Getting 'Smashed' With Raza Jaffrey

Get the scoop on the hit new TV series about a Broadway show.
2:05 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Getting 'Smashed' With Raza Jaffrey
Behind every successful actress there is a patient guy and -- -- Jaffray plays depth boyfriend Katharine McPhee is character Karen. On the new hit show smash. Here now quick scene from tonight's episode where death tries to make sure that Karen is that -- for an important dinner. That keep kids keep -- to. State it was right -- terrific Johnson villains are really complicated economic -- We have to address the restaurant right yet to myself I can figure out you know knowing there's a sense of honesty to the rehearsal concealed. Don't worry. And it's important to be. -- making -- -- Don't worry they always famous last night for joining us now -- brother Jeffrey himself how are you today did a great thank you congratulations on the huge success of the show because there was so much -- into -- show yeah you always worried in the so much hype about around -- -- -- I'm went to sun so grateful people tuned in office nights and that's haven't -- moves evening winds and -- -- thing about this. I have not seen the show's been heavily promoted as what smashes spent I -- got -- jockey Houston jobs he draws a lot of a lot of attention just in of itself but this is some that's been totally different. Yet yet with the response has been this -- liberty house and has been so lovely sister kind of different community people of teams that showed. I was upstate is today and some people cannot smear and an average up to a world away from Broadway community you can't imagine would be to want essentially to anyway. -- cycle country with enough anybody with some kids don't tell a little bit like your character dead then -- wait wait what kind of a role does he play in supporting Katharine -- -- perplexing grate -- to fight every New Year's festival because he's kind of outside of -- -- -- -- PM. He's in London -- -- he met today Karen customers in London. Came to working you'll -- it's -- Karen to be here with and works in the mayor's -- -- -- outside without an improving world. But as the season progresses he's 21 more -- that wasn't and you get to see how about affects their relationship -- when it does. To to people's verdict of each -- now obviously shows little bit of background on Broadway which is -- a lot of dancing -- presuming that we're gonna see some review well earlier -- been announced yet but you might let us. It's yes we behind by announcing announcing in the senate coming out -- because you craters show rented dance show I did yes why he's in musicals and on the -- -- -- Meehan and his first conference. I am not -- -- in London and then my diploma dreams and is -- on -- has -- -- moment from. So I'd done musicals but I haven't -- -- schools Milosevic's nine years of doing screen and and straight -- place inside. It's great to back in that was so was there any hesitation at taking on this role -- -- -- -- -- went when his people like Steven Spielberg and Manheim auctions go Whitman involved in. It's a reason -- you know when his people and of that caliber rounds you just know who we -- What this show is what will be you know and and thankfully so far as tend -- to -- just that -- What do you think that drives and because you're saying you mess and people of that or outside of the Broadway scene and I -- in this kind of New York microcosm we kind of just see it on an everyday basis net. All around the world people are fascinating about what happens onstage are probably more importantly what happens behind -- the curtain yeah what's. So nice about a show like smashes and -- we've -- been used in in in the recent years. -- reality shows where installs kind of -- made overnight pretty much. And what a show like smash kind of tells us is a bit more about what goes into making nice people and -- goes into building -- on the fact that people don't necessarily become stars and tonight he takes a lot of home work. An ongoing threat and to be able to stay within hours lot of hard work today and it's kind of a great kind of secular -- ready to see that happen. It's an amazing show is called smash -- on Monday night I'm hooked on -- a lot of people are as well Raza Jaffray continued success to you thanks very much thank you.

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{"id":15578526,"title":"Getting 'Smashed' With Raza Jaffrey","duration":"2:05","description":"Get the scoop on the hit new TV series about a Broadway show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/smashed-raza-jaffrey-15578526","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}