Sienna Miller plays Tippi Hedren in HBO's 'The Girl'

HBO's new film explores the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Sienna Miller plays Tippi Hedren in HBO's 'The Girl'
The polish each count. Why follow up just like. It's going to be -- debt ski area. Understand because movie. And we want you to start. Every -- summit and plans to -- many Danny it's all. Well we don't want him. We -- you. Thank. Don't know -- never believed that much for. This month. Outlook is going to adopt. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this popcorn where we tell you what's going on pop culture of movies television everything else -- -- had just seen a scene from HBO's that the girl. And you've seen Sienna Miller playing chicken heads and making the birds with -- effort. And because -- great content to you we have brought him or herself here today looking nothing like -- -- -- -- bush at me at -- fair enough time make up yet I happen I think I've not believe me today. But I think we have to start by just asking you to say -- -- that's why exactly this movie with so much. And making this movie you know little -- of -- which -- -- for. It's kind of a study of. Have hit cut and can be had and the relationship that went on -- -- is a model she was she's coming out of obscurity by this great legend. And filming. And he kind of molded and his idea. Two -- And gave the rose these incredible rolls and then gradually became more and more obsessed with his grade them. And they felt kind of study of about it. Well it's the obsession -- sometimes the form of being abusive. To -- All these kinds of things because. I think people in America even if it weren't around when -- cut ties to Asia where we introduced that she was originally Allen yes -- yes it was. He's. On and the idea that there can be this -- of the monster and some. Who was also these gifted. Yes well as it passes this. Reading it's fascinating and then you go back and you revisit. -- and you kind of realize that all the signs -- that he that the kicking at the end of money. -- tax money is. Almost rescued by Sean Connery acting as to -- Brittany that this man. He's and then you remember that he raped you know and that this theme is quite -- -- -- scene and swat. That kind of been needs to this ethic is -- but yet what I and Evan and was very funny. But then when you see this when you watch the girl which goes -- The female -- The cut. Good thank you I was off back to look at how they -- -- announced the holding he was -- Whitney at the end could. You would think I would. But -- once -- India where watch. -- the major. Hitchcock -- yet. Is the sadism this be especially the scene where to be -- character goes to the attic with the birds aren't going to be yet. Where you're told what you -- Hold that they would have mechanical lives -- and it would be a day filming and and then I think -- seconds before she was -- on set she was told. They would not -- using but have there been some problem. But obviously in order to get however many tonight they needed for the seeing -- women and you know -- months and she wasn't told that she walks and Second Amendment. -- the -- and it's up to hair and mosques on the faces and -- his honorable woman. And an acting and -- -- -- -- -- five days in life right faith and dean. Fighting off life thinking one Jerry -- mean time it's no. And it's an incredible scene that they -- the kind of at the end really resonates and then. It was genuine thing I did it for our I had I think for -- -- -- -- -- I would -- in -- and me and even more significant. Only for your art two for one hour the last minute. Yet. -- this sexual. Kind. Sadism and abuse we see -- this movie. In the backseat in this war it's like suddenly the great director. John -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We we've seen her being -- aware that this is going yet but tipping has the line she's saying to somebody. -- Mop it's not that had. Come on this. I can handle yet but in this case this is just couldn't yet. I think it was more sadness that I think. The power that he autism land in this kind of court around -- sick funds because he was -- -- -- and he was. Everyone's meal ticket and he was making credible -- -- on television -- and he was so powerful and and I think what makes is more sinister is that everybody on the set was -- -- this is happening and then began and she felt she was crotchety kind of ostracized and isolated and -- -- this with this behavior -- that everybody was somehow ignoring. And it was different because he was -- the mobster of suspense and this kind of thing is that -- he knew Hoffman today and according to business -- the stories we've and I just think it was it was very thoughtful and and quite -- to pinpoint exactly what was going on except it wouldn't -- that just. You know it -- it was -- it -- -- developing to articulate. It's eerie because we see him in the -- very quiet -- you know just watching this with no expressed. And there's also was seen in the beginning where he's basically -- it to be head and neck in essence saying don't worry about what -- I don't want any expressed. -- She's cycle of about him. And is in huge board. -- -- -- -- -- And and that back and do nothing. Reading one thing. -- -- -- And he hasn't been. Well I have seen of the -- here I am. And also are being them coming into this -- -- -- -- at all -- -- You can -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would I. It is on your battery life apple pie apple but I can say you know I shall. I think you're quite so I was asked to seem like the funny one that -- Out I had exactly big cheese the season. -- I did it -- a -- but acting as it once and had them. So that was always the -- an outbreak and one -- with me. But I -- that it was -- was. So you've -- to handle yourself though as well do with this world. Might be that's what it. This from one I'm pretty I think in the sixties it was very relevant to anything without the support. -- Women you know we're very reliant upon men. Things. Changed -- Mission so useless debates to me -- is different. -- hungry -- I can't I can't think the guys. -- I have two additional that was will be looking to break up playing ever encountered. Old because I don't have -- by dividing that I went.

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{"id":17521043,"title":"Sienna Miller plays Tippi Hedren in HBO's 'The Girl'","duration":"3:00","description":"HBO's new film explores the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sienna-miller-plays-tippi-hedren-hbos-girl-17521043","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}