RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Hand Out Free Ice Cream in NYC

ABC News' Charli James talks with drag queens about ice cream and RuPaul's Drag Race
16:10 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Hand Out Free Ice Cream in NYC
Everybody here I am here is in everything you're saying on a very nice. He TV fans. Yeah. I'm right and he de icing on the content and some ugly intact and run. These animals are starting tonight or tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock on the nightly excellent. He Aaron Eckhart and it's not just some of them Olympics and the hammer. Thank you let them pay. The big on fans. I may I'm. Not gay and proud out here and. I. Out there I knew. The air. The mountains on the fire and ice cream truck ice yeah. Little about the disease and now they're the couples aren't lending change instead. I'll let thinking we're live on now the top seed Portland thinking. And it's hot and get the tonight he's back practice. And went three game in Atlanta alliant men like. Yeah. Error on the rights and human seeking freedom legacy not only. Legacy. In man hours and that was easily could be an alliance. It could be saving them where it doesn't mean yeah. Jail or in the next week. We're doing. I'm Alex at an event pictures of me. That. Generic. I don't let this time around low lying. Different for you might want to come back. I'm because I felt like I had done are expected though and he's. That and enablers allegedly having an all stars and when he this year I'll make a trip. Yeah lodging and maybe you haven't seen every app or even joking and he's not tell me what you're most famous running up. I'm everything that it had most famous right crippling exciting story. And comment on anything and I got in that. Reds and not even the look at. And this is Melissa think. OK. Yeah. I am finding no. Let's go let's. Oh you know my cats they. I love about Doug pretty. And went on and I'm an anomaly. But I think that number probably best known for Hank thank. Not I want it that you. And I gag. And I. And things aren't. And it is also the Allen spent the night on you and read the continent not denying them the mountains on in the economy. Unions. And I yeah that's every stone every scene that every every. I did not find them. Let my dad's family. And so would you payment time this time around there was more fighting. Less funny did you guys wanna try to be nice army comeback win like that it. Piloted. Turning to them on certain that every night. That's like that's it. I really you know I mean there's a 100000 dollar check going on the dual. I'm. Don't know W. Yeah. Yeah. And I think beautiful warm indoor today with the airing aren't anything that people. And it is them being hey I mean content. Element in our annual Grammy. Nine. And but everything we are here permanently start on the I'm in the spotlight I'd like going and it's not our. Yeah. And one of those. Yeah. Yeah. And or inhaling in the hot again. And right now. I there's certainly. Thank you got I don't know it none of them are from your ordinary accident on the network has been close. And is live this is a talking head parade here. Though there and these aren't fun. I'm hello let me play here. Then again. I'm sure they and we certainly and learning. I'm here. I'm down. Oh my. All day. I don't find back. Why. I think people all around him wearing on me about my eyes. Do you like clean up looking over your email. I don't know yeah well. When I'm I'm good. Let all of them. Crowning. Then it goes all the way down the line. I know it's pretty. Job well yeah. I'm it turn out. We are trying to clean no we. Oh yeah. These people have heard a driver is the most of this big giant colorful name and free ice. Look like it here. Toward him. Tonight they announced last night there all the way up to come. Deserved nice green. I for the most anticipated season. Until rendering first. It got the inside track got to meet them and the girl and I'm Clinton talked to some of the fans that came out night out. Well that's certainly man. And that's not discriminate and see how they're feeling. In. Yeah. I'm okay. I'm going. All right you know we're out of time that's he had in mind. Just spinning in the world figure on it. Adelgid Q how directly blame the guns and I haven't played here here yeah I don't. Love. Nothing here. The name Larry. Yeah yeah. I'm yeah. I can't talk to that's yeah. And now. And know what you guys looking morning. Oh. I actually lowered its. How much fun it is to go out and watch Andrew Card program. Once again. I didn't want me. I'm hardly. I'd honestly like. Yeah and fellow. Are you. It's hard. I'm yeah so much so I would act. I'm sure it's. Thank you yeah yeah I'm. There's a lot of people outlined here that won't get the chance. I said let's turn this around we'll take a look at the line here. And you know those guys that never went out ultimately were being an. Man. Aren't you aren't getting a little bodies. I'm an ice cream in the lady immediately. I'm realizing. Yeah it not make it right now he might get your name and sad yeah. Did you know that that's going on yeah. I've read my tell me this is happening today and drag race fans we can now. And tell what you look at Arlington and fifty and it's going to be a little different Alley and an overall changes. I just love the way he looks you in the news. Why is there anyone in yeah. We're needing less diligent service a misdemeanor count him as a realist would be careless Edwards. It's easier that it on this offered on average and igniting them you. Like Iran. And oh yeah. And you. I want. Retention time. Yeah. Religion yeah. I'll be out of here in line. Paying ice cream and that means we'll be back out Smart well. Only chance evening don't make it this time and all of those that happen. Will be moving around giving up right here on. Its crazy how long lines and all the way down. The plots here in union square. And but I'm still going crazy and turn him around one. And oh yeah. It didn't sound like he's and ends on nights maintenance as the hunt and yeah. Aaron and equity. Yeah. Yeah. That you don't want you want him viewers of the snow and fans are any of your favorite girls here. I don't like to live there yeah. Yeah here now in the yet each time yeah not letting the settlement now than ever among them some say eat. Us yeah. Building. Down. You can comment and Brinkley I am right. Yeah. It isn't me. We're finally. Right hand. I'm. No wonder. Underlying certain. Now in my. We're here. Okay we're yeah. Could be on the net and today it's not. We'll get fourteen to nine tomorrow from 1140 times news 540. Well actually just doesn't breaking news making. Look isn't it funny that it had been happening. When he didn't end tomorrow not me. And it's a liar so. Some are on logo and 8 PM CNN he doesn't mean and dateline I'm guessing about downward again tomorrow. He's been seeing in the halls are going back.

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{"duration":"16:10","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks with drag queens about ice cream and RuPaul's Drag Race","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41629064","title":"RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Hand Out Free Ice Cream in NYC","url":"/Entertainment/video/rupauls-drag-race-contestants-hand-free-ice-cream-41629064"}