Sienna Miller, JK Rowling on Media Ethics

Miller and Rowling testify at U.K inquiry about harrowing stories of harassment.
4:21 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Sienna Miller, JK Rowling on Media Ethics
You just draw. Phillips -- -- in this case. It's almost every week extremely personal lapses who have been published. Including cost of private conversations. From. From my question is how -- that make you feel about things around you. Well initially I'm very lucky I have been very tight create. Have friends and very supportive family and to this state no one has ever so the story on me. Regardless of the fact that several people in the -- -- enough that large sums of money to do since I felt very protect its. That it was baffling how sad piece of inflation kept coming out and the fact initial steps antiquity it changed my and that on -- back and that I changed again and again -- changing three times in three months. And stories still continue to come out with we -- I didn't mention it and you select group of people about. Console nasty having changed my number and and being pretty convinced it -- then answers packing even that that was my suspicion eyes. Her yet he's my friends and -- stories -- they accused each other -- stop. And that paragraph links with the same theme -- -- picked up again paragraph seven. Well you'll witness statements may describe. What location where you sat down I don't know family and friends in the room. And accuse them of leaking stories to the -- me because -- story that -- only a new. Yet there was one particular I tried it peace and Mason for people -- adopt. And -- can -- -- to not tell tyranny tell my mother my sister happens to Atlantis friends. And agendas to -- -- and they knew about it. And say yes I accused -- fountain and people -- would -- -- of setting any sort of information on the -- accuse them someone in the room that second story we -- that in fact you plumes were being. -- yes fixes that the fact that they had this piece inflation was as a result of accessing my my friend Steve Allen's is if people around. You mentioned -- one incident where it was a night from agenda slips into you'll go to school back street could you give us a little bit more. Contexts. Might -- -- a smile to still to. So this would've -- Went on this I in meridian -- best of publicity surrounding me. She can have -- your primary school. And tonight comes -- Austin school back in the evening. And among the usual back to -- school and decreed that every child can rates I found. An envelope addressed to me and attendance. And it's my record at generalist -- -- distractions so it's my recollection that the left to -- -- that he intended to. Austin -- the school. Two. It's like to to -- school I didn't. I -- and will not I don't know how wit -- that's happening to go to my students who. I can you say that the -- -- votes. Subsistence. And invasion. Of my -- to -- I -- and it's very difficult to say how angry. And how. How angry I felt my five year old -- to school who must list was no longer a place if -- Complete. Security agents. Within -- two -- it. Things. Where he was lightning siege and hostage. -- proposed a beach my subsequent children. For a week it it was impossible for me to leave the house without being picked up and that silenced because it. Ordinance that went to it. And on both of those patients they took up permanent residence outside that house and my husband's office he couldn't work -- he was going in and out through that was being photographed. -- -- -- Completely trapped in homes and that and of course I -- a mass effect -- children.

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{"id":15023876,"title":"Sienna Miller, JK Rowling on Media Ethics","duration":"4:21","description":"Miller and Rowling testify at U.K inquiry about harrowing stories of harassment.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sienna-miller-jk-rowling-media-ethics-15023876","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}