Sanitation Worker Used Retirement Savings to Feed Homeless

Arnold Harvey and his wife started a food pantry and non-profit called, "God's Connection Transition."
7:44 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Sanitation Worker Used Retirement Savings to Feed Homeless
Our next story brings us to beautiful gaithersburg, Maryland, just outside our nation's capitol. It's fitting that we're standing at the foot of inspiration lane, I'm not kidding you, that's the name of the street here. I say it's fitting because you are about to meet another inspirational American. While so many of us are fortunate on Thanksgiving to have a hot meal on the table and a roof over our heads, Arnold Harvey reminds us that there are millions of people who don't have either. We are going to leave you with this bag. All right. You know who I am? You're the trash truck driver. I'm the trash truck driver. A sanitation worker whose overnight route, and a sensitivity to the suffering of others, made it unbearable for him to overlook what many people chose not to see. How you doing, sweetheart? Good morning. It was seven years ago when Arnold Harvey began to notice a growing number of families huddled near dumpsters on the street. By morning they'd be gone. But he couldn't stop thinking about them. Sometimes when the shelters get full, they have no other place to go so they have to turn to the streets. Even if it just for a night or two, they're out there. Having grown up in a challenging environment, it tore him up to see the number of homeless in his community struggling to survive, so Arnold and his wife Theresa hit the streets delivering sandwiches in what they like to call love bags. Feeling there was more they could do, the couple made an unbelievable personal sacrifice -- they cashed out their entire retirement savings to start a food pantry and non-profit called "God's connection transition." They cared about us as people, even though we were out on the streets. This really offsets, really helps because then I can get things that I could never afford to buy. As long as I know there are people out there, it's hard to go home, sit at a table, eat a meal. That's it. On this beautiful fall Saturday, Arnold thinks it's just another day on his trash route, but we rigged his truck with cameras and sent one of our producers to ride along. He doesn't know that he's about to take a "Thank you, America" detour. Here he is! Is that robin? No, is that robin? Robin Roberts! Arnold Harvey! How are you? I'm great, ma'am. It's great to see you. I have been looking forward to meeting you, it is my pleasure. And I have to say, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I'd come down here personally to say thank you, Arnold. And I'm not the only one who wants to say thank you. You have friends. You have many people you have helped and inspired and they want to say thank you, too. Take a look? Hi, Arnold. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I have known you for 19 years, buddy. The whole 19 years has been great. Continue do what you are doing. The lord will bless you. This is without a doubt a true story of good things happening to good people. I'm very lucky to be working with you every day. I love you and when I tell you I love you, I mean it to the core. Thank you. Thank you very much. What do you think, my man? You have touched so many people. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate everything. Thank you. I know this is the end of your route. Do you mind if I hitch a ride? No, I don't. Here we go. Yeah! As Arnold and I make the trip to waste management headquarters, he has no idea his friends and family have planned a big surprise for him, but first, I needed to know a little bit more about this remarkable man. So pull over here. Do you know how many people see the homeless and step right over them? Yes, ma'am. What was it about the situation and about you that said, I'm not going to look the other way? It was that one time when I saw my first kid out on the street with her parents. It just did something to my heart. My family came from very humble beginnings. Salvation Army helped my mother's family especially and I've never forgotten how you can be down on your luck and people just don't see you, and you're a person. That's what my wife and I say, if it were ever us we'd want someone to help us. Yeah, let's crank it! Let's go. Here we go to the headquarters. You ready? You ready? Look at this Arnold! Look at this. Arnold! Arnold! Arnold! Here he is, the man of the hour. Has this guy inspired you or what? Yes, he has. I'm telling you! I know you can't do this by yourself and you've had your beautiful wife, Teresa, by your side every step of the way. So Theresa, come on up here! Knowing Arnold and Theresa would want donations to go directly to the homeless and families in need, his bosses teamed up with us to provide Turkeys, blankets and backpacks to replace those love bags. And from the thank you America bank, a check for god's connection transition for $20,000. But we couldn't resist presenting something a little more personal to Arnold. I hear you're favorite player of all time, the late, great, Walter Payton. Would you like to meet Brittney, Brittney Payton? Walter Payton's daughter. You truly embody the spirit of my father's sweetness, so it is my honor and my pleasure to present to you on behalf of the Walter and Connie Payton foundation this official NFL game ball. Thank you very much. And finally for the couple who cashed out their entire 401k retirement plan to fund their charity mission, we want fod send them on a much-deserved vacation. How about a ten-day luxury cruise to the caribbean? For both of you! I'm the mayor and I am proud to proclaim today Arnold and Theresa Harvey day in the city of gaithersburg. ? We could be heroes

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"Arnold Harvey and his wife started a food pantry and non-profit called, \"God's Connection Transition.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27228418","title":"Sanitation Worker Used Retirement Savings to Feed Homeless","url":"/Entertainment/video/sanitation-worker-retirement-savings-feed-homeless-27228418"}