Rosario Dawson Discusses her Role on "Trance"

The actress talks about working on Danny Boyle's latest film.
8:41 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Rosario Dawson Discusses her Role on "Trance"
So I'd like you to close your eyes. Can imagine union home -- -- and elevated with velvet walls and they kind that's. -- as the doors close. What -- your eyes become happier. From the elevator begins to go down. You realize that this is the elevator relaxation. And now -- on the third floor. Going down. And you could get out. Did she want to go home. -- -- -- Into relaxation. And you feel that perhaps you never want to get out. -- so safe here. So comfortable. So relaxed. I don't want to talk to -- I want to talk to the man who were listening. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a major happening right now called France. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Movie that's. The union. -- talk. Change its home. -- -- -- What he did Danny boy I'll see you when he said you I have to have you -- Mostly. I say think -- I had met and the foreign something else -- -- gotten along anyway Alan you know he says. Of course is Communist but he says this and interviews apparently about this that he felt like never tell again Palin has -- -- -- is that -- -- -- -- areas that. But he feels like -- never really been able to be used to. The extent that I am capable of going and level so this was -- I think for hand really exciting because he's not really -- found. With a woman at the center for. And it's not just any woman she's incredibly complex is your sense -- -- -- ghosts stuck and beaten. Erickson went exactly the I was and -- -- there as assets and it's really it's been it was something really specific and I mean I auditioned for this I really. When I read the script and I -- what it would take I was excited and I -- is how I thought challenged and you know on uniting -- audition for a for wasn't willing to go there and see you know I fought for it because I thought it was just one of the more remarkable -- have ever read but especially may have to be able to do with -- because I had met him before and felt like. Just from -- one meeting that we have worked together like it was you know was it was just a scene word in our paper to scenes and in his audition but the could be worked on the scene Nike you know he didn't think you know there was a connection and it was like it where I could feel like I would be a batter after working with -- -- -- wanted to -- time. And it being in this park project in particular was remarkable because this was really and -- Who you who is this of this have been hand you're mine I am such -- -- do. Well as well when little -- -- going into the -- of wolves. Yeah I play an American have a therapist who's working on Harley street in the UK. It's and really -- -- Sort of way that the comments sat out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- James -- were playing Scottish and I'm fine American. So were all fish out of water -- -- wealth preview not about how many an -- about home advantage to use against each -- real exists in his Bobble. -- no friends or neighbors or. You know parents -- come knocking on the door and in stopping by which you don't notice you know how bad -- like London gangster feel in that sense. But -- you. Realize that. He gets ground more and more grounded -- certain way as a gets more more outrageous it gets warmer -- you start to see them as real people. Recognize different levels to their humanity. Since. The power shifts dynamically between the three of them very strongly -- three different leads eaten you know and you never really know the protagonist antagonist good guy bad guy as it shifts as the movie's going along. I really love that it's still difficult to talk about this -- now. Without giving things away but I didn't that basically James -- was an auctioneer in London right he's yes in this art and how -- and on the stealing. Of this fighting distancing itself. Is there and they come to you why yes why did they come because there because Simon -- James -- was character has double crossed you know he's been working affiliated with -- -- his house gang. Frank. And they he double crosses them in this car heist -- he steals the painting and in the altercation he gets struck on the head. And he cannot remember where he hit the -- -- that's how I get broad and -- and usual. An amnesia doesn't really have any other therapies that can really work on it -- -- time and obviously 25 million plus pound painting. No one -- occupation about. They're willing Tate -- to reach out to my character. Who gets brought -- and wants to be a partner. An equal partner. And it it and it's it's very unusual -- that's just the first you know. This first little chunk of the moment it continues to unravel from there because. You know that that this -- -- blurs that line between hypnotic suggestion reality and what these people's relationships are with each other what they really want what their agendas are -- and he kind of just keeps you know these little. Which is interesting to -- we're shooting -- we felt like we were giving so much away. So early on but you don't even know where the film is going you're not had a chance there's no way -- that knowing where the film is going -- even though the clues action are quite late in an if you watch on the second time it like it was right there. But you're not looking to pick -- not because it's just not the film is not structured that way here you are your cast as this woman -- -- them there so now did you get. Did you. -- hit the times. I did I did I wanted to Colorado outbreaks and are also and that none of that debt and we -- have we -- -- at this at a therapist and and London -- all the guys alive in let me show like this now they want to get hypnotized and I think James is messing with all of -- in the city comprising -- -- I did I went to see you have a therapist in LA. And it was interesting -- she threw the blanket over orient you like happiness and relaxed kind of like -- back sort of chair. And as like -- you know I'm not trying to like sleep here her and -- -- She's an -- your temperature will drop actually because your body thinks its going to sleep so it'll be good for you when you get into the hypnotic state. And it does your temperature drops of that I was very curious about how -- -- musicality is all the different things that we can use from just her tone of voice to my behavior and different things that we can text terrorize the actual you know -- But I I went on there and you know it's not it's not like this state where -- not aware of anything you know you're just really relaxed. And she starts talking to -- and six saying certain things in lets you know kind of like muscle spasm -- while listening. Not thinking anything of it and then afterwards he -- you know we're so consciously you were telling me this this in this line. Honey -- you know students in its suit says while you know and I mentioned this in this stick your foot was -- -- -- you know I was kind of responding. And it was really quite accurate you know and that's the thing ultimately is that we are a lot more subconscious and conscious -- on how much we do in behave in. How we interpret things how we make judgments we don't really and think about it are considered our dreams are very important. -- our instincts are very important and that and people who can read that's not just poker players are. Detectives -- people who really want to understand -- person lying to me. This -- anxious aren't comfortable. His personal love me you know whatever it is people you can -- people things you never expect your cellular saying she did blankets on the should have -- and should have online access. Like. And you know and then just pay attention to what people's movements are not actually have their -- -- -- -- -- they want to leave but. Still being had a chance last fall and -- novice. Have head this is -- down. -- calls were true.

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{"id":18890614,"title":"Rosario Dawson Discusses her Role on \"Trance\"","duration":"8:41","description":"The actress talks about working on Danny Boyle's latest film. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rosario-dawson-discusses-role-trance-18890614","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}