Scandal's Jeff Perry Talks His Role in Upcoming Big Season Finale

Olivia, Cyrus, Jake - who will come out on top?
14:19 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Scandal's Jeff Perry Talks His Role in Upcoming Big Season Finale
There is a special set of rules that apply when it comes to ABC's hit drama scandal here they are you do not speak during scandal. No calling. And you must post your thoughts to Twitter FaceBook as you watch the scenes like this now classic moment. -- I. You know. -- -- -- -- Your engine out. Vision thing. And. And -- that social media went. Crazy we're glad to have -- of that moment Jeff -- here with us today. That was probably one of the most poignant powerful moments of this season of scandal which says a lot for a series like this is and -- Stan. You basically broke Twitter and FaceBook from the fans responding to the intensity of that scene in. Did you know that it was gonna blow up that. Big I didn't but. The architecture. Of that episode. China has written. One enough. Contemporary television's most beautiful relationships. In the James and Cyrus story and over the course of about two and -- seasons. And we got an awful lot of love. From fans from critics. A -- Fabric of us that the U writing. Of that story telling what we expect an in this final episode. She's. It. -- kinda revealing for the first time game James and harris'. First meeting and their first kiss. Holes into -- evolution. Of their relationship. And then in her laces in the final scene. -- Cyrus. Going through -- officers in different. I think very authentically written. Aspects -- out how we you grief of denial. Shock. Certain kind of they may be even the beginnings of rage. The mostly mostly the early stage of I can I don't know how to process this. He out of hard wiring in decides nine months. -- the press release. May be some sense -- I -- -- to my husband. About his. Death to announce his death sense of the girl who's trying to do it it's completely incapable. -- Of running the press room -- from. And he steps up to the podium. Intends to do it hears him say his husband's name. And he certainly cantonment paralysis. And China takes -- all of us in our imaginations and Cyrus is. To this moment. When. James -- Spiritual loving. -- Pets are allowed has allowed Cyrus to come out. With his homosexuality. For the first time in his -- many decades you know -- and it is so poignant least structured. That way. That. The long -- answers I guess I'm not surprised to defect to the audience. Because that's not the architecture. Of -- and the writers. Was it was quite gorgeous -- was it daunting where you overwhelmed when you first read the script in new that you were gonna have to live up to that kind of expectation. As an actor and you've you've -- yeah breaks that kind of opportunity to -- this time though yes. It's an opportunity but it's also a huge challenge with a great deal of pressure. It is no question. I love. Most actors who tell you they love things that they're scared. That if you're feeling fear you better go toward because that's probably where the goldmans. At the same time -- remember watching. An artist they admire like crazy Sean Penn and in an interview some years ago. They're asking -- -- very similar. Or difficult. Passage. Emotionally -- -- -- of -- etc. that he had to portray. Any sense. You know it. And dressed in crazy because. As actors we don't know. What. Will happen we try to train ourselves. To be available. To kind of all of the possibilities. And all the emotions -- but you can only control it to a certain extent. Probably the same way athletes feel about performance. Is that. Sometimes it's kind of there and sometimes it is. You can envision what you hope or it possibly expect the outcome might be but there is still a factor of unknown. And you want to you want to. -- -- As to the best year ability whatever authenticity. Of the fabric to form the pressure. Of this is the only. Real love of my life this is a man. Who. Do you need me. That courage to -- to stand up. To myself to -- myself to face myself to face the world and say this is who I am. And I -- -- cause. His demise. And the fact that he's gone. So you can hit here -- from this. Certain daunting set of circumstances. And you want to do you -- -- to honor it. Closely tracked the. I think the -- and he tried -- -- -- -- had things been tried and succeeded and there are so many people the you know your your audience base as you well know is so incredibly loyal and growing. By the episode. And you have a lot of high profile viewers this is what's on the social media response was Mariah Carey Mariah Carey. Treated this bad waiting for this all week cash text scandal. At shudder runs a -- -- -- something with commercials. Hash tag gladiators. That's Mariah can really write this I used to what we should be a cable running the commercials just debris aspect. Scandal finale. That's cool I mean you -- -- that. But again looking at -- looking at the particular scene you eat you have to be able to understand appreciate as an actor. Job well