Shakira Confirms She is Pregnant With First Child

Rob Shuter has the latest Hollywood news and gossip.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for Shakira Confirms She is Pregnant With First Child
Look at you all caught up on the latest celebrity news at of that of course we have met the man with all the do you see it's you that Hollywood has stopped -- Rob shooter from -- both let me rock great seeing you. Start with a woman -- hit by. Antlers ignorance that is deadlines I'd be potentially she has confirmed that indeed she is expecting -- -- -- for us baby. With a -- boyfriend -- Really excited when I love about the story she took the. In control -- of self. An -- and FaceBook page. That he wanted to tell the world. The fundamentalist group in the fifth came barely pregnant or if you don't know if we don't play I think she is showed a little -- -- -- I -- this morning. If you look closely as it's done. Yes I don't. I was gonna have a beautiful baby absolutely -- Aaron the soccer star of the -- -- an -- Now what Barbara tries and has a big concert coming up but no one can get taken -- mostly back. Nobody can get tickets are actually did manage to schools -- -- invite to purchase -- tickets however. The video and you know came back and he told me two tickets for the price of 1500. Dollar ticket -- really clear. He's on VIP tickets these are regular tickets on top of that there was a seventy Dulles charge and there's not much. FedEx number. I could pay for the shipment and we expect it to work if you think about gutting out. About. Should put a stamp on them and send them that's -- might it not it stalled. This -- that's exactly -- weapons and apparently it's the law does want to keep just one ticket on -- -- this morning. Buried -- twelve. With and have that it started the. -- try to put it in perspective but -- -- -- ticket price on this. Is about 3400. Dollars -- it's a massive difference in fact I believe. This is the most any single office -- -- which -- groups who have unbelievable at raising it again. -- every apparently didn't get it. That's -- right. -- -- out Monica Lewinsky we've been hearing for awhile it she's on the verge of release her tell all book right there's been lots of rumors about this back in the -- -- friendly with. Monica that we we we had not untouchable but we've got some mutual -- -- -- friends about this who assured me that is not tell all book that you really. Into it's a private life she's chose to stay out of the public life. This is not like fourteen you know estimates why would she tell -- not a question is gonna do it she would have already done it. Monica doesn't wanna -- that very. Painful. It's an aunt and a good place in -- what -- flying fish is very they. She does a lot of fashion stuff and she does a lot of the community works to listen this is really very happy she's a very good place. And she really wants to be about prizes. Individual that we were stripped away from and it's terribly young age and she would you not. Room while actual case it was -- away from point somebody else from many other ankle so I think. An untitled book as far as I can he's not gonna happen in Napa will I think I've been told. The secret so that the -- -- I thought it was terribly apparently she was victimized in and -- -- -- -- tango I think she had a voice. Mentioned that Massachusetts institute Bob -- that's -- thinking about seventeen million views I think it's still. One of the largest new shows of all time -- she really disappeared. And I think that's how she went through remain in the right of -- what we always throw out outfitter face is so much of that idea but I.

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{"id":17282209,"title":"Shakira Confirms She is Pregnant With First Child","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has the latest Hollywood news and gossip. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/shakira-confirms-pregnan-child-17282209","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}