Simon Cowell: 'I Like Winning'

Part 2 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
7:30 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Simon Cowell: 'I Like Winning'
Our next guest who walked away from the big show in television last year because he wanted to be his own -- Simon Cowell has a talent for finding talent. But does he have that certain special something that draws people to you and make -- As he Collison. We expect. News Simon Cowell has been judging how America got was appalling with a -- -- I'm finding it -- up -- tough to -- You are terrible thing you are terrible sounds you have no charisma and cash and a let me take a hard time that it that it isn't there is anything like -- human being today. This used Simon Cowell was shocked to songs. -- have a -- he walked away from the most popular show on television American Idol. So that he could build his own show. It's the X-Factor judges -- action consumer is certainly didn't show away with one key difference this time is not just to judge. Homes and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just beautiful mansion in Los Angeles we talked in the -- It's sad that the devilishly. Next to an actual mingle fire. A function of the gas -- I started -- my face this question. What's the biggest misconception. I don't let people. And you do what -- I love people myself. I like people I can only tell by looking people's -- within their rights personal. So when I mean it's because -- normally see something. No sign me up a -- -- mean. That's why people love you -- hate you continue. But I -- say what are you thinking at the time and I think other people think it's been fifty. -- fully expect. Simon predicted that it would be an instant hit twenty. It is not -- twenty million. Olson -- -- Soul level headed -- but that should what if you don't -- happy highlight leading. If I play monopoly with the U. And you win that I'm not happy. So I heard is that where your little kid and you weren't buying -- -- -- with -- about the whole thing. You did that filters. Simon born in 1959. Grew up with his younger brother in a wealthy family. His father would be EMI the giant music company and -- missed this child Simon dropped out of high school. And by twenty has started his own small music labels. His big hit. -- of the Phoenix which was -- his blocking to dance music. -- dressed up as a dog. Yes that's him to promote the song in his -- -- good television news. Suzuki slacks and -- influences in the music influence -- up over the cool eastbound while. The cannot -- the Eagles and dislikes Cat Stevens he thought what their own trick. He went on to develop -- news British. -- -- Thanks successfully. Then in 2001. He was trying to India and China and -- new -- show popped high. Created by Simon -- That led to America not. Which inspired Simon to create his own -- -- show. Which led to his new show. -- led to Simon Fuller suing him he feels it's -- couple. He feels I feel like it. The idea that you can control some -- and no one else is allowed to do something similar is ridiculous. Although many think of him only as the -- judge he's actually promote good. He has developed owns and manages to hugely profitable TV franchises it. Got talent is an overhaul the country's. And the X-Factor is a huge hit in over thirty countries including -- six day. India. She's live in Denmark. Bulgaria. -- -- -- Simon -- -- -- to do with over 320. Million dollars and counting. But he's never -- The -- most successful relationship with a woman. -- professional. -- this -- federal judge in. It is time you. To -- judge on the -- Has -- won't mention some things we didn't like each at the beginning I wanted to just like it was -- I think -- sexual tension. Don't follow. That can really wanted to move Paula Abdul -- -- million consent and what happened -- didn't want her. I I considered it but then the. It still. I don't think the -- -- would be as good as that the full. Do not want to let up in the morning with Paula Abdul I'd let the state for a few hours but then it would have to be -- at this harvester where you left out. And what -- she said maybe not quite it's about not quite noted if you what you voted history. Tough tough tough tough. The truth this time -- would be hard to live within -- stays up all night tending to these businesses around the world. Tell -- about the one thing. -- Subway car and then they come in with the first round breakfast will choose first round is -- -- with lemon. Photo by fresh orange juice welcome by Fred. -- youth tons of -- -- in them. -- round two. I'm not beat host at the moment that I. As finished movie which is made just finished and -- -- and Lebanon. And then I 83. Smoothly. Because I -- it's good field. -- -- -- Analysts thoughtful I think you greedy it -- -- it it makes you feel good news and young I think he does yes. -- what time is breakfast. And we all of this helps you smoke. Yet -- but that's called. It is a big crazy. What's your biggest -- -- -- I'm being unhappy. Yeah. I hate the idea that you know what else being born I -- -- really get fooled. And I did my school school I'm claustrophobic. It's -- I'm sitting out indoor outdoor. Like to be cut about -- the whole time. Would you ever -- -- therapist. I'm not at all didn't. Do -- need it. Puts you probably need it yes tough tough tough tough.

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{"id":15158822,"title":"Simon Cowell: 'I Like Winning'","duration":"7:30","description":"Part 2 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/simon-cowell-winning-15158822","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}