Anna Silk is SYFY's "Lost Girl"

Is it fun playing a supernatural creature who feeds on bad humans? You bet!
4:38 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anna Silk is SYFY's "Lost Girl"
Some girlfriends can really be a killer on the new scifi show lost girl and a silk stars as a woman who discovers that she is a suck you -- now that -- someone who feeds off human. Here's a clip from the -- -- -- AM. Here. -- -- -- -- What he -- Us I'm. Well it literally the -- and -- an hour. Hands -- training about and I felt thank you so much for being there hadn't -- tell your character battle. I well well. Vulgar -- think that she was human. Instead of just like -- every girl and she discovers at the beginning of of this series that she's actually not -- -- activists and that -- part of this whole. -- or fairy underworld that lives in -- amongst humans and this is a very ancient race of creatures yes yes yes and now once she makes this discovery does she have to decide whether he's going to be. You Willard collide or she have a lot of decisions what she -- discovery I mean it's a really big discovery right off the bat through and that -- to figure out where she fits in. If they are divided amongst two camps there's -- in -- -- And yes she is she's asked to align herself in the first episode back. She can't decide well she doesn't want to all right Jack interesting -- how does she find out that she is part of this race. She well the clip that you just which was do you -- -- this case we did on the show is back I got a lot of -- time. But that. She is he it. Leaves this body in this elevator and is perceived. And local. They authorities -- discovers that he's seen now. That the problems he's had all all these years is actually explained it -- -- have found that a pretty fierce creature it the second -- vs vampire who would win. I think I think. Except you yeah yeah -- charming but I think -- -- -- -- a lot of people watching the show will be happy to hear that -- it's already aired for two seasons in Canada act and act now it's. Premiering in the US how they gonna -- -- you gonna back up. Or start with the first season mercy and a -- of it that US audiences will be introduced from the very beginning so you really you don't have to sell new shows for -- We are currently he. Filming the very end of our second season academies have different there. -- -- -- that's very very exciting very excited about the whole new audience here in the US definitely definitely that the fan base has really embraced this show and I think that. US audience as well as well his -- really happy that. Now is there any chance for true romance with the fact give us or are you -- at -- well that's part of Michelle yeah. And complicated there's a lot of factors involved is not so simple graves relationship and she is also bisexual cracked as he is involved in and it left -- -- -- a man and a woman. Humanity not yet again typical for -- why -- -- -- -- -- they had picked up Dubai are actually. Figures by nature you know it's really not about students' sexual orientation is more about just that let you -- for that person -- on person right Matt okay very interesting now. These ads to professing to be having their moment in the sun right now we -- why do you think that it. I mean you know having gone to annex which that Canadians have -- convention and two comic con this year meeting ID incidents and indeed you need. The capacity to imagine and you -- these kinds of shows its Muni -- and I think that attack and very passionate and very passionate and Moscow is so unique in this -- and I think that's. The reason I think people have embraced and -- think that it's. The possibilities are and -- in terms of story -- and lots world premiere -- -- -- on January 16 check it out. And a silk thank you so much for dropping -- thank you payment.

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{"id":15357321,"title":"Anna Silk is SYFY's \"Lost Girl\"","duration":"4:38","description":"Is it fun playing a supernatural creature who feeds on bad humans? You bet!","url":"/Entertainment/video/silk-anna-syfy-lost-girl-supernatural-entertainment-hollywood-15357321","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}