Snoop Dogg, Come on Down!

The rapper appears on game show "The Price Is Right" for charity.
0:51 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snoop Dogg, Come on Down!
Did you know that he is -- game show aficionado I didn't I've never guess yeah. You appeared on the price is right and love beds and he won 72 grand for it seeks new youthful -- he said -- the -- the price is right grown -- that was one of his favorite shows to watch while skipping school life has. It's hard to imagine -- Doug ever skipping school as a child after he was valedictorian a second listen to his appearance. He's -- concert. Backstage symphony session room watching this show from the side of the stage of Chrysler 333000. Dollars. Actual retail price is. -- -- Come home sales -- -- facility is prepared and well I know they. Very cool.

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{"id":15280025,"title":"Snoop Dogg, Come on Down!","duration":"0:51","description":"The rapper appears on game show \"The Price Is Right\" for charity.","url":"/Entertainment/video/snoop-dogg-appears-on-the-price-is-right-15280025","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}