DMC on Camp Felix

Darryl McDaniels of "Run DMC" talks about his camp for foster children.
4:34 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for DMC on Camp Felix
There's a special sleep away camp in upstate New York for Foster care and adopted children. It was started by two Hollywood insiders and unlikely friends Phillip block visited camp Felix. A special day there the focus now with this week's cause -- land. Beautiful here are welcome to camp yeah. She saw it being a Foster child kind of helped inspire you in your work as you grew out it's a part of one I mean if I had a choice but I -- -- -- to don't know. But it's like you you are what -- into. And when it did make -- was a writer because that's ahead with a verdict and I didn't mention -- -- -- -- with the liberal. I'm my job was to read and write me letters from her writes that diversity is seen as you had a job in the house. You quality rides for free. A and you did this -- yes and. We represent I mean colds -- -- you have your own Olympics here can't tell us what you. -- Nigeria. Dominican Republic Dion that the team I was going to be visited that you're gonna do better in school because of being here camp Felix his children. My initiative my. Brotherhood. And my dedication to excellent and up the great thing to take away from -- thank you. Destiny has -- the funny way of bringing people getting you to come from completely different backgrounds and -- your backgrounds are incredibly similar both adopted packaging guys me. -- net for mutual friend and that I had confided in when I was doing a search for my family. That I was searching and -- had confided in him as well that He just found out He was adopted and the guy was site. You guys need to meet each other so we met each other and we decided that we -- to to do something positive for. Kids that didn't get taken. -- the fortunate thing about me as Sheila was we was able to. Have the opportunity to become the people we -- put him to be. Like when you look at this really you don't just see it forced the kid in the top to -- you -- purpose and destiny there was a reason why we must put it. We're callers -- the situation of how we got to where we are right now. We got -- so we thought about almost hit them like -- never get adopted. Let's try to give them a -- students to become the people that there were put here to -- this thing about a month per month. -- may be available full force the kid. -- real mother fumble and number came -- got me from Harlem I was born Harlem native wouldn't have a move that was someone in government run into -- there would be no hip hop couldn't help it that way I thought. That's. We want to show these kids. We'll callus of this situation upon -- and -- moments on drugs. That's nothing to do with you your OK and we hit -- given that chance and -- here -- a situation really. You -- and I think also the common thread that we have with -- cases this abandonment issue because even as adoptees even though you were taken from your first reality is that you were left way you're abandoned. And I think. We -- we're able to speak to the kids on that level and they relate to us and -- of common bond that we have with them. No longer ways really -- equal towards us like Catholics element -- -- but I can't -- an honor. And a apple I'm up to me says yes I was always connected to run DMC's music but there was always something about you. -- put my finger on it when I came up that I was adopted and Foster care He rolls up want to be crying like -- to what can someone do to help. Can't feel so they can send money. Ask him by 800 dollars to syndicate to -- one -- head to camp for oil we use them mainly to go to the web site. It's WWW. Adoptees for children dot org and you can donate online -- this address -- you can send your check whether it's five dollars -- 515. 525000. What ever you want to -- this afternoon we'll say.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Darryl McDaniels of \"Run DMC\" talks about his camp for foster children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14732591","title":"DMC on Camp Felix","url":"/Entertainment/video/run-dmc-camp-felix-darryl-mcdaniels-foster-adopted-children-kids-charity-entertainment-14732591"}