Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood Get Crazy in 'Charlie Countryman'

The stars play lovers in new film, which premiered at Sundance.
7:38 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood Get Crazy in 'Charlie Countryman'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to the special Sundance edition of popcorn. And. We're here at the Washington schoolhouse has -- with cookies and everything. Because we only wanna talk about movies everybody's. And one of those movies called Charlie country. So good question that if I'd. It begs this question. Is who wants to set it up and -- What is it about its. -- love yeah it's about love and loss yet that brings it right down to this the subjects wanting to help -- are -- way yeah. Key to -- looking for self you'd -- in the midst of big loss -- loss has nothing. Has not know -- the senator he's looking for a life. -- drugs. Trips out of it she's mother mother says couple things storm sends one -- -- sort of path. He wanted the Romanian falls in love with the wrong girl. She's touched the wrong guy that god has won nothing do with me he doesn't want me to have anything do with her you have to be apparent -- -- -- prostitute. To SeaWorld now it's a whole other thing it. It's coming into it is magnificent playing the -- has Mickelson yet there's module that can be read them she was -- by attending. That's right. Frustrations rather it. -- so everybody that's listening to this now. I was told that the beginning it was a story office in the classical and now we have. Murders in prostitution. And all kinds that's -- in the classic classic. Yeah yeah yeah I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- films like true romance and things like that way you had this amazing. Real passionate tender love surrounded by violence. Chaos and and how does that survive in. And that world when it's up against this you know. Every every obstacle. The two have you. Started young really. Depends. And so again people -- say. Can't what happened. It must've been corrupted by this terrible industry there -- you can you can feel corrupted. -- a blessing of raping me we have yet no corruption to data corruption problem -- Its. Best and worst thing that happens. It's like. It's -- yet been amazing make it's and it's made me who land you know all that good and the bad times -- -- corruption there. But I think it makes you stronger. You don't -- she did the child. You know I mean I didn't have a normal child -- others some things you -- They're -- you missed out on but I also gained so much experience in the people let me in the places -- get to go -- Although it -- many lifetimes and lived you know it it's. Can he make sacrifices -- at the end of the day are backing her life and you know lautner was. Was when it allowed them get to do that you know their entire lives in the in -- you know by the time I was eighteen. -- -- charities. -- amazing so. In this industry that you worked the industry that's a business and that can also be an art form -- can beat the crap. Or can be all kinds of things -- that thing that pisses you off the most about the industry. Who. Who what is it you dig -- and created -- I got cookies here is not dead -- yeah. What pisses you often. -- well. You know I don't know. Sometimes it's frustrating when you know really. Amazing talented beautiful artists. That are just today it for the love of it and because they want to make a difference and you know touch people's lives and have a voice and you know. Something that do so it means something -- makes people feel something and you know. You see into the shaft you know because they're not and it became an -- money -- an -- the love. And that's to be the most frustrating for me you wouldn't see them get pushed -- over to the sidelines but. But then it's amazing when you see the opposite you see someone in this family unit for about succeed -- -- and is and then. That's incredible -- On the -- credible and overcome -- obstacles. You've done Bolivia and didn't find much support near you twelve took to the united connections that don't even try -- now I know and we'll. It's the fact that -- You bitter little bit but they got they etiquette guy and am happy for them regularly probably -- public. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know they'll make some nice the last thing -- of people -- justice because East Orange York. But it always ends in song and actually -- were murdered. Karaoke it is really -- Romania now. Her own in Romania pelvic I don't know but killer and does not a joke not a joke not like yeah holding -- -- -- -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- making very excited. You ready I think if you begin this he will -- writing -- -- -- Animal you -- series targeted -- -- -- the great he's using -- This does not do well I'm glad I don't believe he will join in our blood is on -- Want to -- Kama. We of all time in the world you've got nothing to do. I always listen to that lullaby from dumbo. Does anyone know that. I guess it will make big if -- guess -- -- it'll make me cry every. Freaking time because you know it's when the mother's in the cage. And yet. She's got the ball and chain and just can't reach him you just wheels are trying. And picks -- -- concerns rocking and -- -- got to let him go and go back into our cajun it's and then she -- taking kids who goes. Well the song is called baby nine and it reminds you know being an end navy and -- -- and it's. -- keen. Known to -- Eight. May -- -- And drag them. -- -- -- -- -- Most. And then two. If need be had been. So punitive goes to gain -- I'm waiting for you to join and that's not your we don't know there's no way could top this -- -- you're both going it's never. Never. So I think you with all my heart -- for coming on the show. And giving of your selves and your heart.

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{"id":20823693,"title":"Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood Get Crazy in 'Charlie Countryman'","duration":"7:38","description":"The stars play lovers in new film, which premiered at Sundance. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/shia-labeouf-evan-rachel-wood-crazy-charlie-countryman-20823693","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}