Sacha Baron Cohen's Red-Carpet Ash Stunt

"The Dictator" star dumped ashes on Ryan Seacrest during E! interview.
0:46 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sacha Baron Cohen's Red-Carpet Ash Stunt
Well Paula I forget who wore what on the red carpet wherewithal -- when Sacha baron director of the dictator dumped the ashes of his friend -- on you know I'm Ryan -- Keep in mind that he apparently doesn't allow promotions about upcoming films. But calling stage such a huge campaign this week that he got away with a three he is tremendous because just like about the used to travel -- Amazon. He added glamour the unfair it was still up -- -- it was amazing. Did you think Seacrest had any idea that was common. I don't know what right secret life -- -- yet. But -- obviously everybody in the red carpet new and you gonna carpal struck ready Reggie -- thought -- going to be there were simply collapsed. I think what makes enough money -- -- -- -- dry clear -- -- -- direct.

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{"id":15798408,"title":"Sacha Baron Cohen's Red-Carpet Ash Stunt","duration":"0:46","description":"\"The Dictator\" star dumped ashes on Ryan Seacrest during E! interview.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sacha-baron-cohens-red-carpet-ash-stunt-with-ryan-seacrest-15798408","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}