Sherri Shepherd Does It All!

Sherri talks about life and overcoming her fears
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Sherri Shepherd Does It All!
Whether doing -- guest -- in -- TV's hottest shows like Dancing With The Stars 30 Rock or of course being an Emmy award winning cohost of the view. Sherri shepherd's magnetic personality never fails to delight audiences and -- snagged her. For just a minute today -- just remember a stocky. I look at the list of your schedule. -- sleep army and his dislike for -- like a five minute transport between buildings. I think -- -- in the car if on the -- the guys like hey we're here. I think on the subway my handle -- the body's -- there oh -- that are now lastly anywhere from nine if I'm not moving actually. The thing is when you actually get in the subway -- if you -- have a long ride it's nice and warm. Now and you and you use the -- somebody -- ago elaborately ears. That you that you -- a big woman. -- -- camera -- film. Another right right I went to Brooklyn went out of appellate Lee. And I don't know how I ended up in Brooklyn while you at -- that would -- like all my god I. Right right now it is it's it's it's that you -- and then you actually you know you have to take that the other train death. But have you ever actually gone out of the station just to kind of look around and say okay you yeah its -- you check -- -- a foursquare a brick Laker for subway idiot and I asked if. If you do anything about -- logic at twenty dollar bill even if you -- you can -- cat yet to where you need to be exactly -- -- where their replacements. All of Central Park -- I loved -- -- about it Jeffrey in the spring in the summertime yet and we would just get on the train riding off -- -- location. Go to Central Park and yes. Wonder it's it's it's like the one part of the city where you can kind of almost feel like you are disconnected. From the million people yes except for the man -- -- -- were that was short on you know underwear old -- that now like something. That's. It's childhood lessons. Average everything. At once without me but this out of and he -- back about anybody's later aid and it's like -- can see you consider well -- events takes all kinds here what's on the U everything's working out with -- -- -- she's a great. That's you know intelligent idea that she brings -- -- Spirit of -- exhibit show. I mean literally anything -- her birthday happens she dressed as wonder. That was so -- and we rock she is as being very positive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you guys. Wouldn't you -- are preparing for the show I mean. One of you has a bad day because everyone doesn't mean you guys you always have a great time you guys I think are very genuine and very honest. But when you look into the studio Sunday and -- you're having and that they're Barbara Jenny you're -- -- a bad day I mean it's probably reflect that everyone. Else we tracked Nazi bring that to the table because your bed they will affect everybody else -- -- -- table. He wanted to be nice and -- got this thing we suspect. I'm gonna take that often view an element there. Let it let -- -- save -- for later issued by that is not a part of -- I don't know what they. -- -- I wanted to talk a little bit about because you wrote a -- -- years ago you you're diagnosed with type two diabetes and big life change. Which it was it was right few weeks before started the view back in 2007 -- was diagnosed with type two diabetes and I ignore the symptoms for a long time. And I finally realize you know -- my life together because my mom -- with 41 due to complications of diabetes and she left three young girls kind of -- own way. And I didn't want to do that to my son -- he was born at five and a half months. -- pounds announces that he special needs and I said you gotta get to get a share unit die and this little boys and left without a mother. So I knew that -- item re evaluate my relationship with food. Really start to get -- exercise -- I mean literally asked him more -- picking up the cute outfit to Wear to the jam -- I don't think that jail right. -- that they had to get an exit -- than just making healthy choices. Who me twelve -- -- shopping -- -- calorie burn in -- song my god yes and I imagine I will with a with a top like that which that color is. Hot yes this Furstenberg thank you so much I loved that so brackets and it's all that -- color correct the cameras -- -- I -- Well below and I'll I doubt you get -- -- beautiful. -- so we use so so he wrote a -- and you talk but the fact of of dealing with diabetes and obviously channeling making. -- and and a priority a priority but at the same time cooking is well liked everything that you're putting in your mouth what you -- about. You have that you really have to think about it. You know and it's a bogus cop plant. When they get that diagnosis they're so scared and they don't know what to do and they get overwhelmed with all of the changes. That they need to make and I talk about what I -- do I tell people one step at a time don't do everything at once because I don't know if you'll be able to maintain. Over the long haul because is not what is it's not a racist if it's a marathon -- That he has it -- my fathers who was diagnosed three years ago and it was and I happen to be home at the time when you would get his diagnosis and the thing is it in my mother what went through the house in just cleaned everything on the cap. And -- public is this going to be sustainable way of living I mean -- yeah -- -- right what you can't just like flipped the switch like that thinking that you're just gonna change your life. Over now we do just like little changes until being -- changes every day if you're addicted to diet soda like I was I would do breakfast lunch dinner. When embarrassment he that would -- -- a diet soda. Now that's -- -- if I was diet soda right you have to I would wean myself so for every diet soda I would drink sixteen ounces of water. And I kept increasing -- decreasing the soda and I've been on -- out of two years I only drink water. And had you told me I'll be doing that I -- left about the plan right -- -- little changes the new look up you make these little changes you look at -- a big change instead of saying I'm gonna go to the gym on the get a trainer -- -- just walking. -- for ten minutes -- just try walking. Chad one of the stairs two at a time -- taken Susan said the elevator -- little thing. And then you know in the years time we -- -- and -- well I don't know about. Look what. We decide you back -- Haslett was trying to get into doing a three K rat rat drinking marathons I was practicing for that -- -- -- columnists and and we not practices in this. Co -- that effect others worry about not running it right in the winter though what is it you know. To call everything is called me -- warm and you can't big moves in revenue in when -- -- stock I can't live that I can't relate with. It hurts. They -- but that's all the more incentive to go shopping -- to buy more clothes that you can it was less of an incentive -- soon go -- -- was not is -- and -- and that they big put that -- out bad habits you morality. That's some that's truly -- that -- executed some shopping to conquer what -- your biggest dance this is great. I have no idea that you were afraid. Of course background I was afraid of horseback riding it was so great because -- -- Which -- take every day to help might suggest -- this just be. Correct they came in mean they have what it does seem a problem movement and its -- Dick that's in line to -- right and you can and it just submit your experiences and so for me they said what do you wanna do it has -- -- -- horseback riding. I'd never done it before I wouldn't go horseback riding and I just decided you know what. Let me try to get -- don't know who is and -- to. Eight opera other people up for now Brad and John Albert but I thought well -- -- -- ago that. I had a hit hit an act Atticus otherwise and Israel where that's you we add the equestrian center OK and -- I had decreases the need to get out that dog is currently a lot of course we don't have the video for that -- photos that every -- and me tell me you you million. In -- -- of the -- I did it. -- -- like that because I've always been scared. And I did it and then I looked up and went. I -- to do this again I want it to Jeff and horseback ride that that's that's that's -- -- what happens when you get a little gutsy that's very cool I'm so bottom line has this program where people just. Put down their experiences and things they want to do in want to try and -- I love it I love it. Riding horses may be a marathon next time you're going to be -- found that might be a -- movements to all right our area maybe that means that Hollywood I would run in the refrigerator back -- never -- -- back aboard the -- Sherry Shepperd thank you so it's not yeah its true.

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