Scandal's Explosive Season Finale

Shonda Rhimes Has Lost Her Mind And Fans Love It!
11:22 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Scandal's Explosive Season Finale
ABC's big scandal finale is over. As an over the top with one shocking scene piled on top of another on top of another on top of another it was like an entire season credited to one finale. Leading gladiators everywhere today wondering what is wrong which on the rise up -- a break down the biggest. Moments of the night from last night ABC dot -- Lesley messer along with Amanda seals comedian and pop culture critic. -- -- Who. Are you committed we're -- this last night here we talk when we're talking this morning. This clearly I think -- without -- with -- and -- it was like it was like it's fifty episodes all crammed into -- line. It is in sanity after watching again the big Q will what was that the that the big standards can be 11 -- -- -- -- to go deep. What anything that pop up coat rack as a standout because it was just like -- -- -- live and then not only did he live with he -- folks out. A bit like back -- that it brought me back and I actually lastly. I didn't even know artist. -- -- -- Happy moments in sad moments and then there was death bitten people you thought we're gonna die didn't and it's the kind of thing you definitely need it -- step back from an watch again because insure their whole plot points that we on this -- -- -- totally. Yeah it was a good family reunions we -- -- -- about roller coaster and get an idea you just -- -- now recognize that right out of digesting Gotti the amber OSHA and -- if you really enjoy the experience. Which of what I knew what -- for season three get this this kind of excitement it's kind of build up in such a short period of time is pretty amazing. I still hear the big ones -- -- let's talk about that one of the big set a moment to talk learning that his family's still alive. Right while nowhere not only did you learn that they were alive but it was Quinn as the wind -- showed -- -- it. Our President Clinton is -- -- responsible. Compassion -- I guess that's Hundley to the basal do that. Record and but it was very also like. Diversion from the everything else is going I -- I was I treated like now. How we -- more important things. Excellent goal at the computer -- -- busy. I don't just sit outside your family's house figure -- out you're elegant you're not going and -- apparently crying right Hyundai live has other things. -- -- -- As has been well found -- -- -- What -- the other big north last night was finding out that -- the Pope was orchestrating the whole thing crazy. That was in -- when a play a clip of that. Did you plan on -- wanted to go. Bruce -- Republicans say it's always been and always will be -- -- will be. The incident. Was there. The president's son is gone and Pope was behind the whole thing we had Joseph Morton on yesterday and man he is talking at a poker face the house like OK come on give me something -- like. -- no going to be good I mean really good. Europe suspect that it. -- and he's like. -- Shakespearean villain rank he now luckily he really is -- Like you just don't know what's going on and they knew the half. -- -- -- -- -- I just didn't really understand until they did a good job of the reveal ran out because I really genuinely Scotland. So evil -- -- Yeah. Rest -- -- -- -- questions or -- we are talking earlier about the fact that Joseph Morton the -- he delivers his lines in and sort of that the monologue. Compare contrast to the west wing is it does -- compared. -- -- -- west wing. It would. It is very similar in this whole like I am I am existing in this moment right now you -- and the west and was very about that like okay what's happening now is me. You -- this moment. But I feel like -- writing. Is was was a little bit more precise on -- west -- I think sometimes. It sounds lie. OK we get a left -- believe yeah. It gets sometimes it -- moments where. Are we having -- monologue competition. Read it is -- talking at each other for extended periods yes right you will not send me down because I will tell you item and women I have a woman I mean I know what okay -- -- next person responds with many equally -- The lady advocates expect to extra words and an aunt back the clock that read it -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- Harrison left for dead and everyone's a. OK where's this when going to mean to be very irritated I think we need slate give her some light days and weeks to recover if he's actually. It has you have I mean begun in the head -- often times -- Yeah that's -- red that's true that's very nervous is that you know. Welcome back to be 613 and some very have a. Mama vote locked in the box that was very -- -- and that that was the that was going to notice this. Her edges are still together -- her hair is solidly. There doesn't when what is going. Looking at that that is -- keep it puts the lotion in the basket. -- -- But there's that might be the best place