'Scandal' Star Joe Morton Answers Your Questions!

Oh no, has Olivia Pope's dad met his fate?!
11:33 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for 'Scandal' Star Joe Morton Answers Your Questions!
What happened was. The menu screen room beach read to me by freeing the woman who gave birth to as a bargaining chip what happened was. The man to pilots and also to file them organization that -- didn't mind soul. -- what happened what is currently happening is that president struggled Thomas and friends but there has made. And and the worst kind of thing because I know all his secrets -- know where every body is buried. And the greatest weapon I can use against him Coles the dad. That is Joseph Morton. Bringing down -- hammer on -- scandalous hit after a standoff and we are happy to have you here with us today my pleasure you thank you congratulations then immediately. Huge phenomenal. Hit. But the big question is though fans don't know they love you do they hate you are you the good guy either bad guy which is I think that. I'm the guy that you love to hate OK that there is there's something about this character that people. They know he's treacherous they know he's capable of killing but there's something about -- I think it has to do with his. Relationship to Olivia my daughter that sort of gives the audience another side of him that they -- when you look at economic character that's got to be a little complex as an actor than because you have to kind of play that fine line that you can't be so easily put into a box of -- for me. Or -- from it. Which is wonderful for any actor you don't wanna be putting them into a box you know you kind of one of sort of be given enough latitude so that the audience can sort of say well I think he's -- is not that he's open he's not that -- open -- this so all that's the path which is AA which is ADB the leave the perfect defining. Style for Sean O'Brien yes to the ways you right. Reporting scandals obviously already in production when you joined the cast that we were you floor we got that phone calls that -- -- We think you can make that happen I was in for business of about reasons that not necessarily apparent when I got to LA -- went to LA for pilot season. And I'd heard the show -- really knew who Terry was Minnesota launching it on Netflix on my watch I thought of the -- great right I wonder if there's a way acted. Flying to get onto the show. And of before I had an opportunity to speak with anyone -- -- representatives or whatever. I got -- call my agent saying we just got a call from ABC's scandal and they're interested in you coming on to the show. So it was like I put it on the university came right back. -- -- you know the thing is it was. A bit of a -- at the finale your wife played by the lovely -- Alexander -- laying you out yes and absolutely stunned. The crowd that belied everywhere. What is going on to -- get a lot of people on line that are saying are you cannot kill off. You can't kill them off -- -- is even a prayer circles. I can honestly that somebody treated as a personal I can't tell you what's gonna happen you have to -- you evaluate it and obviously you know but but okay. Defense. Is that you just have to wait what how many -- hours until that read you people at -- I think apparent hunt called in sick for this day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Built on those kinds of -- -- a shocking moments. That makes so pedal on the everywhere has -- impediment and a non disclosure agreement out of -- -- you -- step on the -- well you -- -- -- Never signed. And indeed but. You understand. That nothing should be said I mean even when we have table reads this kind is especially as it hits close to the end of the season. You know concede that even at these -- and usually they killed email us routes scripts. For the production but as we get to the end there -- here. Really out there is that much secrecy -- -- there have you ever had a where you've got the script and you made a couple days after you went through your first read through and they changed it because of potential -- so I don't know about potentially they do have changes. I think. So far. I mean a couple of things that happened that -- would -- pleasant terms of leagues but I think primarily they don't necessarily changes just kind of it's it's just sad because what it does is. It removes the anticipation removes all of the tension and suspense. That would have been there if somebody -- something into Twitter or FaceBook or whatever might -- you are given these rousing speeches that use. Sort of notorious for what Washington which is one of the things I think that made the west wing so popular because everyone was speaking very elegantly and eloquently -- I can't say that. Have they are speaking real Smart. But that thing is is that these these these very dramatic -- impact the words I -- -- -- -- just below out. When you walk up the safety walk up with your head held high a little bit cock in his step and say you know what I am -- man I. No I mean I spent initially. Fortunately that -- -- -- several days before I have to shoot those scenes to sort of deal with what. Those monologues are about so that I'm not just spending a lot of words. And even still you know I'll do something in the -- come on so that's really -- let's try this well that's Salinas was -- -- -- do lots of different things. Within that monologue and the other thing is you don't know how the other person's gonna respond right live they have on the in my head as to how I -- to deliver something. And realize I'm getting a different response. Than I expected to let -- have to make that adjustment. So there really is a collaborative that there is that back and forth -- -- expenditure -- and numerous times that because I met that's going to be difficult. That you are trying to -- that same