperating with being honest and being generous and so on and it's introduce them to title characters as you can see -- -- -- little Angel characters. They live on the scene laying on a mural in the children's nursery and in the moment or -- around. The little things lie down and interact with the kids -- -- their life I think it's a really great resource for parents and grandparents. Having raised a couple of children myself. I know that it takes -- violates and we need or are we can get and so I thought coming out with us it was a great way to be in supports. The value systems -- anything to. Now you've also written some children's books for these videos an extension of the things I think probably an extension of that creative pardon me. You know I think that we 08 scene. Parents coming of other things that we learned again. You know they don't come with how to mangan -- -- I have three teenagers this whole OK hey and they. I certainly you know we'd love to buy the book that -- the next series and it doesn't even not so little angels right. Not Angel -- -- -- Yeah but this isn't a wonderful -- script that children. The three -- Four euros their minds they're like little sponges heart tonight sponges. And I really wouldn't be able to create something that -- failed not just their hands. But their hearts -- I understand how busy. Well as can be and that sometimes we do -- their children in front of dvd. Because we need to make an important -- guilty -- that dealers that are it's I have done it myself but you know we have to be discerning his pants and I have provided here. A series that you know we contests have gotten the mom of the month seal of approval -- -- and Kathleen they can get them at Wal-Mart was so great for the moment for their -- target Amazon and the great website little -- Stockholm. This great activities on the you can download for the kids we have a wonderful asked. On iTunes have gotten books musical CDs. They say is anything want to -- -- -- -- tell us a little bit so many people loved you talked with an Angel they love touched by an Angel. Is there a chance -- be a TV reunion. I don't think so you know but it was such a privilege. That sent it to play the messenger and the message was of course the message to fade -- God's love and and then this dvd series -- the -- -- to bring that -- -- but to the preschoolers. I'm happy to say that celebrities who was -- coast aren't -- until it's still very much a part of my life it was with great sadness this. -- at least the passing aren't there waiting to them unexpectedly. And that was very sad in the -- -- -- -- but. Delhi is as feisty as ever and this fund is ever and it was -- -- decades for all of us on the show I think attached. People's lives and raise them. So religion is clearly a big part of your -- -- cracked yeah unless there's some of fade and -- been very fortunate that I opinion -- incorporate. What I believe with what I do right now -- quickly before we go about the project you when your husband Mark Burnett are working together the down market -- -- very excited we're -- thing. For the History Channel a dock you drama ten -- -- drama. On the Bible Genesis -- revelation. And cameras roll march. It's in Iraq you are today yet heading -- to Morocco. And we're hoping it will air. At his speech sounds to -- him. Easter 2013. So it's going to be epic bout with thank you so thank you for having me.

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{"id":15644093,"title":"Roma Downey's 'Little Angels'","duration":"5:30","description":"'Touched By An Angel' star talks about her new faith-based kids' DVD series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/roma-downeys-angels-15644093","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}