for her to be without having to Palestinian problem. But then this when I was confused well how much for the problems was she really causing or how much of it -- she really is orchestrating with pop up I don't understood and today the scariest couple on television it's you -- that aren't either. It -- -- so you've all but maybe it is just can you don't know either way the children the way they look at each other that was enough to -- explosion I. Clinton that China next season I think she's she's gonna have to dot little bit deeper in the relationship total -- because there's been so much attention and then put on their epic. Having two of the most interesting people shouting could have Arabs an -- out what powerful -- so little is known about them -- it's like you know with as are all the characters. What are the other big big balances that win when Jake -- -- -- on the plane right Jake says -- be with you let's stand in the sun okay. I mean for romantic or for whatever purpose it may be right not the best line to convince someone but still she out of claims she did it. -- she Ellis at those lines let the white hats red guy wearing red white hat. You now -- like these take airlines like Vermont. Like Vermont it's is my potential trigger regulate. It like in the middle of a -- a lot of -- from minds -- like. Yes he's right you know of them as gourmet candles another and we collection little weight -- her head on but -- -- down. And I thought that those your options president of the United States -- to Vermont and two children again. We'll -- everyone's Hewlett -- that this is the -- were talking about. Rumors that you point out the fact that you put in there your contacts White House -- I mean I mean come up with a code maybe factly what if she loses her son you're only going through her front -- why don't -- At the White House. All that over the top on one and it was a little too much -- which she's poured into that scene. Sure. It was Philadelphia it was like -- veto it like Fulton all that's -- -- -- -- -- -- fund analysts on them. It clearly Kerry Washington -- got a maker -- I mean this is not that plane is not a one way ticket now now what is the -- Olivea that she is this -- she is Asia and you know speaking for on the black female actresses out there like we need they actually paid only one. -- -- -- Around I well yeah I I think adding China may have a little bit of a made an agreement with -- -- -- but what about it's his breakdown as we see him clutching when -- and even Wear yourself but -- out. And air quality you're the president of the United States. Yeah that's now that that is drama well let's look back yes you just -- you also just lost your sons so let's cut it. Put it put in the context of you -- you might not be able to hold at last. It was really this so I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- also kind of interesting that this man just lost a son and the Q and after sitting there buying. Always -- -- that he's not going to be moving to Vermont that is pretty. I talk -- -- event that that is. Great writing when you can take someone in an hour's time and you can kill off someone and in inhabits -- -- the and then at the end it's is -- that emotional connection at bats which you relate that it was like Al. We just one of them to go live down the street from Ben and Jerry. And a child is a bill full -- old native Blake I mean it was happening I could mean. Really him to high no light and the gruesome yes it was more like ours Jaafari now this means allow time bloody week for -- -- him -- very intense -- a lot of intensity season three season for what are we expecting what our anticipation is hopefully mark. Form fitting clothes for Kerry Washington -- I am so ready for. That put her back at her arm lot that there are hiding a pregnancy injuring at while -- it. Half the fun of that show is watching what she's been away her and a woman it will -- we'll see her hiking running fifth in ways that line a hospital. At that level on benefit. Like for Harrison to be alive and to have a storyline like he never -- even -- got a story. Play it -- as she he never really gets any real. -- silent legacy that. I would also like to see the show kind of go back to his route it through -- like. They really and pulled me in in the beginning of the series when they would have a different stories every week of like these things going on in DC and in a kind of got away from itself with this being -- share and I would like to see them kind of like regroup and maybe giving -- more it hit a ball. Personal life -- we we're talking earlier her two options. -- not necessarily the -- stand -- guys clearly Olivia Pope as a woman rather act together -- maybe they can get her personal life in order as well. This. Or -- or maybe they introduced a woman. Maybe we take wow correction party with Shah Iran. Sees them -- coming to a close look for season four. Amanda -- -- thank you so much. It.

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