Singer Marc Broussard Talks Songwriting and Performs 'Don't be Afraid to Call Me'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer Marc Broussard on the latest episode of 'Live from the Couch'.
9:00 | 11/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Singer Marc Broussard Talks Songwriting and Performs 'Don't be Afraid to Call Me'
Hey you're on. All we're ever. Whenever off to. All too were never two on tour costs. I. I it. It's been fantastic that this year's been a better year for us. It's really. Refreshing to be. All the major labels and and feel what we have places. Better than that it's ever been on putting out more music and other put on life. You know put up two records last year got another record coming in February or march. Hopefully this project them regular program will next summer. So what's coming next Christmas there's there's going to be at least three or four records next year. A low. And it feels really really fun. Right now at this stage confused. You look pretty nasty elements you correct. You got a number of critically acclaimed albums and your album you've done hopeful that tourists staying up late night news I think New York really let it I don't think so full well what we're. Look when working with. Oh. Pre. So. For fifty years. Will report seniors only labeled as. I was stripped from from more. Free from those restrictions. Oh yeah. 01. When you work on those schedules what you report record and opera user. Artist co owns and disposed toward. The causes such between the recording released it's often difficult to stay motivated by in the same material approach to law so. My strategy now is to just written record and release it. As soon as we possibly can't end soon and move on and then and do other things you know some critics by. When you are working so hard so that. Or that it really important local people here he. Tore off. But you know is that. I read it. It's true. You. Well today. That believes that I would say that that's is determined by how happy my white. A are good. How do you day he acted and grounded when you're working so hard. Latin. Do get to spend a substantial amount you know gently and go on between. 810 days. Maybe a little more sometimes but. Because. Because I'm only going you know less than half of the month. That other but this is really high quality. You know I don't have to go. Home wife this is stable mother. An active role in school so what act. We kick it goat get out through bookstores. Out of home video games together whatever it is just. We really. Quality. And the kids get home once again my attention doesn't have to be focused on anything other than them. Which are sure that my oldest son probably appreciated found some other issues. Hot foot planted firmly in his rear area right now. Fourteen. Hope you watched son about it Barrett convertible world. Mr. start pull it together. Hello I'm. This mess around. It. It's a little talk. It's a little puppies and a brilliant guitar player and he's the sweetest kindest young young man. You know schools is not. Opera or. Which I was this. Yes. That's exactly what fourteen up. Pay. Oh of course of course. This is a brand new song. It's called don't be afraid called me and it's off. The upcoming that's come out next year in February its brand new. Boldly stated twice records. All right I take it out at an extent that new album out now SOS you think that the proceeds go to eat yes I think he's. Thank you on them collectively. Paul you know. I. And maybe you. I we'll. The wrong. A. And they. And it. The. This whole. Yeah. Yeah. And. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Do. Yeah. Well. And. And and hidden. It.

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{"duration":"9:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer Marc Broussard on the latest episode of 'Live from the Couch'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43883839","title":"Singer Marc Broussard Talks Songwriting and Performs 'Don't be Afraid to Call Me'","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-marc-broussard-talks-songwriting-performs-dont-afraid-43883839"}