done I've made -- connection with the audience is about alternate. Leave your goal oh definitely. Definitely to connect. And I was me and I went from like rotary phone to tweeting right. Chicago you know it -- technological. Evolution crowd were from pony express centers on the to tweeting and because you have. How -- there's no that you can't and -- now I know and and Kerry Washington and -- that we're both big -- advocates of it. And I didn't know what they were talking about. But now -- and this kind of conversation. Right we -- A growing and rapid. Loved being knowledgeable. And it reminds me of money used in like 88 seat theater. And and and subscription. Oh maybe there's 4000 subscribers OK and you get to know them and their -- of your neighbors and and you you you have this. Just real time connection with them. This -- Kennelly you know this this decade's version. Of that -- I'm digging. Yes -- -- a bit but whether being. -- viewing parties at home or on line. Yeah from an eighty -- theater and 4000 subscribers -- the world though have you stopped and thought about and thought about the kind of I guess overwhelming sense that she did it that you that you have. Yeah com. I'm feeling it and more and more I was in an event. The -- Human Rights Campaign. In LA it's it's LA version of its yearly gala. One year apart a few days ago and then a year prior. And -- sort of scandal love was said certain wonderful level -- and then a few days ago here credible but I'm not. Saying that that way but yes -- could not get. -- the bar or the bathroom or any effect -- many. Too many please tell me writers do this -- too many photos dreading this and that red -- -- that okay. This is becoming. This -- them is becoming real where -- while -- an art if success where you are you riding the wave. It is is it crested where you're looking on the other side of wonder what's gonna happen how long is this ride -- gonna take me I can't -- -- -- Been in which shall be as long enough. You always know its findings -- fifty years old -- if I. I thought she did -- robbery. Second of this and it's been it's simple. To not take it for -- -- because I have. Suffered prior decades of nowhere near you and things are finite usually -- admit what figures. Ruin your schooling the younger -- on that but I -- available at the level of success -- and I don't say this of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with without -- but the level of success the numbers. That kind of response speaks for itself oh so now given that kind of pressure and what can you give us food and give us Tom -- OK so yeah in Cyrus is POV. Everything is about the reelection yeah. Cyrus completely. Believes. That if we can get out of our own way. It's simply -- that fits is gonna be it. Beautiful. And important. President he's actually gonna get some great things down he troops Cyrus truly believes this. And source turned him reelected. And then in a more micro -- trying to get them reelected because if we -- know all the -- you know one -- that we've been through right. -- -- -- -- Let them please can we have a platform to actually get something beautiful done OK so. The obstacles to that are ridiculous and formidable Sally has a four or five point lead. Wrist in the is knocking on the door -- really should've won the election -- time. If Olivia and in Hollis and other people hadn't agreed to steal it -- I'm. And every time we've really acknowledged he and ran and. Then also we've seen -- Pope and I've done -- leaf -- and all these things and and and -- -- he is trying to dismantle -- 613. Their becomes a journey and threat. Own we we don't know he said is it aimed at the White House is it -- -- the administration. Is is specifically aimed at the president. It becomes warmer it seems like it's aimed at the president. So our last six days and then three days ticking off to the election. -- you've got this confluence threat of how do we how can we win this reelection. And how can we head off this threat. Against the president's life which makes it hard for it ridiculously hard for him to campaign. Cyrus here's and here's a -- OK all right -- Cyrus. Is given some information. From. -- 613. About this threat to the president's life OK and what -- does with that information. -- proof. Absolutely crucial. You've carefully selected to power at -- Careful is like your words. Which is what you -- -- and I disclaim gradually in the studio. If you release any of this information that you essentially be the Edwards known in the entertainment industry exactly she is shot -- at had -- by the big. George -- -- -- get I will -- -- -- Perry continued success -- -- scandal is just an absolute powerhouse and we wish you all the best of luck and we will be eagerly watching for the finale and the next season and the next season and the season after that because there's no ID say its finite. I don't I don't I don't to be in the title just -- Director of article for the gunsmoke record they're -- let's -- aim high -- irrespective -- --

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