kind of emotion -- impact take after take after a threat is there are a lot of it is there are a lot of takes the -- sometimes actors don't prefer that because they wanna get through the spontaneity of the moment. Right I mean we don't do. Especially the monologues you can't do -- so many takes -- But in other cases it depends on how many angles the director wants to shoot. Coming on the popular monologues was the voice speech and right right right and I deliver that the first time because I think even in one take I -- to relate -- says there's some lines from summertime -- and I think I sang and then we try to do different way and then. Did they get used to southern -- -- we try to lots of different ways and that also helps keep it fresh. So that you -- the -- -- that's really great what a fruitful way back we try it this way -- so it's it's it's truly collaborative you know it's it's it's all of us trying to get. The most out of any particular moment that we ten and one of the reasons I think it works is that all of the actors. -- theater actors right so that the air support is for the script. Not for themselves. And New Zealand. -- -- a couple of scandal fans very -- because we asked. On Twitter and on FaceBook if they had some questions for you and of course we got flooded so here we go this is John -- asking this scandal is filled with sex and wine. When will we see pop up hope drinking and sex. I you'll have to asks on the hunt but no wins I just yet -- -- far as -- when he's gonna crack -- Well I am the only time you've seen him drink any -- is with the first one of the first Sunday dinners that he had with a Libya where -- It -- -- of the flashback where you see he introduces her to -- line racked. So that's the only time we've seen that sexing we'll have to wait six. All right Larry W ask -- is asking this is my favorite character and that -- -- is in intense a person off camera. As he is. On it. Will you left and so that you I tenants of that I -- I think when I think I think you you're very approachable man I don't know that pop up hope would be the first when I would bite out for a cup of coffee. That's exactly I'm and I don't -- I think that's the difference between between Roland and I is that -- Has salute separated himself and that's the world and -- -- I believe I'm approachable person well I I -- with him from Iowa for my personal experts I would have to say is as well but that that would be the case but -- you do go home go to the family and your daughter's begging you -- -- -- you have to kind of we know -- little. It's all with you know with a laugh in a casino -- -- -- announce the start laughing NC you know I -- and -- understand why you up but it's like anybody else still -- You know your children will needle you to get whatever it is that they -- whether it's you know what happened in the last episode two I need you know a new dress. Whatever might be right right relentless art showcase readiness if you live from -- -- murder attempt -- -- regain power of command again love love love that show I can answer any of those. You are tightly had a I mean they have signed a nondisclosure but I think -- -- -- the spirit of the law -- bodies he's asking is do you really level Libya war. Are you just using her for personal -- I really -- you really truly because there is a very very hurtful Earnhardt you know harmful things that. Well I mean -- has his own perspective on things including. How to be a father to this particularly young woman. Which other people might find offensive or or distasteful but at the same time I think he truly loves his daughter. ABC's asking us why didn't -- 613 -- model of a long time ago when you -- locked up since you knew she was a terrorist. I think one of the reasons that there's a rule in -- 613 that's now allowed have Pamela. And I think one of the reasons that that rule exists is because. -- realize the long time ago that there's all kinds of vulnerabilities. If you have -- attached to you so that's -- it and also. And -- -- human being and he fell in love with this moment. That is an element that oftentimes we forget about the fact that there are there is a human side there is a very human side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very different some. For most of my career played. Good guys racked and -- that was the of the sort of wonderful. Gift with -- is that I actually was looking actively for bad guys. Some find somebody Smart with it each year he was -- and -- on the planet is someone. I guess things went this way what I did was. Part of the research was watching any anyone or anything those experiencing something new for the first time because he lands on this planet the brother does and he understands some things and doesn't understand other things on one of the things that. Happened in in the film -- people keep extending their hands to shake and he just doesn't get that and he does different things it just doesn't know how to respond so. On one level. The -- of the planet is kind of innocent in this world and then learns how to live here wearers. -- clearly is not innocent and and actually teaches people how to live in his. And hit it right in his own work there aren't so -- what are -- doing -- tonight in his -- -- are -- viewing party are -- going to be -- regularly -- -- you're -- between now right. I mean it's it's it's. It will be from 10 o'clock in the at night -- 2 o'clock in the morning that I'll probably. Between and that's the big event it's it's and then Friday is Oracle Hanover Friday as people -- still. Still going so so I'll just you know demise of a bottle of wine and bowl popcorn. -- you on the computer. I'm sure with with the rest of America -- not Joseph Morton thank you so much continued success among all going to be watching. Thank you.

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