Angelina's Leg Steals Oscar Spotlight

Rob Shuter on the hilarious reax to Jolie's leggy dress.
3:46 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina's Leg Steals Oscar Spotlight
Time out this milieu in net and be unscripted moment on stage this buyers from this year's Academy Awards and of course the after party excitement. Rob shooter from Huffington Post celebrity joins us now -- See you again I love the post Oscar -- with -- especially. Let's Angelina Jolie and her little. I'm -- I guess not go well. Stuck his leg and actually. She's she makes sort of like some -- weird sort of -- where she came kinds. But how under the hate stoke that led -- had a split -- it's a very powerful look at that if everyone stopped and asked. He did on the red carpet entrance of the expected of a -- is a place to really show it jewels off -- -- -- the body. -- she actually TV on the show -- she was presenting best screenplay. And she will to essentially the stage -- -- -- -- that -- that I thought my god yes these guys won for the sensitive look at him. For the second afterwards. -- mob friends on what you're saying I'm caught people pessimistic he has issued a statement saying it was no disrespect it was a loving tributes through -- and Ahmadinejad met her fantastic down. They have anything to say he has not said anything however she already angelenos -- already has -- -- Accountant has 101000. Followers and the saying the best lead for the Oscars should get a mention the term I would agree but I think like that with so much by the -- little bit about what some people are saying may have been Jennifer hello -- -- net I live to -- saying that this -- revealing. Donna -- what we expect from Jennifer Lopez is a very revealing dress she might have actually for first. A little more than what she intended. Controversy. -- -- saying no way. That she's very much. Pasted here tonight recipes from Rutland there's lots of double sided type that I know nipple slip behind -- with -- for a little bit I must say when I worked with. This is not the type of -- who has a wardrobe malfunction and she's very much. Control well how should I tell you -- nip -- or not she looked at half that I thought it was the best strategy of the Oscar any really few at the polls today. Diet and see so who cares what rights they have the ability to. Pick someone coming to talk about now -- -- baron Cohen with so much fun last night as the dictator but he's certainly not. Ryan Seacrest then there's that very angry with him there's a controversy went through and he was going to be invited the office. Boston College students have been removed because he wanted to meet -- coffee -- the. The -- actually backtracked days -- tickets he told on the carpet but. -- -- -- He wanted me being the ashes of a dictates that you -- reliable Ryan Seacrest this is the closest we evidently -- through customs and. Please -- them both it and this is a really. He does not -- even stride what do you see on his things he didn't know that was gonna happen if there's one person that likes to me precisely how they -- It's mr. Seacrest said this was not a funny moment from him and I think to. The academy in rather regret this incident now is there any apology from -- and no apologies but -- -- -- telling me he will be very look he's. He's never invited back to the Oscars unless he's actually nominated for want. But is probably host -- terms his. But that he nominates in the future because -- -- furious. Very interesting here back story there. All right let's talk about the after high -- that that we can happen got an appetite vanity -- that they -- a fantastic qualities that Tom Cruise who presented the lobster with the best picture. He picked up Katie Holmes and took to the after party they weren't vanity. He's open to children they joked -- be good -- I don't know about another look at the other but she did get -- that the party could see it and that's and -- -- until that bring to the children die in April have very young boyfriend the body fat -- -- She didn't -- Went into a much less revealing red dress when nothing was shot and and and the other big pot is of course that Elton John's. Huge event he has every yeah I'm pleased that sent the real star in Hollywood can contact -- and. Turns up Alvin ally an -- Madonna how to compete aren't -- -- genius. She about it at a -- house. Because she's the daughter she actually gave away look kids when you yeah. And she -- gentlemen -- That was in grieving did with few additional wow I'm fabulous hospital and -- and went right talk about party favorite thank you so what prosecutors that would -- not -- --

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{"id":15803647,"title":"Angelina's Leg Steals Oscar Spotlight","duration":"3:46","description":"Rob Shuter on the hilarious reax to Jolie's leggy dress.","url":"/Entertainment/video/shuter-rob-angelina-jolie-leg-fashion-dress-oscars-celebrity-hollywood-15803647","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}