Sally Field on Fighting for Her Role in 'Lincoln'

The actress shares how she convinced Steven Spielberg to cast her in "Lincoln."
9:15 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Sally Field on Fighting for Her Role in 'Lincoln'
-- -- Just ask this yeah. I am who. Healing even since -- -- the constitution in a box looks like -- -- school. Future -- England's and into the war. Portland team the -- to pass it. Sewage additional relief and big muddy footprints -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's like no bigger happening right now in Lincoln. And there is a guy named Daniel Day-Lewis in it but he couldn't be anything without his wife Mary Todd. And she's played by Sally Field just. Perhaps. The best supporting actress of the year by the -- -- film critics of the time -- member. And now. Here is Sally Field -- -- of the the beginning that just towards falling -- -- and -- you have. Nothing about it wars you get two Oscars again Lyonnais and god knows how many gold eagle I -- a few snowboarding gear. No no -- -- as well now that. This is is that the -- stand for work. And the work act that I have. Been so proud to be part of and certainly Lincoln as one of them and I'm so proud to be part of this -- standing across from Daniel. And shepherded by the master Steven Spielberg with the words exquisitely written by Tony Kushner so to me it it just. Represents and supports and underlines. Them and this. -- in 2000. I'm in Steven -- to office. And he's I'm obsessed with the things in the gadgets that he has there and the Citizen -- -- yes he's saying well we're working on Lincoln since 2005. And I think whose cast -- -- he said Sally Field that was it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes but I think wasn't I behind I was his first choice but ultimately it was the journey it was a journey we all needed to travel. It's I had to -- eventually -- convince him that that I was Mary. Because by the timing actually became a project. And Tony Kushner had delivered those words as amazing as they are and Daniel Day-Lewis was on board is is mister Lincoln. Stephen had to know that I really was married and and it simply bolt had to do that. Because it was our time for the three of us to really examine not only -- but the beginnings of the relationship -- see on the screen because. First Stephen tested me and mostly because I say he was wrong he -- couldn't walk away from me I couldn't let him do it currently has like now and I didn't let him do it. But also Stephen and his amazing amazing generosity and curiosity. -- he said I know we -- not right you're not right but I'm not -- US. Except he did and we tested and they still want the right Daniel was early in his process in Ireland and Stephen couldn't invade that. So I did it alone and Steven looked at the -- incident just I put it with some footage old footage of Daniel it just isn't right I just don't see you with -- So I said think he went in and and the goodness is I didn't kill myself I can't because then the next day he called me. And said he couldn't get enough of this mind he couldn't quit thinking about it and also he'd sent that but -- -- Daniel. And Daniel wanted to meet me. And he felt that Steven should see the two of us on film together so he flew in for the date from Ireland to Los Angeles. No person there no -- happened. And I met him as mr. Lincoln early stages and he met me as Molly is married early stages and we had this flight. Long afternoon like a two hour monologue something long and I don't know what we said. That it was the beginnings of us he's in our -- -- -- -- him we just improper something for a long long time and I thank them. For their apps so exquisite generosity and I got in the car to drive home and I got a phone call as I'm driving home. On the for a five and it was -- and Daniel together seeing will you be our -- And so I was but it wasn't -- we needed to do. We've all famously heard the stories about Dana Davis always being intact one -- This is freak you out or was it something you enjoy. I mean character so I wouldn't it be known whether he was in character not -- I'm completely. Miley and and and that's how I work I it's how I've always worked I studied with Lee Strasburg I am of that ilk. As -- I can. Hypnotize myself or forced myself -- -- some temporary insanity. It -- is who I am both by the research that I'm able to do and every sort of tool in trick that I know of two. Convince yourself that these -- in this close in this body -- 1925 pounds. He's yours. That's how I work that I try to hide it because. People think -- weirder they think here not friendly you're all sorts of things is that that. Degree of of of concentration. Takes real effort so. Even and Daniel had created an environment. That was the most nurturing the most. Respectful. In the most. Productive. For an actor I ever ever seen I never had it before I'll never have it again. -- where we were just allowed to have the space as these characters. I never was anything else but that I was never anything else when I would go home to the hotel I was never anything else when I was on the phone to my children it's how I've always done my. So your kids your sons are used to this they used to it sounds like you're approaching your whole career in the -- studying with -- you're doing this this. I'm I'm trying to think of certain movies and I would hate to think you always -- you know even when you with a Flying -- you can try flying. No I'm well I think -- don't know but. What they tried to kill me more time than I can I started studying with leave when I was -- -- -- to listen very odd life -- -- and in the day. And working with Billy -- so I am doing theory we hearings. Things that I would -- I have to -- I didn't even know why it what I was doing because I wasn't informed enough to know they had to rebuild text that understands why do like. You know start to suspect a prostitute and things like that night and the flying and in the day it was unfairly -- of current. CIA. It was I think probably the only thing -- sort of kept me scene in in reality extinct plane and flying now and his visit. Depressed -- time for me I didn't. I want it out fat and what we're all happy watching -- and you're depressed well then you're just weird -- I -- -- that the -- They'll tell you that it's true. That wasn't very -- to -- -- moms to -- we'll -- with what I mean. In an illicit sort of the last -- kind of mores of the time and I identified -- the -- -- up with that apple. Good good girl thing and that's Iraq it's not why was that was certainly what what all really what he sing act and I showed that and later work. I. I'm thinking of you because. Tommy Lee Jones is so great in -- and I did this seems that he should you have brought me back to back growth -- yes -- where you're like. Back roads -- a -- And -- exactly -- is very -- and coming US having a hard time in his life since he was difficult -- around and I -- Marty -- -- -- A -- is a phenomenal soul with ill during it so I was like. It and ultimately wasn't a good -- -- didn't matter to you -- the talk about it when he got back together we didn't. Really think Tommy I need to -- timing -- -- complicated interesting man he is that. I they -- -- times -- met him after that Greece sort of said apologized and said that was a rough time for us all as and -- you know I'm really. And I I really and grateful for that sort of generous gesture on his part. I was walking around reading -- shot to begin tonight with -- that character that someone outside their door called the it was a crazy woman -- -- they're shocked and look like there was going to be travel. -- got pregnant today.

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{"id":18176639,"title":"Sally Field on Fighting for Her Role in 'Lincoln'","duration":"9:15","description":"The actress shares how she convinced Steven Spielberg to cast her in \"Lincoln.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/sally-field-fighting-role-lincoln-18176639","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}