Sandra Fluke: 'Shocked' by Limbaugh Comments

Law student discusses the radio host's reaction to her congressional testimony.
7:19 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Sandra Fluke: 'Shocked' by Limbaugh Comments
The center of a firestorm of controversy as a view exclusive night. On February 23 -- thirty year old Georgetown university law students signed a fluke. Testified before congress that the president's health care bill. Must include coverage of contraceptives. Saying that they out of pocket cost is too big. A financial bid for female students and she was speaking about -- on college. Last Wednesday radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out at her. And well we'll take a look at what -- This. -- -- -- college coed Susan. Good goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex what does that make her. -- regular slot right. -- a prostitute she wants to be paid to have sex. -- so much section can afford the contraception wants you and me and the taxpayers. To pay her to have sex what does that make boss -- the pimps. I have some what you're talking about was the fact that your own university. Does not. Include this in the passenger in -- if that is sharing stories of. Women who attend my university who've been unable to access contraception as a result of the lack of insurance coverage and -- could take the dire medical consequences. That they've suffered as a result of that one woman lost an ovary things like that I'm advocating for women -- Students reducing. And I thought this under things any thinking. Well initially -- -- of course shocked and ends Sunday I think. Any woman who has ever been called these types of names is at first. But then IE I tried to see this for what it is and and I believe that what it is an attempt. To silence me to silence the millions of women and the men who support them. Who have been speaking out about this issue and conveying that contraception is an important health care need. That they need to have met an affordable accessible way. You know I he has as you know has since issued an apology to you. Hasn't -- -- but nothing so I you have school now and then let me be clear that -- Think his statements that he made on the air about may have been personal enough so I'd rather not have a personal phone call from -- -- Obama did -- I think he has apologized and not have been asked to. -- read a statement that what she doesn't give to us -- gave. -- -- Robert trying to yes I've illustrated did she had been that suited to three hours a day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation I did not mean a personal attack Communists look I think it was. Absolutely it said that during these very shares political times we are discussing personnel. Sexual recreational activities before members of congress my choice of words was not the best -- in the attempt to -- humorous. I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to -- flipped. -- the insulting word choices you accept his apology. Well let me just say this and I encourage everyone to look at the statement in its entirety online. But what I have to say it but I don't think that a statement like this issued saying that his choice of words was not the best. It changes anything. And I especially when that statement is issued when he's under significant pressure from the his sponsors who have begun to pull their support you got -- via. I'm only -- leave that up to the the sponsors up to Clear Channel Communications and to the members of the American public. Who support those companies. And what -- to say is that. Americans have a long tradition of supporting companies that share the values that they have. And I'm sure that they will continue to uphold that tradition what exactly did the president -- to you. We don't mind me asking the incredible that he extended. Yes it was it was very kind and I can only benefit from it thinking he was just such a kind man. He offered his concern wanted to make sure that I was doing all right. And -- -- two expressed his support and thank me for speaking out on what he considers to be an important. Matter of public policy and what I think millions of American women know is an important matter and schools has not changed its policy in spite of humans if it's not but they did issue a statement in support of me regarding that this type of problematic rhetoric. And I appreciated that very much. That would be paying someone to have sex when he's on Viagra which I know he is -- was -- -- -- a plot that someone else's prescription of Viagra. Aren't isn't the same thing I have I mean the hypocrisy in the end is -- incredible south on top of everything out. But you have said that other people have made derogatory statements about you also -- to name some names well I was. Encourage everyone to go to media matters because they have an excellent story on their web site that gives the list of the various commentators. They engaged in this type of language Glenn Beck. Four for one job and I think it's it is really important for us all to understand that this was not one person who went crazy and made. Funny outrageous statements this is evidently a segment of our political commentators who think that it's acceptable. In today's society to say these things that we can't -- this because that this happened I don't listen to -- when I hear this is really the first and actually heard him say that it's repulsive. Do you do you feel that came about the commentators and momentarily on the shelf who -- In the same way attacking -- -- time -- I think -- Unacceptable no matter who's saying it and no matter what said the issue their aunt but I do think that we have to be nuanced and being -- not inaccurate it's it's more accurate. Because they think the will be -- -- I've heard what you were saying the beginning and I think you're doing a disservice by comparing yourself. Because this was not someone who made one accidental statement. This was three days of significant portions of his three hour show he insulted -- -- the women of Georgetown could receive no apology. He insulted us over 53 times have -- ask -- because there's a lot of people who say they don't think. That birth control -- be covered under health care what especially with universities as well what would you say to these people well I -- correct the misperception at which mr. Limbaugh on a lot of other commentators. Have been putting out there to confuse the public. The idea that this is about taxpayers -- the government paying for contraception -- is absolutely not this regulation covers private insurance. And it. It wants to have this type of medical drug. Treated in a way that similar to how other medical drugs are treated. It is health care when they need this medication to prevent seizures. To prevent assists from going on their ovaries I've heard from so many women who talked about why they need this critically not to mention the important medical need to preventing unintended person. -- -- thank you -- -- whether people agree would you would you nodded they would do it took great courage. And again to contact and not talking about tax -- I'm.

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{"id":15850518,"title":"Sandra Fluke: 'Shocked' by Limbaugh Comments","duration":"7:19","description":"Law student discusses the radio host's reaction to her congressional testimony. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/sandra-fluke-interview-view-discusses-rush-limbaugh-apology-15850518","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}