'Spartacus' Season 2 Premiere

Lucy Lawless and Liam McIntyre on the new season of the violent hit series.
0:58 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Spartacus' Season 2 Premiere
These sexy sword and sandals series Spartacus returns -- -- new season of -- drama Spartacus vengeance debuts on stars at this Friday night. The new season finds -- -- out for revenge attack at a -- We need -- leader. Not some angry employee -- can get it that's so everyone about what would you ask me to. Towed from the men contempt my wife to sleep -- -- -- -- The -- everything from being. You know hot. To beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're so happy to have the stars of Spartacus here with that's Lucy Lawless and William McEntire. We've -- -- thank you so much for being there lucky to be -- -- you've been with the series since day one can you give -- little recap that's what's going on at this point. In C series won it ended with the rebels led by spot this breaking out of the mood since gladiator training school. Monitoring -- runs including my husband -- former trainer. And it picks up a few weeks after that so we find my character. -- In a man woman living in and the filth and squalor. Former hog and the -- spotted this has taken off on media. On them on the run from there on the side of the engines. Vengeance is that the -- and that's where you come in. How how is it working on the series you -- the relative newcomer. After engines. Sad and wonderful situation and obviously when someone -- -- some. I meant for me it's like every dream come true it's it's it's so much follow Obama sent -- especially as as a -- you know we went -- and -- content. -- going on wasn't really cool little store and -- -- and about to lead the rebel. Army to against the Romans if it's exciting story -- -- -- -- with the sentence. -- -- for those who aren't familiar your former costar. Fell to. Hodgkin's. And hodgkin's lymphoma lymphoma -- active such a young young age and the young opera. So. Because of that incredible tragedy and you know just when everything you wanted found in his left. It was taken away from -- because of that. -- feel so proud we feel so grateful for the opportunity to carry on the spirit nine underneath that you feel a little. -- -- -- love that little -- had a little ashamed of your enjoying you know. That's -- fundamental amazing experiences and given -- warning went on this exact thing you know that's that that means send them again gallery owner and I'm -- immune from. And ending want to bend and he's going Lehman and often as. His undying support and and the violence he wanted to continue against such flights from staunch and reached -- -- him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A very bloody and sexy sanity of a sometimes watch it and get a little embarrassed get a little Madeleine -- -- a caller promising -- most -- put together like all elections. Is that Sasha Cohen. This is a little we had to be. If you don't -- that don't -- ignorant and intolerant. Perdue now it's gruesome and but it's very important because what's being transaction. Transacted within next -- is actually -- the Powell -- on. And you don't know who's really gonna come out so you come away from the -- from and some like it to something happens that bought the drama with -- the five. To a low about a small just like me on some -- that Condit Robert that they forget about the disarmament -- to -- -- sex involved but that's it's uninteresting you know I'm I'm happy that I hope people limit. Yet it's so roof fantastic but there's always in our -- there's -- this. Amazing you know purpose to everything that we do which is so much fun as an -- After the car has -- everything you do has a -- and it's it's Ellis. It is and superfluous. Now this is adding to your fan base and you've had a considerable fan base -- that -- -- I yeah I had a lot of but only -- Yemen I think and from Xena and -- -- -- bullet credible plan. That next and I know -- off and going after. And I think that'll stop the niners lot of young and becoming more interest in me when -- -- -- -- and not and and that kind of way and a TV. Like you like. And with this one it's much more across the board more grown -- -- -- women. We have a lot of fans here that that completely. Cross all boundaries gender whatever after the. A lot of his -- -- -- -- being on -- -- -- -- -- but it's it's not you know I don't really isn't Lenox. And that in every cross section. Seems to get something out -- -- -- Well congratulations. Think -- much leniency for being with us today. And Spartacus vengeance premieres Friday night at ten on stars check it out.

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{"id":15450394,"title":"'Spartacus' Season 2 Premiere ","duration":"0:58","description":"Lucy Lawless and Liam McIntyre on the new season of the violent hit series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spartacus-season-2-premiere-2012-lucy-lawless-liam-mcintyre-violent-tv-series-entertainment-15450394","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}